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Cyberpunk Technical Journal #26

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  • tom_digivill
    Via http://ticom-tech.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-cyberpunk-techncial-journal-issue.html That's right, phreaks and geeks! Issue #26 The Cyberpunk Technical
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2013
      Via http://ticom-tech.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-cyberpunk-techncial-journal-issue.html That's right, phreaks and geeks! Issue #26 The Cyberpunk Technical
      Journal is now in the process of being extruded from the demented
      genius of the editor's psyche. Long time CPTJ fans knew that I wasn't
      going to let my first zine sleep forever. Too many things to talk

      You too can be a part of the zine that Jerod Pore called " 2600
      recombined with The Poor Man's James Bond ." Here's what
      I'm looking for:

      Some material that I am particularly interested in

      Interesting "cyberpunk" cover art
      and cover photographs.

      Cyberpunk/Steampunk Mad Scientist Type Stuff.

      Setting Up Your Own Mad Scientist's Secret Laboratory.

      Cultural, Social, Religious, and Political Issues Facing the
      Cyberpunk Community. The more thought-provoking, the better. (Please
      note that although our socio-political focus leans towards
      Techno-Anarchism, Libertarianism and Constitutionalism, we try to
      maintain an open-minded attitude and will publish well-written
      opposing viewpoints, unlike some periodicals that we won't mention.

      "Kit Bashing" - "The street finds its own use
      for things." Modifications of commercially available items for
      different technological and artistic purposes.

      Industrial Art (both articles and pictures of interesting

      Using creative TEMPEST and Van Eck Surveillance Methods

      Computer Network and LAN Hacking Methods

      Creative and Esoteric Computer Programming and Hacking

      Communications Security (COMSEC) Techniques and Device

      Operational Security (OPSEC) Techniques

      Security Systems: How They are Defeated and How to Design
      Ones That Work & Improvised Security Systems

      Improvised and Field Expedient Communications Techniques

      Intelligence Gathering and Analysis Techniques

      How to Prevent Your Privacy From Being Invaded

      Improvised Weapons

      Food Additives that Cause Cancer and Other Illnesses

      Foods that Prevent and/or Cure Cancer and Other Illnesses

      Herbal, Homeopathic, and "Folk" Medicine and Health

      How to Detect Surveillance Devices

      Creative and Esoteric Radio Communications Techniques and
      Equipment Schematics: Frequency Hopping and Spread Spectrum Radio

      Interesting and Useful Telecommunications Projects

      Interesting and Useful Electronic Schematics/Projects

      New and Little Known Information on Caller ID, Caller ID
      Projects and Defeats

      How to Encrypt and Hide Computer Data

      Urban, Suburban, Rural, and Wilderness Self-Reliance &
      Preparedness Techniques For the Present and Future.

      Getting Off The Grid: Inexpensive, Easy Alternative Energy

      Techniques on How to Become Self-Employed and Be Successful
      At It

      Economic Survival: How to Stretch Your Dollar, and Avoid the
      Effects of Recessions and Depressions.

      Electronic Warfare Techniques and Equipment Schematics &

      Long Term Self-sufficiency Planning and Techniques.

      When I get enough material together is when I'm gong to publish.
      Might be next week, or it might be next month. Get your shit together
      ASAP and write me an article. Successful submissions get three free
      issues. My email address is ticom.new.england@... .
      Acceptable formats are Open Office (preferred), RTF, and old-school
      ASCII. Use .jpg for pix, and make sure you include a couple.

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