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Re: My favorite GBPPR zine

Regularly check for new 'zine on GBPPR... From: "Joe Loritz multiplx@... [lcwn]" To: lcwn@yahoogroups.com Sent: Sunday, February 8,
patrick montaron
Dec 20, 2015

stuck with 50 ohms microstriplines

Hi to all, I don't have deep comprehension with impedance characteristics and I am too lazy to study it deeply. my question is : - to avoid microstriplines
Sep 20, 2015

california amplifier MMDS downconverter hack job

Hello there, May i ask the following question here : -Got some California amplifier 31 channel down converters, part n° 130002 ; input frequency 2,500 to
Sep 19, 2015

Re: My favorite GBPPR zine

Going through some personal stuff right now... just hang in there..
Joe Loritz
Feb 8, 2015

My favorite GBPPR zine

Hi to all Anyone knows what is going on with GBPPR zine ? I could not find a new release for a long time.(june 2014?) Also joe loritz email seems no longer
Jan 25, 2015

Dystonaut #8 - Submissions

Anyone wishing to submit an article for Issue #8 of The Dystonaut, please email your contribution by July 16th. Thank you! -Ticom
Jun 16, 2014

Re: diy radar

His homebrew SAR setup uses an old garage door opener on a linear rail:
Joe Loritz
Jan 29, 2014

Re: diy radar

I am very curious to learn how a small dish like that is going to be rotated. Do you suppose they have a synchronous motor or some kind of setup with a Gray
Benjamin L. Naber
Jan 29, 2014

Re: diy radar

In response to the "what do you want to do with it?" question, the answer is experiment with software signal interpretation. I work in broadband visual band
Jan 29, 2014

Re: 2.4 GHz Receive Converter power supply

Via an inline bias tee on the IF output of the downconveter. The bias tee provides around +15 VDC though a 1 uH inductor to the center conductor of the coax
Joe Loritz
Jan 28, 2014

Re: i need diy flir

The homebrew thermal one? Just a few inches so far.. Real FLIR devices use expensive germanium lenses ahead of the sensor. On 27 Jan 2014 21:14:47 -0800,
Joe Loritz
Jan 28, 2014

Re: diy radar

I'm working on the Greg Charvat MIT radar right now... I'll document it when it's all done, but will probably be a few months away. You can start by taking an
Joe Loritz
Jan 28, 2014

Re: diy radar

Have a look at the GBPPR website. Lots of info and links. Another place to visit is www.tpub.com Also look at the ARRL Handbook, any one of them from the last
Benjamin L. Naber
Jan 28, 2014

diy radar

Has anyone done a diy radar and/or have source material information? A kit would be great (go ahead and laugh with my blessing). I don't care how small the
Jan 28, 2014

Re: i need diy flir

Very Informative !! What is the effective range of this device?
Jan 27, 2014
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