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1716Re: diy radar

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  • jeff
    Jan 29, 2014
      In response to the "what do you want to do with it?" question, the answer is experiment with software signal interpretation.  I work in broadband visual band (and NUV and NIR) detection and interpretation now and I'm guessing there's a lot that hasn't yet been done with the signal in this regard, other than to tune for military and civil aviation application.

      Immediate practicality is in the range of minimal to non-existent.  (REAL) long term examples of applications would be in support of parking large equipment (range detection would exceed sonar based apps), possibly cars but there are cheaper ways to do that.  It might be able to detect or suggest the presence of small drones (like RC planes) that operate in proximity to their acquisition target. 

      It would also be interesting to see what you could infer from a "spread spectrum" (probably only a few different, complimentary) wave lengths.  It would be great to be able to tell the difference between a material solid (metal) or a biomass.  That sort of thing.
      Jeff McKim
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