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1706Re: [lcwn] i need diy flir

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  • Joe Loritz
    Dec 11, 2013
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      Homebrewing a real FLIR system (longwave IR) is still a bit away off,
      but there are projects using those non-contact thermometers and a
      mechanical scanner:


      Otherwise, for regular IR viewing, nothing beats a quality
      black-and-white video camera (and monitor) with an external IR LED or
      IR laser illuminator.

      You'll need optics to expand the beam if you use a IR laser.  Use the
      same IR LED as in TV remotes. You can buy them on eBay by the hundreds
      cheaply. Wire them in series/parallel to run from a 12 volt battery.

      I have some notes here:


      I picked up a RCA 6032 night vision tube from the 1950s and I'll be
      working on that project soon. It's mostly just for fun as the
      resolution is poor and it requires  a high-voltage power supply.

      On Sat, 7 Dec 2013 04:16:06 0800 (SGT), Ewig Mannschopfer
      <j5_lowe@...> wrote:

      hey folks,

       back after a long break!  I searched the gbppr website for a diy
      guide to flir or near ir cam .. i needed a good range for taking down
      animals in the night. no night vision coz i have noise problems
      adjusting to the green colour.
       anyone done it before?


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