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Ray Vukcevich Nominated!

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    We ll Have No Trouble Here: We re a Local Press One in an occasional email newsletter from Small Beer Press. Yes, it s more regular than that twice-yearly
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2002
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      We'll Have No Trouble Here: We're a Local Press

      One in an occasional email newsletter from Small Beer Press. Yes, it's more
      regular than that twice-yearly (except on leap years, when maybe we'll do
      three) zine we do. But think of all the people who didn't write and send us
      stories for this. Same with the poetry.



      Biggest News: Award Nomination!
      Big News: New Titles!
      News: Top Ten lists
      St Mark's Bookshop
      Beer & Spam Don't Go: It's not us!
      Super Butter Dog


      Wonderful news for Ray Vukcevich: MEET ME IN THE MOON ROOM, his collection
      of short stories, has been nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award. The award
      and any special citations will be announced on March 30, 2002 at Norwescon
      25 at the Doubletree Seattle Airport Hotel, SeaTac, Washington.

      For more information:


      What's Next?

      We are working hard (like accountants trying to make sense of the Enron
      debacle -- but we're enjoying the work!) on our next projects. In July 2002
      we will publish a novel, THE MOUNT, and a collection of short stories (title
      almost finalized, but not quite!), by one of our favorite writers, Carol

      Both books will be trade paperback originals, and both will be great. How do
      we know this? We've read them many, many times! If you're not quite sure who
      Carol Emshwiller is, you are in for a great time. She has published three
      prior novels, CARMEN DOG, a slipstream fantasy, and two westerns, LEDOYT and
      LEAPING MAN HILL. She has also published three short fiction collections and
      people like Grace Paley and Ursula K. Le Guin have very good things to say
      about her prose! Almost all of her books are still in print, so you can
      catch up on her now!

      Pre-order THE MOUNT and the collection before May 1, 2002 and they ship for

      Chapbooks, two! (Too?)

      Our next two chapbooks are bubbling along quietly, but by June they should
      be available in stores around the world. The first will be by Alex Irvine,
      whose fiction has been popping up everywhere recently and whose first novel,
      A SCATTERING OF JADES, Tor will publish in July. The second is from Judith
      Berman. Judith's stories have appeared in Asimov's, Interzone, and other
      magazines; her first novel will be published by Ace in 2003.

      Both chapbooks should be in the rather classy but affordable format we used
      for Kelly Link's (sold out) 4 STORIES, and Dora Knez's FIVE FORBIDDEN

      More information will be forthcoming soon -- as soon as we send Carol's
      books off to the printer!


      Kelly Link's collection, STRANGER THINGS HAPPEN, moves from strength to
      strength: it was picked as one of the Books of the Year by Salon.com, as one
      of "Our Favorite 25" by the Village Voice, and was a best of the year pick
      by the San Francisco Chronicle and the Montreal Mirror. So, we've sent it
      off to the printer again, and soon you'll be able to wander into your local
      bookshop and pick up a copy of the Third Printing! Yay!


      We're not exactly spreading fast (though the books -- now also distributed
      by huge old Ingram [yay!] are), so maybe it's news when another bookshop
      picks up Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet.

      St. Mark's Bookshop, 31 Third Ave (http://www.stmarksbookshop.com) in
      Manhattan have joined Flyrabbit in Boston, Mark V, Ziesing in California,
      Atomic Books in Baltimore -- and a few choice others -- and now stock our

      There's a few more shops in the New York area which we'll eventually check
      out, but the simplest way (preferred by 98% of LCRW owners who own dogs, and
      96% who own cats) is to just order or subscribe online:

      You can also find it at the rather wonderful shoppable Project Pulp:


      Please ignore the spam sent out by Smalle Beere Presse, SA, who have no
      relation to our obscurious establishment. No matter how many stock options,
      herbal supplements, or webcams they offer, if you order from them you will
      not receive our zine, nor our chapbooks, and certainly not our books.


      There's a band out there who are more fun than shaking a stick at an angry
      tiger: Super Butter Dog. Yes, Japanese pop lives. Check out our own
      mini-tribute site, and click through to theirs: You'll be hooked. Can you
      get their CDs here? Oh yes, you can! (Thank you, Deo Deo!)



      Would William Morris approve of this type of "design"?


      Thank you!

      Two New Books in July!
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