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    WFA, KL, KJF, + AG = awesome! LCRW 27, 08/2011 9781401223823 58832219 TLT The World Fantasy Award finalists were just announced and we re pretty jazzed to see
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      WFA, KL, KJF, + AG = awesome!
      LCRW 27, 08/2011

      The World Fantasy Award finalists were just announced and we're pretty jazzed to see Karen Joy Fowler's story + collection on there! It is also a thrill to see Karen Lord's debut novel, Redemption in Indigo, in the novel category�yay for Karens, two! (The good news for Karen Lord keeps going on: she has sold her next two books to Del Rey here in North America and Jo Fletcher Books in the UK!) After having been a judge for the awards a couple of years ago I appreciate the work the judges put in and am thrilled by the inclusion of our books.

      The biggest thrill has to be seeing that Angelica Gorodischer is a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. Since we published Kalpa Imperial in 2003 (so long ago!), we've worked informally with about half a dozen translators and explored various funding options (translations are expensive!) to see if we could do another of her books�she has twenty, all of which, we've been told again and again, are very different from one another. Imagine!

      Now with this award we're hoping to at least produce a small chapbook in time for the World Fantasy Convention to celebrate Ang�lica's life and work. Fingers crossed! (Not that we will be there, but we'd send it to someone like Michael Walsh at Old Earth or the good people at Borderlands to put on their tables.)

      I love Kalpa Imperial and have often wished that instead of publishing it I'd been working in a bookstore when someone else published it as then I could put it on my staff picks list and just put it into everyone's hands. You can pick up a copy of the book here:

      Our distributor sold out of the few copies they had immediately so now we're shipping them more copies. Of course we hope you will either order it from us or your local bookstore!


      In other award news Karen Lord's debut novel Redemption in Indigo won the Mythopoeic Award! There's an interview with Karen in this month's issue of Locus:


      Also in that issue of Locus: reviews of Geoff Ryman's first full collection of short fiction, Paradise Tales and Joan Aiken's The Monkey's Wedding and Other Stories. Both of these collections are knock outs.


      In other news�come on, this has kept us so busy since that World Fantasy Award announcement last week that there is no other news!

      We are readying the new issue of LCRW for release. We had a lovely evening in Boston at the New England Institute for Art where Kelly, me (Gavin), Michael J. DeLuca, David Blair, and David Rowinski all read selections from the new issue. David B., who teaches there, also read a couple of his poems from earlier issues of LCRW, and at some point I'm hoping to add audio of them to the site as he's a great reader. What really comes through is the humor of his poems, which sometimes isn't as obvious to me on the page. (Just wondered if I could track him by his poetry on Weightless and it worked! He's had work in LCRW 13,14, & 20: http://weightlessbooks.com/?s=david+blair)

      Anyway, by next week there will be a real page on the site for LCRW 27 and it will go out to the world in all it's slightly typo-filled wonder. Of course you can subscribe (in print or, yes, electronically) here:


      The very first review for Maureen F. McHugh's new collection, After the Apocalypse: Stories, just came in, and it's a star from Publishers Weekly:

      "Hugo-winner McHugh (Mothers and Other Monsters) puts a human face on global disaster in nine fierce, wry, stark, beautiful stories. . . . As McHugh's entirely ordinary characters begin to understand how their lives have been transformed by events far beyond their control, some shrink in horror while others are "matter of fact as a heart attack," but there is no suicidal drama, and the overall effect is optimistic: we may wreck our planet, our economies, and our bodies, but every apocalypse will have an "after" in which people find their own peculiar ways of getting by."



      If you read comics you should read this book: Bayou
      and if you know me and read this two years ago when it came out, how come you never told me? It's spooky as all get out and just excellent. Go get it!


      Vincent McCaffrey's second Boston noir or bibliomystery, which ever you prefer, just came out. We made him and the book collectors very happy by publishing it in hardcover. A Slepyng Hound to Wake is Smythe sewn and the interior paper is 30% PCR recycled paper�as are all our books. The cover is by Tom Canty, who also did the matching cover for the new paperback edition of Hound. Vincent will be doing a little touring later this fall but his only Boston area reading is at the Brookline Booksmith on Thursday, August 25th.



      Over on Weightless we just sent out a whole bunch of new August issues to subscribers: Apex, Clarkesworld, Something Wicked, Lightspeed, Weird Tales, and, more! We just added a huge selection of Aqueduct Press ebooks, too. Stock up!



      The YA anthology that Kelly and I edited for Candlewick, Steampunk! An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories, is headed toward publication in October. The first two reviews just came in a starred review from Kirkus Reviews and a great one from the Horn Book. You can keep up with the book�and Steampunk! events�here:

      You can read the first chunk of M. T. Anderson's excellent "The Oracle Engine" in the Boston Phoenix. We picked up a few copies of the paper edition and it was excellent to open up the paper and be swept into that story. You can read it here:

      On September 13 Candlewick will be releasing a free audio download, "Clockwork Fagin" by Cory Doctorow. Candlewick will also be releasing "Clockwork Fagin" as a free e-book. Not entirely sure where, but we'll link to it from the site.

      Want to join in the fun? We'll be doing panels�and, depending on the organizers and the amount of dressing up people do�events at

      Sep. 15 Kelly Link, Steampunk! & Tin House party, PowerHouse Books, Brooklyn, NY
      Sep. 18 Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant, steampunk panel? Brooklyn Book Fest, Brooklyn, NY
      Sep. 24 Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant (+ others?), steampunk panel, Baltimore Book Fest, Baltimore, MD
      Oct. 15 Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant + others, steampunk panel, Boston Book Fest, Boston, MA
      Nov. 3 Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant (+ others?), steampunk reading, Odyssey Bookshop, South Hadley, MA

      As always, you can check what we and Small Beer folks are up to here: http://smallbeerpress.com/events/


      We have a shiny catalog with all kinds of pictures of books which do not actually exist yet:

      I am just saying that if you think there are no more good books in the world, we have a couple coming with which to reassure you. There are also secrets revealed within the catalog. New collections! New novels! Shiny!


      The Liminal People is a hot hot hot debut novel we're putting out this December by Ayize Jama-Everett.

      We just met Ayize (who lives in Oakland, CA) for lunch here in Boston and he's great. We went to Comicopia and he rec'd Bayou, so I owe him a great book. He'll be doing events all over the country (at some point he will be a star and you will be very glad to have read him back in the day) in January so please be signing up for them now!

      There's a nice blog post about Diesel Bookstore from the author:

      and Andrew Vachss just sent us a fantastic quote on the book:

      "The Liminal People is proof of why we need the so-called "small press" in the ever-changing and unstable world some people call publishing. According to reports, while eBooks outsell paper, genre stands outside that equation. As if in response, Ayize Jama-Everett has brewed a voodoo cauldron of Sci-Fi, Romance, Crime, and Superhero Comic, to provide us with a true gestalt of understanding, offering us both a new definition of "family" and a world view on the universality of human conduct. The Liminal People�as obviously intended�will draw different reactions from different readers. But none of them will stop reading until its cataclysmic ending."

      You can get your copy here and this is how it starts:

      Chapter One

      Nordeen was right to send me. I feel three heartbeats at the ridges of the ancient crater we�re resting in. Snipers. I don�t know for sure, but their hearts are tense and their trigger fingers twitchy. As soon as I got out of the car their right eyes all zoomed in on something. If they�re not snipers then they�re one-eyed caffeine freaks with muscular dystrophy in their fingers. At least they�re smart enough to know not to shoot me right away. Their boy, my date, Omar, wants what we have. If it�s not in the car and they shoot us, they�re shit out of luck.
      "Stay in the car, no matter what." I say leaning into the passenger side of the twelve-year-old Mercedes Benz that has dragged me to this ancient and massive hole in the ground. The meteor that crashed here centuries ago is as cold as Fou-Fou�s response to my command. His steady Sub-Saharan heartbeat is the only answer I get from the 240-pound menace. He�ll play it smart. Always does. The kid in the back is who I�m really speaking to. Nineteen, can�t pee straight, and ready to scrap, the native Moroccan looks more twitched than ready. "Understand?" I bark at him in his native Berber instead of the usual French patois we play with.


      Our books are always in stock at the following places:

      Our office (shipping will be on hold from Aug. 9 - Aug 31 due to various bits of travel):

      We also have signed copies of Geoff Ryman's books�and many more:

      One of our excellent local bookstores, Broadside Books�long an LCRW store!�now has a special Small Beer Press section. This is to so that locabibliophiles (um, must find a catchier term) can read local. It also means that everyone else can get our books (and Google ebooks) from our local bookshop and help keep it in business. Our great local indie video store just gave up the ghost and we Don't want that to happen to the bookshops. Yes, everyone loves the ebooks and they're so handy and all but we want to make sure our town keeps its bookshops!

      If you like to shop at bigger stores, give us a kickback by getting our books at Powell's! You know who else is a Powell's.com affiliate? Ursula K. Le Guin, baby!


      Thanks for reading! Please spread the word. We've been publishing books for 10 years and intend to publish them for many more!

      Small Beer Press, 150 Pleasant St., #306, Easthampton, MA 01027 � 413-203-1636

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