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    We Make Books And We Tell Secrets We Lament Another Late Issue of LCRW But not very much because we are introducing a groovy new column. We celebrates
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      We Make Books
      And We Tell Secrets
      We Lament Another Late Issue of LCRW
      But not very much because we are introducing a groovy new column.
      We celebrates nominalations of books for awards.
      We have an ebooksite. Hee hee hee.

      ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[

      We have some excellent excellent books lined up for you this year and once again we're going to make a plea to you to order them from us, Powell's, or your local indie bookstore. We know there are very big websites offering our books at very low prices but if we are to survive we need to sell books from our website and through other channels. We get about 1/3 of the retail price on a book sold through those low-price websites. It's hard to pay the author, the artist, the proofreader, the copyright agency, the shipper, the printer (the biggest ouch!), the local printer (who makes the galleys) from that. Books we sell off our website (always free shipping in the USA) and at book fairs help balance that out. Books sold at indie bookstores usually also mean we receive a higher % of the sale, which makes it easier to buy the next great book that crosses our path. It also means that in five years time there may still be some indie bookstores.

      We're not in danger of going out of business or switching over to ebooks only�we may start doing some ebook originals on Weightlessbooks.com but we still like paper books too much for the moment�but looking a few years down the line with a growing kid to feed and us needing more return on our time spent on this we're going to have to start asking for more help�in the form of reviews online and so on but also your cold hard cash!

      And one thing we'll do is try to do a few more non-bookstore distributed titles, such as . . . .

      ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[

      Secret Chapbook no longer so secret!

      Ta da! This year we are bringing back our long-delayed chapbook series. We have one title here, another in the planning stages, and another in the idea stage. Seems like enough to be worth talking about. We're not taking chapbook subscriptions anymore, as the new chapbooks may vary in price more than the the previous titles. But subscribers will be emailed to see if they have moved and chapbooks will be sent out to those lovely faithful readers.

      The first chapbook is Hal Duncan's An A-Z of the Fantastic City, illustrated by Eric Schaller, and will come in 2 states: a beautiful signed and numbered limited hardcover and a regular trade paperback. We've been working on this for a couple of years and we're very grateful to Hal and Eric for sticking with is through the thick and thin of those last couple of years. But, phew! Publication is approaching later this year with the final date TBA as we go over the final details of the cover.

      Read about it here, spread the word, buy now, buy often.

      ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[

      At some point soon we will have a new issue of LCRW. Just have to extricate from more change from the couch and tidy up some details details. Is it behind? Maybe. Are all zines? Yes. Read any good zines recently? Loved a zine called Tiebreak about the different ways the government treats animal rights activists (as terrorists) compared to other activists whose activism borders illegal actions.

      As for LCRW, it's still a treat to be reading a pile of stories from writers unknown and known and come across something completely new. So here are the contents so far:


      K. M Ferebee, Thou Earth, Thou
      Karen Hueler, Elvis in Bloom
      A. D. Jameson, The Wolves of St. Etienne
      M. K. Hobson, A Sackful of Ramps
      David Rowinski, Music Box
      Kevin Wallman, The Malanesian
      Jessy Randall, The Hedon-Ex Anomaly
      Joan Aiken!


      Sarah Heller
      David Blair


      Dear Aunt Gwenda
      We're debuting a new columnist: Nicole Kimberling, a Lambda Award winning writer who is currently editor of Blind Eye Books but who tell us has mostly made her money working as a professional cook. Her first column is "Sending All Your Love�In the Form of Brownies Through the Mail."

      Pick up your copy here:

      We're also talking to David Blair about doing an LCRW event in July at his school in Brookline, MA. Will keep you updated with the what and where.

      ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[

      This space a breather.

      ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[

      Gavin & Kelly (& Ursula) are sorry to say they won't be at WisCon this year (boo!) but thanks to lovely and cuddly (try him�but ask first) David J. Schwartz there will be a Small Beer Press table with some of the usual goodies (and if you don't have a table but put out a zine and are going to Wiscon, take it by and Dave will add it to the mix!).

      And, by the magics of interstate travel, we will also have a table for this first time this year at Balticon! (Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-30, 2011, Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn, Baltimore, MD: http://www.balticon.org) Drop by and say hi to our Chief Technical Officer and Head Brewer himself, Mr. Michael J. DeLuca.

      ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[

      Ok, ok, but what about the books? Man, they are just great. It's a treat to work on these. Some of them are orderable here�and the rest will be added as soon as we can: http://smallbeerpress.com/shopping/preorder/


      Geoff Ryman, Paradise Tales
      Just in time for Readercon where Ryman is Guest of Honor. Boom, what a book. Stories from the last 20 years that will just knock knock knock you down.

      Vincent McCaffrey, A Slepyng Hound to Wake
      Or, as we call in inhouse, Hound2. Early reviews are strong on this send bibliomystery. Henry is a fantasy bookseller�yes, every woman thinks he lovely!�but he also begins to realize that his man-alone life is maybe not something he wants to last.


      A Working Writer's Daily Planner 2012: Your Year in Writing
      Again? Again! Different contents, same contents. Very useful.


      Maureen F. McHugh, After the Apocalypse: Stories
      One of the best books of short stories you will read this year. This is life right now as science fiction.


      Delia Sherman, The Freedom Maze
      This one comes out through Big Mouth House as it's a middle grader but we've long loved this book and think that anyone who loves Delia's stories will love this book, too. It's a time slip fantasy that Delia has been working on for 18 years and it is fab.

      Geoff Ryman, Was
      A huge, fabulous and haunting novel which explores the lives of characters intertwined with The Wizard of Oz: the "real" Dorothy Gale; Judy Garland's unhappy fame; and Jonathan, a dying actor, and his therapist, whose work at an asylum unwittingly intersects with the Yellow Brick Road.

      �A moving lament for lost childhoods and an eloquent tribute to the enduring power of art.��New York Times


      We end the year with 2 fabulous trade paperbacks. You will want both! I did.

      Eduardo Jim�nez Mayo and Chris N. Brown, editors, Three Messages and a Warning: Contemporary Mexican Short Stories of the Fantastic
      Introduction by Bruce Sterling.
      This slim collection of 30+ stories is the fruit of more than fifty people. The two editors worked with the Mexican authors and translators all over the USA to bring this fantastic book to print. India Amos has produced a knockout design, Jaime Stolarski has given us an excellent cover, Sterling's introduction lives up to his name, and the two editors: wow, they worked hard! It's a great book, can't wait to get it out there.

      Ayize Jama-Everett, The Liminal People
      When his ex asks for help, Taggert risks the wrath of his enigmatic master to try and save her daughter. But as Taggert realizes the girl has more power than even he can imagine, he has to delve into the very nature of own skills and utilize his heart and soul to survive.
      This was originally self-published and Nalo Hopkinson did us a huge favor by recommending that Ayize send us a copy. It's a pulpy, hard science fiction pageturner not much like our other books�except that it's great.

      January 2012

      Laurie J. Marks, Fire Logic
      Good news for fans of Laurie's Elemental Logic novels: a first draft of Air Logic has been completed (although it's a long way from a finished book) and in the meantime we're going to be bringing the first two novels back into print in paper and ebook editions with covers by none other than Tom Canty.

      This should go straight into the hands of readers who want to find a new series for after finishing (for now) George R. R. Martin�s Game of Thrones books. 10th anniversary edition of a book that received the Spectrum Award and 2 starred reviews. This is a huge work on war and peace full of timely questions for our country while it is engaged in 2 (or 3) ongoing wars. How does an occupying army make peace with those they have subjugated? Can a cycle of violence be broken?

      We love these books and are so proud to be able to put them all out!

      Further out

      More Lydia Millet. Laurie J. Marks's Earth Logic. A debut novel. A debut collection. Perhaps a YA or two! Fun, we hope!

      ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[

      We recently launched a website for Kelly and Gavin's upcoming YA anthology, Steampunk! An Anthology of Strange and Fascinating Tales. The book comes out in October�there will be some kind of event at the Boston Book Fest for it�and has stories from some of our favorite authors: M. T. Anderson, Libba Bray, Holly Black, Cory Doctorow, Dylan Horrocks, and more�as well as a new story from Kelly. The website (designed by Michael J. DeLuca) will grow as the book appears but one of the best things is already up: a steampunk roulette wheel! Check it out!


      ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[

      There's an excellent review of Karen Joy Fowler's What I Didn't See and Other Stories here on Strange Horizons:

      and that makes this spot a good one to point out that the book (and "Booth's Ghost") are finalists in both the Locus and Shirley Jackson Awards:


      We should probably remember to vote in the Locus Awards and maybe even mention they are coming up so that all our books will have a chance at more shiny shiny awards. Next year. Um, maybe. If we remember. Campaigning is so crass, though, even though it seems it has to be done. Will think about it.

      Anyways! The book is discounted for You!, here:

      ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[

      Lovely review of our new Joan Aiken collection here:

      ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[

      Weightless Books

      Our indie press ebook site is growing nicely�thank you everyone who has chosen to get their reading here. Once you register on the site, all your books are available in your Library�and, now, they are available to download in all formats that the publisher provides us.

      Magazine (and Ginn Hale�the woman is a category on her own!) subscriptions are proving very popular and the latest addition is Weird Tales:


      We're also begun adding some Small Beer Press pre-orders and will add pre-orders from other publishers as time permits.

      ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[

      If you are to be in the New York area next week for the BookExpo mourning-of-paper/glee-filled-dance-of-ebook-delight come by and say hi to us in the Consortium area�booth #4508. We will have galleys of a couple of those aforementioned books and we may have our kid in tow. Ha! Daft? Yes. But how could we not. She loves the books.

      Gavin is also MC-ing this event: Book Week Science Fiction/Fantasy Evening at the NYPL Stephen A. Schwarzman Building at 42nd and 5th
      Register here: http://www.nypl.org/events/programs/2011/05/24/spectulating-fiction

      Authors: Lev Grossman, John Scalzi, Catherynne M. Valente, Scott Westerfeld
      Music: Brian Slattery
      Sponsored by: BEA, NYPL, KGB Fantastic Fiction Series, NYRSF Reading Series
      Each author will read for about twenty minutes, accompanied by original improvisational music courtesy of the excellent Brian Slattery. Then: Q&A.

      Afterwards there is a paaarrty: Author Guests of Honor: Gavin Grant, Lev Grossman, John Scalzi, Brian Slattery, Catherynne M. Valente, Scott Westerfeld

      Join Team Bookrageous (Josh Christie, Rebecca Joines Schinsky, and Jenn Northington) for a BookExpo bash. Featured authors will include: Lev Grossman, Emily St. John Mandel, Adam Ross, Timothy Schaffert, Catherynne M. Valente, and Scott Westerfeld. And many other awesome authors will be in attendance, including: Jami Attenberg, Jennifer Gilmore, Gavin Grant, Julie Klam, John Scalzi, Brian Slattery, Emma Straub, Luis Alberto Urrea, Steven Weinberg, and more! Doors (and limited open bar) at 8 p.m., featured author presentation at 9 p.m.

      RSVP on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=136912063048369

      Lolita Bar, 266 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002

      ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[

      Shop! http://smallbeerpress.com/shopping/
      Mail order! http://smallbeerpress.com/shopping/mail-order/
      Remainders &
      sale titles! http://smallbeerpress.com/shopping/remainders/
      So new they don't exist yet: http://smallbeerpress.com/shopping/preorder/

      Powell's! http://www.powells.com/biblio/9781931520690?&PID=26490
      Our local! http://www.broadsidebooks.com/book/9781931520003
      Your local! http://www.indiebound.org/book/9781931520669?aff=beer
      Just for fun! http://www.fleetingpages.com/today-was-a-good-day/

      ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[[[[[[[[[[[

      Thanks as ever. We loves the books! We also apologize for not getting them out on time. Oops. Should catch up by summer. Then we will begin our effort to publish 100 books a year so that we can start an LJ meme: read 100 Small Beer Books This Year. Yay. Verily. It is lunchtime and perhaps time to stop.

      Small Beer Press, 150 Pleasant St., #306, Easthampton, MA 01027 � 413-203-1636
      http://www.scribd.com/Small Beer Press

      Joan Aiken, The Monkey's Wedding and Other Stories
      * "Wildly inventive, darkly lyrical, and always surprising."�Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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