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Rain weighs on us not

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    Karen on tour Kelly at the Boston Book Fest Karen Lord on the radio More updates This is a terribly timed update from Small Beer Press. Please read at your
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      Karen on tour
      Kelly at the Boston Book Fest
      Karen Lord on the radio
      More updates

      This is a terribly timed update from Small Beer Press. Please read at your leisure. Hopefully not at 3 AM tonight although I find that a very nice time to catch up on things. You know, things.

      Right now it's a rainy Friday afternoon in Boston which would be a total letdown (wetdown?) if right next to me Michael weren't busily making Weightless Books even better. He just added a new search under the Publisher drop down searches: Direct from Author. Expect to see a few more of these TK this winter:

      The other stuff he has done is probably of much more interest to me than you. Probably. But if you're one of the huge number of readers of Ginn Hale's ebook bestseller Wicked Gentlemen you might be interested to know that 2011 will be a Year of Ginn!
      Besides Ginn, we also have an exclusive from Joy Williams, and, you know, more interesting stuff TK.


      Also, not letting us get down: Karen Joy Fowler's new collection is getting out there into the world. What I Didn't See and Other Stories is a dozen great stories�three of which you can read online�from the last ten years or so, and three of which received awards. It is a fabulous, heart-breaking, smart collection that we've been looking forward to publishing for years.
      Karen was one of Kelly's instructors at the Clarion Workshop (in 1995, but who's counting) and I've been hoping we could publish this book ever since Small Beer was just a glint at the bottom of the glass. If you read one story collection this year (well, besides A Life on Paper), this is the one to read.

      Start with a story:

      Or you can preview the book on Scribd:

      And catch Karen on tour:

      Oct. 7, 7 PM Copperfields, Santa Rosa, CA
      Oct. 11, 7 PM Moe�s Books, Berkeley, CA � check out their new site with the lovely ad for Karen�s reading on the front page!
      Oct. 15 NCIBA, Oakland, CA (Friday evening Author Reception)
      Oct. 16 SF in SF (with Claude Lalumi�re), San Francisco, CA
      Oct. 19 Capitola Book Cafe, Capitola, CA
      Oct. 21 read. booksellers, Danville, CA
      Nov. 5, 7 PM Vroman�s Bookstore, Pasadena, CA

      �The bestselling author of The Jane Austen Book Club goes genre-busting in this engrossing and thought-provoking set of short stories that mix history, sci-fi, and fantasy elements with a strong literary voice. Whether examining the machinations of a Northern California cult, in �Always,� or a vague but obviously horrific violent act in the eerie title story, the PEN/Faulkner finalist displays a gift for thrusting familiar characters into bizarre, off-kilter scenarios. Fowler never strays from the anchor of human emotion that makes her characters so believable, even when chronicling the history of epidemics, ancient archeological digs, single family submersibles, or fallen angels. She even displays a keen understanding of the historical world around Lincoln�s assassin, John Wilkes Booth, in two wonderfully realized historical pieces. Her writing is sharp, playful, and filled with insights into the human condition. The genre shifts might surprise fans of her mainstream hit, but within these pages they�ll find familiar dramas and crises that entertain, illuminate, and question the reality that surrounds us.�
      �Publishers Weekly


      What else is happening in the world? Strange Horizons is 10 years old! Still free, still awesome!


      If I knew how to send an invite to an event to Massachusetts people only, I'd send one out for Kelly's panel at the Boston Book Fest on October 16th.

      The panel is organized by Kate Bernheimer to celebrate Penguin's huge new antho, My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me. Also on the panel: Kathryn Davis! Maria Tatar!

      Also, Small Beer is splitting a booth with Amherst College's new journal The Common and Kelly and I (and *maybe* even Ursula!) will be there with more lovely people offering up wonders, yes, wonders (in the form of books) for you and yours. Come visit!


      Check it out tomorrow, Saturday, October 2 at 5 AM: Karen Lord is on the radio through the magic of Jim Freund and the Hour of the Wolf.
      Yes, it is streamed for 2 weeks but why would you not roll out of bed at 4:57 to get the tape recorder set up? (Cough)
      Hour of the Wolf is broadcast to the New York tri-state area over 99.5 FM and the rest of the world at http://stream.wbai.org
      For two weeks afterward the episode will be available for streaming on demand at http://archive.wbai.org/show1.php?showid=hotwolf


      Another place we won't be: World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, Ohio. Thought we might make it. Ha! No way! Oh well. Maybe next year. Or, more likely, the year after that.
      However, segue!, Kathe Koja will be there and there will be copies of Under the Poppy to he had. Kathe's events are in November, so we'll send you more on that later. The book, though, comes out in October and if you can do anything to help us not get thousands of returns (i.e. buy 5 for your puppet show friends!), we'll be grateful!
      Get ahead of the game and read an interview:

      Get your sexy and lurid on�at least that's what Library Journal called it!


      An update we're not proud of: Geoff Ryman's collection Paradise Tales had to be moved back to February. The contract didn't get done until September which put things back too far. We have a new cover, we have the stories, soon there will be a book. But it has to have a few months to give the trades time to review it and for us to have it proofed and then printed (which still takes a few weeks, no matter how much we'd like it to be faster. So, la, there you go.


      There are probably updates on other books, too.

      Alasdair Gray, let's see. A new book of his art will be published this month by Canongate in the UK. Can't wait to get a copy. Once that exhibition of his stuff comes over here we are going to be very happy to have Old Men in Love available.

      Holly Black. . . . She just went out on a quick tour with lots of other Smart Chicks. Look: cowboy boot cookies!
      Her book's available here for $14.95

      George-Olivier Ch�teaureynaud still lives in France. Now that his first book is available in English he is not considering moving to Scotland, Australia, or any other English-speaking country. However, we are considering publishing more of his books. Yay for international literature and everyone (such as http://worldsf.wordpress.com) helping spread the word (to us about other books, too).

      You can also find G.-O. C. stories in many recent journals including Harvard Review, Confrontation, LCRW, + more. What a wonderful job Edward Gauvin has done with these stories. Am very curious to read more of his translations. He's going to translate a bunch of Belgian stories next year (while on a Fulbright!).
      Check out more of Edward's recommendations in his guest edited section of Joyland:

      LCRW. We're into the next issue. A bit late, should be done and at the printer last year (just kidding, it is traditional to mention how late a zine is) but it should be out by November.
      We're reading as slowly as ever, sorry. Haven't moved much on esubmissions as I am still horribly slow to read anything on the computer�any time I pick it up there is work to be done which is guaranteed to interrupt a story. Maybe I need a single-purpose reading device such as an iPad! Budget (and lack of a camera) says no. Paper subs for now!
      Meanwhile John Klima was very kind about the latest ish:

      The printer for A Writer's Daily Planner 2011 just contacted us and said they will ship it out in a week or so. It's been a while since we heard from them so that's a relief! As with all our books it has been printed here in the USA (in full color no less!) and is part of our own economic stimulus package (that and a lottery ticket will make us both millionaires�damn, forgot to buy a lottery ticket again).

      The ebook version is available now for just a penny less than five bucks:

      Ted Chiang, baby, Ted Chiang. One of the best short story collections we've ever read. Available again this month in a trade paperback edition with a cover commissioned by the author himself.
      The stories in this book have won tons of awards and once you read it you'll know why. The title story is one of the best ever�no hyperbole. Get yours here:

      Thanks for reading!

      Here are our links:

      Small Beer Press
      150 Pleasant St., #306,
      Easthampton, MA 01027

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