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This was meant to go out in November, oops.

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    But now it s December 2009 (unless it is still late August? No? Darn.) and we are having ... A fundraiser/sale! New Books —IAF auction ends today An Award
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      But now it's December 2009 (unless it is still late August? No?
      Darn.) and we are having ...

      A fundraiser/sale!
      New Books
      �IAF auction ends today
      An Award
      Random Reading


      A fundraiser/sale!

      This post on our site is kind of like one of those year-end letters
      with a note and a few pictures about what we've been up to this year
      (Hello Ursula Annabel Link Grant!) and then a couple of fundraiser
      things: Kelly and Gavin on Boston radio on Friday where you can call
      in, donate, and get your song played on the radio:

      "Operators will be standing by LIVE at 866-931-MIKE on Friday,
      December 11th from 7AM to 7PM to take your calls!"

      And: all our books are on sale�and $1 from every book (or ebook,
      zine, subscription, etc.) goes to Franciscan.

      And, if you order items at full price, we will donate the difference
      between the full price and the sale price to Franciscan Children's
      Hospital! (Huge thank you to everyone who has done this!)

      All our forthcoming titles are even on sale. Madness, thy name is

      Come by! Or, Come buy? Please do spread the word! We are hugely
      grateful for all the help and support we received this year and this
      is the best way we can think of to say thank you.



      New Books:
      1) Poppy Z. Brite, Second Line: Two Short Novels of Love and
      Cooking in New Orleans
      A new trade paperback of a sexy pair of novels that may make you hop
      on a plane and head down south to try and find these two guys's
      restaurant! We're so happy to get to publish this book -- maybe, if
      we're lucky, Poppy will continue the story.

      "Seeing love and passion bloom in the hearts of what seem like the
      most unlikely of subjects is, to me, quite a remarkable feat. Simply
      put, Second Line was an excellent read that deepened my understanding
      of Rickey & G-Man�s relationship and left me hungry for more from
      this dynamic couple. I dare you to give Second Line a try and see if
      you don�t become a Brite fan like me!"
      �New Orleans.com (http://www.neworleans.com/blogs/second-line-another-

      Read the first two chapters here:

      New Books:
      2) Delia Sherman & Christopher Barzak, Editors, Interfictions 2:

      Selected by Amazon.com as one of the Best Books of 2009. An
      anthology? Maybe a firework sent up in collective artistic
      consciousness? Who knows! It's a new book of short stories with
      contributors from all over the place and some of the stories are
      about houses and some are about things that break across traditional
      borders and if you like LCRW there is a fair chance you will enjoy it.

      Inspiring? Yes it is! Here's a whole art auction inspired by it!


      New Books:
      3) A Working Writer�s Daily Planner 2010: Your Year in Writing

      Now only $9.95 -- multiple copy (5 for $40!) discounts available
      (still counts as a donation, as above!). Everything (maybe) a writer
      needs in one easy package. It's also a $5 ebook! Watch a video of it
      in action and check it out here:



      Older New Books:
      1) Vincent McCaffrey, Hound

      Anyone remember Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop -- if you do, you might
      recognize one of the places in this novel, Alcott & Poe Books on
      Newbury Street in Boston. This book is the first of three about a man
      alone who is forced out of his comfortable life by the murder of an ex.

      �For the true bibliophile, this is a book you�ll love. McCaffrey
      peppers his prose with all kinds of allusions and references to books
      and literature, new and old, classic and arcane, as well as multiple
      passages of verse. Clearly, as a career bookseller, McCaffrey knows
      his books.
      �The Hippo, NH

      Read from the start:

      Meet the author:
      January 14, Odyssey Bookshop, South Hadley, Mass.


      2) Greer Gilman, Cloud & Ashes

      A book which will emanate out into the years and meet itself coming
      back. It's a little tough, but so worth it. Not just for
      languagarians, intense and rich enough for anyone.

      This book is one of the reasons Small Beer Press exists as a press:
      to make sure books like this have a home.

      �A book whose hold on your mind, on your memory, is assured. It is a
      story about story, and stories are what we are all made of. Abandon
      hope all ye who enter here.�
      �Paul Kincaid, SF Site



      Books so new they don't exist yet. Well, the manuscripts do. We've
      been putting the finishing touches to Holly Black's debut collection
      and it is a corker. The first story, "The Coldest Girl in Coldtown,"
      is a vampire story that is definitely unpretty. The second story, "A
      Reversal of Fortune," is about a girl's competitive eating match with
      the devil. The range of stories is wide, the quality high high high.
      Can't wait to get this out there. Some lucky readers have scored
      galleys but the final book has two new stories in it. Superb!
      And, Theo Black just handed in the final pen and ink spot
      illustrations, one for each story. Yay and yay and yay!


      Want to see what other excitements we have? A translation, a novel by
      Alasdair Gray, one of the most anticipated novels of 2009 (via io9!),
      and more:


      And that only goes up to August: Sept, Oct, Nov: they all have books!
      This is the year we either go bust, go nuts, or go on and put out
      even more good books next year. (That last option was a bit of a
      letdown, wasn't it?)


      And here we are in virtua or something:


      The Onion chose Kelly's second collection Magic for Beginners as one
      of the best collections of the decade -- and Lev Grossman in The Week
      chose it as one of the best fantasy books of all time. Fighting
      words! But for the most part what happened was a great discussion in
      the comments about other great short story collections not to miss or
      other great fantasy books:


      Of course you can go download (most of) MFB for free courtesy of the
      fine folks at Harper UK and Harcourt in the USA:

      And, Pretty Monsters is out in the UK � and getting some lovely reviews:

      Read an interview with Kelly:

      and win a copy of Pretty Monsters:

      and in Australia it's two books (with such great covers): The Wrong
      Grave and (coming next year) Pretty Monsters

      And "The Wrong Grave" made David Larsen's (in NZ's The Listener) Best
      of 2009 list:


      Crazy wonderful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6f5bcn_z0Qg


      Gavin & Kelly were honored to receive a World Fantasy Award for Small
      Beer Press and Big Mouth House. Yay! (See that sale link above for a
      picture of Ursula with the awards.) Congratulations to all the
      nominees and winners.
      Since the award was for 2008 it must have been for these Small Beer
      Press books:

      John Kessel, The Baum Plan for Financial Independence and Other Stories
      Benjamin Rosenbaum, The Ant King and Other Stories
      Geoff Ryman, The King�s Last Song
      Benjamin Parzybok, Couch

      as well as our debut Big Mouth House book:
      Joan Aiken, The Serial Garden: The Complete Armitage Family Stories

      You can see the good Dr. John Kessel on TV through the magics of the
      intertubes here:

      Watch out for big Geoff Ryman news coming soon. Big!

      The Serial Garden was just singled out by Ed Park in the LA Times as
      one of his favorite books of the year:

      "The wit is irrepressible, the invention wild: A baby is transformed
      into an elephant, which Harriet and Mark Armitage then need to stuff
      into a decommissioned phone booth. (Don't ask -- just read.)
      Secondary characters do their inimitable turns, then disappear, or
      get transformed into animals. (Even animals can't escape morphing
      into other animals: A neighboring sorceress turns Walrus, the
      Armitage cat, into a wolf.) Such delicious lightness, paradoxically,
      is the fiction's raison d'�tre.

      You can order a package of all these books for $69 or $84:

      or get them as part of the sale for $59:


      We have not opened a new imprint, Small Beer Press ... Horizons (not
      renamed Small Beer Press ... Dell Arte!)


      Many of our books (now including Sean Stewart's Mockingbird and
      Perfect Circle) are available as Instant Downloads for ~$10 from our


      Random Reading

      David Schwartz (and anyone who wants to read a dark, fantastic,
      modern-day berserker story) this is for you: "The Shield of the
      Norns" in the Fall issue of The Georgia Review -- you can download
      the first page here:

      Strange Horizons has been on a tear recently with stories from
      Veronica Schanoes ("'Stain is for brain,' Carl says. 'That's all
      there is to it. Don't get any ideas.'"), Leonard Richardson (ok, that
      was back in July but it was awesome), Alan DeNiro, and a couple of
      our faves,

      A Safe Place to Be
      By Carol Emshwiller
      "I'd heard cats can do that, but I never actually heard the sound

      By Chris Nakashima-Brown
      "We talked about moving in together after her work was done. Carol
      had found an abandoned analog television broadcast facility that we
      occupied as our secret nest, decorated with furnishings purchased at
      the weekly foreclosure auctions. On the nights when the power was on,
      we broadcast transmissions over translator channel 72, wondering
      whether rabbit ears were still attached out there, ready to receive
      our signal. Swimming in the effervescent electric bath of cathode ray
      blue, we rapped subversive genomic limericks for an audience no
      Nielsen rating could ever capture."


      Back in October, National Scary Month, The Washington Post asked a
      bunch of writers one great question, "What story scares the hell out
      of you?" There are lots of links to classic stories online by M. R.
      James, W. W. Jacobs, Saki, and even one by Kelly (yay!)

      Post-apocalyticism is in the air -- not at all counting the disaster-
      porn piece of crap 2012 -- and there were good sort-of science
      fiction stories of that ilk in recent issues of Agni (Valerie Vogrin,
      "things we�ll need for the coming difficulties") and American Short
      Fiction (Josh Weil, "The First Bad Thing").

      Kelly recommends Lucy Sussex's story "Something Better than Death" in
      Aurealis (http://www.aurealis.com.au)

      And Gavin just read Kim Stanley Robinson's Galileo's Dream which is
      an excellent dense cross-genre (historical and science fiction);

      Big sale at Sense Five: http://www.sensesfive.com/store/
      Golden Gryphon are having a well-timed 2-for-1 holiday sale: http://
      PS Publishing are having a 3 for 2! http://store.pspublishing.co.uk/
      Paul Dry books: Order $100 of books get free shipping + 30% off!


      Happy Christmas or the holiday of your choice -- we are partial to
      New Year: hats thrown in the air, kisses, dances, friends, family,
      drinks, what's not to like? -- and we hope you have a wonderful
      winter, or summer down south ...!

      Thanks as ever for reading.

      Small Beer Press
      150 Pleasant St., #306
      Easthampton, MA 01027


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