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Ye Sale Ends Wodins Day

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    Really, is there anything that we can t mangle? Froth about forthcoming A few short stories to read from SBP peeps Question
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      Really, is there anything that we can't mangle?
      Froth about forthcoming
      A few short stories to read from SBP peeps


      Really, is there anything that we can't mangle? Call that a headline?
      Something pithy or pissy to catch the imagination? Maybe $1 books
      works by itself.

      Anyway, the $1 sale ends Wednesday:

      Other titles are also on sale there, what do you know.


      Friends recently started a fight at the old homestead by dropping off
      an odd number of these utterly fantastic chocolates:

      They are somewhat local, maybe we will go see them. Hee hee. Good
      lord, look at that stuff. Now that's a subscription to sign up for.


      We recently announced a few new titles -- and there don't even
      include 2 more novels and 2 more story collection we are buying Right
      Now. We will tell you first. Promise.

      * September: Hound by Vincent McCaffrey
      A debut novel about a Boston bookhound, books, death, and maybe the
      death of books. This is the first in a series and it will come out in

      * October: Second Line: Two Short Novels of Love and Cooking in New
      Orleans by Poppy Z. Brite
      This paperback collects two of Poppy Z. Brite’s chaotic and fun short
      novels (The Value of X and D*U*C*K) featuring two New Orleans chefs,
      Rickey and G-man, who grow up together, fall in love, open a
      restaurant, Liquor, and have some fun along the way. Poppy is writing
      a new afterword to go with the novels. Love this series, love that we
      get to be a part of publishing it. Huge thanks to Bill Schafer of
      Subterranean Press for helping put this together.

      * November: Interfictions 2: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing
      edited by Delia Sherman and Christopher Barzak. The editors went out
      into the fields and found 21 pieces of excellently border-crossing
      material. They’re also putting together an online launch party and
      auction which will be filled with wonderful art, music, and stories.
      The book will be the icing and the cake, though.

      * January: Suprise! We are still eating Christmas cake and not
      thinking about books. Not all true, though, as Feb. is going to be a
      big mouth month:

      * February 2010: The Poison Eaters and Other Stories by Holly Black.
      Our second Big Mouth House title is a debut collection of young adult
      stories from New York Times bestseller (and one of our neighbors),
      Holly Black. Holly’s stories have just gone from strength to strength
      over the past few years — as evidenced by her appearances in various
      Best of the Year anthologies and lists. The Poison Eaters includes a
      new Modern Faerie Tale as well as some of our favorite stories of
      recent times.

      Our distro is clamoring for info on books after that. We say: can't
      you be satisfied with the present day? We just published Greer
      Gilman's second novel, Cloud & Ashes, and it is a knock out. Can't
      you go tell the bookshops and so on about it? Publishers Weekly liked
      it ("Sublimely lyrical . . . an unforgettable realm and ideology").
      We did, too. It is headbombingly addictive, immersive, knotty,
      naughty, and unlike much else around.



      A few things to read:

      "The Cinderella Game" by Kelly Link in Ellen Datlow and Terri
      Windling’s new anthology Troll’s Eye View

      "The Elect" by Gavin J. Grant online at 3 AM Magazine

      "Ourselves, Multiplied" by Jedediah Berry
      "Dowsing for Shadows" by Karen Russell
      "La Tête" by Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud (translated from the
      French by Edward Gauvin)
      all of which can be found in the new issue of Conjunctions (# 52):
      Betwixt the Between

      "Saint Andrews Hotel" by Sara Majka in the new issue of A Public Space

      "Of Thinking Being and Beast” by Michael J. DeLuca in Beneath
      Ceaseless Skies


      Small Beer Press
      150 Pleasant St., #306
      Easthampton, MA 01027
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