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A Free Instructional Manual

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    Scribd Your Mysteries Earn Free Books ... We just posted all our Creative Commons-licensed books onto Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/Small%20Beer%20Press We
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2009
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      Your Mysteries Earn Free Books


      We just posted all our Creative Commons-licensed books onto Scribd:

      We already have most of our books on Google Books so that you can
      read them online -- and now those smart people at Powell's have added
      a Google Books link so that our books can be read there, too: more
      readers reading, yay!). Of course, we've got to pay the printer, so
      please, go here and buy some cheap books: http://lcrw.net/awp2009.pdf


      We still have a few signed copies of Ben Parzybok's novel Couch. The
      book is about to come back from the printer again, so get your signed
      first editions here: http://lcrw.net/lcrw/shopping3.htm#couch

      Read another good first novel the other day, Paul Melko's
      Singularity's Ring. It's a big-idea science fiction novel with
      (almost) everything changed up from the present: singletons (like all
      of us) are looked down on by duos, trios, quads, and the main
      characters here, a quintet who make up one personality, Apollo
      Papadopulos. There's a supercomputer AI or two, all the action and
      future fun a reader could want, and, don't miss it just for this: bears


      You have 3 more days to listen to BBC Radio 7's adaptation of "The
      Faery Handbag":

      Also, the Recorded Books edition of Pretty Monsters now has a release
      date: May 2009!


      We've read books on Amazon's Kindle but the vertically-integrated
      monster that is Amazon isn't making us any happier than it did before
      with its new Kindle. Long live the iPhone, Palm Pilot, XO, Sony
      Reader, and other non-limited (and cheaper) readers:


      And Now: Your Mysteries Earn Free Books

      However, editorial genius assistant Jedediah Berry�s awesome first
      novel, The Manual of Detection, is out Today! Today! Run to your
      local bookshop and if they don�t have it firebomb them, er, ask
      politely when they will have it in. If they do have it, what are you
      reading this for? Go read the book.

      Or, maybe you will win a free copy!

      We were going through Jed�s desk the other day and found a few lonely
      and unread copies so we decided that we should find them good homes.
      First, we made him sign them, and now, clearly, it�s time for a contest.

      To enter, leave a comment here: http://lcrw.net/wordpress/?p=871 with
      a mystery in need of solving. Personal or historical, major or
      quotidian, real to everyone or just to you. We�ll choose five of the
      most strange and intriguing mysteries and those folks will get a copy
      of The Manual of Detection. They may even get their mysteries solved.
      (Please don�t wait around for that to happen.)

      Submit conundrums and enigmas within a week or so. And in the
      meantime, you may want to read up on the Manual over here: http://


      If you're in the Amherst, MA, area, Jed is reading at Amherst Books
      next Friday -- and Michael has made beer for it!

      Don't miss Jed in your town:


      Small Beer Press
      150 Pleasant St., #306
      Easthampton, MA 01027

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