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    Couch Meet Ben Parzybok Amazing event for The Serial Garden LA Times on The Ant King Free Stickers The King s Last Song Meet Geoff Ryman La Jeune détective et
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      Meet Ben Parzybok
      Amazing event for The Serial Garden
      LA Times on The Ant King
      Free Stickers
      The King's Last Song
      Meet Geoff Ryman
      La Jeune détective et autres histoires étranges

      Actually we watched the election from the floor, where we were
      happily gobsmacked. There's no telling how wonderful it feels to live
      in a country that has chosen hope over a continuation of the last
      eight years of fearmongering.

      This newsletter is all about getting out there and meeting and
      hearing and seeing authors so we hope you will get on the train, bus,
      bike, subway, or whatever your preferred mode of personal transport
      is and go and see some of these good folk.

      --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++

      Our latest book is about to be published: Benjamin Parzybok's wacky
      and great debut novel COUCH. Look at that wraparound cover by Andi
      Watson, that is the bomb and all that.

      Order your copy:

      Or, pre-order your signed copy from Powells (you know that reading
      will be a blast as it's one of Ben's local bookshop):

      COUCH is a trip! Catch up with Ben on his trip up and down the
      northwest and northeast coasts (maybe there will be some in the south
      in spring):

      Win A Free Copy of COUCH! Send us pictures!

      Ben wrote a great piece on where the book came from for Scalzi's Big
      Idea ideazone:

      Read a chunk (maybe a cushion or two?) of COUCH:

      Ben gets interviewed (we've got another coming up for our site):

      And writes about music (we want this mixtape!):

      Out on the road again:

      Friday, November 14, 7:30 PM
      Powell's Books
      1005 W. Burnside, Portland, OR

      Monday, November 17, 7:30 PM
      Elliott Bay Book Company
      101 S Main St., Seattle, WA, 98104

      Wednesday, November 19, 7:00 PM
      KGB Bar (with Caitlin R. Kiernan)
      85 E 4th St, New York, NYC

      Thursday, November 20, 8:00 PM
      Amherst Books
      8 Main Street, Amherst, MA 01002

      Friday, November 21, 7:00 PM
      Raconteur Books
      Metuchen, NJ

      Tuesday, November 25, 7:00 PM
      Pandemonium Books
      4 Pleasant St., Cambridge, MA 02139

      Thursday, December 04, 3:00 PM
      The Willamettte Store
      900 State Street, Salem, OR, 97301

      Friday, December 05, 5:00 PM
      Waucoma Bookstore
      212 Oak St., Hood River, OR, 97031

      --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++

      We hope that if you are in New York city (or nearby, like Michael
      Dirda!) that you can come to this amazing event:

      Michael Dirda, Lizza Aiken, and Charles Schlessinger Celebrate Joan
      Aiken's Armitage Stories

      Sunday, November 16th 1-3 pm
      Books of Wonder
      18 West 18th Street
      New York, NY 10011

      We will celebrate the publication of The Serial Garden with a
      conversation between Michael Dirda and Joan Aiken's daughter Lizza
      Aiken and Joan's lovely and esteemed long-time US literary agent,
      Charles Schlessiger of Brandt & Hochman. This event is free and
      readers of all ages are welcome.

      Here's a review of the book that we think would be one of the best
      Christmas (or other holiday) gift for any kid, fan of Joan Aiken or not:

      Order your copy here:

      Order the PDF ebook—emailed to you asap:

      --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++

      Ed Park looked at a couple of short story collection in his LA Times
      column, Astral Weeks, and one of them is Benjamin Rosenbaum's amazing
      The Ant King and Other Stories and really gets it. Rosenbuam's
      intellectually rigorous science fiction, his humanist fantasy, and
      his easy touch with surrealism make this one brilliant debut.

      "The real punch line is that the story "Benjamin Rosenbaum" wants to
      write -- full of "high philosophical concerns" -- isn't what we're
      reading. We're simply getting the "Biographical Notes," a hilariously
      fast-paced para-text to an invisible document. It's a story about the
      impossibility of stories."

      We're hearing the hardcover is beginning to get scarce out there in
      bookstoreland. We've got some in stock for now:

      --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++

      Get a good-looking Obama sticker for free:

      Or, go order some of these fantastic ones:

      --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++

      Hey, are you on Indiebound? It's the Web 2.0 social thingy for indie
      bookshops and other indie things. Gavin has actually signed up. Ooh.
      Meanwhile Jed is running a Small Beer something or other on Facebook.

      --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++


      Geoff Ryman is doing a couple of readings while he is teaching at UC
      San Diego. The December 2nd reading with Kim Stanley Robinson sounds
      fantastic. Maybe someone will record it and post it on YouTube.

      11/15: SF in SF with Ellen Klages
      http://sfsfc.org/sfinsf/ The Variety Preview Room 582 Market St. @
      Montgomery 1st floor of The Hobart Bldg.
      12/2: Geoff Ryman reading with Kim Stanley Robinson
      Atkinson Building Auditorium, University of California, San Diego

      Geoff had a wonderful week on Amazon.com with lots of posts on the
      Omnivoracious blog:

      "But modern Cambodia, portrayed here, is still a wreck, beset by
      memories of mass murder. Like William the motoboy, everyone
      concentrates on escaping poverty and rising above their station.
      Surprisingly few, though, dwell on vengeance; there is a new
      generation, Ryman seems to say, capable of the stratospheric feats of
      the country’s legendary royalty."
      —Washington DC City Paper (http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/

      The Auditorium features one the world's most massive digital screens.
      This state-of-the-art facility will be used to show a version of a
      digital artwork Cal IT2's Artist in Residence, Sheldon Brown.
      The new artwork installation, Scalable Cities is an interactive
      artwork. Geoff Ryman, Writer in Residence at Cal IT2, has written a
      new short story, 'Care' set in the world of Scalable Cities, which
      will be premiered during the reading. He'll also be reading from his
      latest novel just published The King's Last Song.
      Distinguished SF Author Kim Stanley Robinson, a graduate of UC San
      Diego will be reading from his Orange County trilogy, also to a
      background of early digitial artwork from Sheldon Brown.
      Geoff Ryman and Kim Stanley Robinson will also be reading from a
      selection of their work. Both are skilled performers of their own
      writing, but in this case , they will also read selections from each
      other's fiction.
      "I've long admired Kim Stanley Robinson's fiction, and we've been
      friends for years, so this will be a treat," said Geoff Ryman. "I
      can't wait to read aloud the selection I've made from his novel THE
      YEARS OF RICE AND SALT. For years Stan was known as a humanist SF
      writer, partly because of the depth of his characters. They're very
      actable, performable."
      Ryman is also known for creating one of the earliest online
      hypertext novels, 253, winner of the Philip K Dick Award, and still
      available at www.ryman-novel.com. As Writer in Residence at Cal IT2
      he's also taking part in a collaborative multimedia/online opera
      project with Shlomo Dubnov. For more infor on that go to http://
      kamzabarkamza.com or http://kamzaandbarkamza.wikidot.com . As a
      visiting professor from the United Kingdom, he is currently teaching
      a workshop for the UCSD Liteature Department on irrealistic fiction.
      Sheldon Brown will also be on the main stage, discussing his
      digital artwork, and the liaison between digital and literary art.
      For more information about Scalable Cities project, visit http://
      www.sheldon-brown.net/scalable/. This breathtakingly visual project
      has been installed in Sao Paulo and in the Epcot Centre as well as
      the CalIT 2 gallery.

      --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++

      Update on Pretty Monsters and Kelly:

      Wonderful news from France: La Juene Detective et Autres Histoires
      Estranges received the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire for Nouvelle
      Etrangere. The translator, Michelle Charrier, also won an award:

      4) Nouvelle étrangère
      ► La Jeune détective et autres histoires étranges (recueil) de
      Kelly Link (Denoël)

      6) Prix Jacques Chambon de la traduction
      ► Michelle Charrier pour La Jeune détective et autres histoires
      étranges (de Kelly Link) (Denoël)

      Everything about this edition is great: the story titles (”Plans
      d’urgence antizombies”), the cover, everything. It’s a mix of
      stories from Kelly’s first two collections and it means that Pretty
      Monsters will probably come out over there soon.

      Big piece on Kelly in the LA Times:
      Two interviews:

      There’s a new interview in BoldType:
      BT: What was the first story that truly scared you?
      KL: . . . My sister and I both loved a picture book called Teeny
      Tiny and the Witch Woman. There was a drawing of a house in a forest
      surrounded by a fence made of human bones, and another drawing of the
      witch’s long, long fingers reaching out toward the bed where Teeny
      Tiny was supposed to be sleeping. We spent a lot of time poring over
      those pages. There was another picture book written and illustrated
      by Tomi Ungerer, called The Beast of Monsieur Racine, and we loved
      finding all of the bizarre details in the illustrations — a man with
      an axe stuck in his head in a crowd scene; a woman with a green face.

      Kelly will be doing a panel or reading at the Indie Press Center Book
      Fair in New York City on December 6/7. More info when we have it. All
      our readings are always posted here:

      Green Man Review likes Pretty Monsters and Amazon chose it as one of
      the Best Teen Books of '08.
      9030011 (no idea if this link will work!)

      Somewhat depressing that the Best Of lists start so early—suppose it
      helps with the old What To Get The Reader In The Family For Xmas

      --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++

      Don't know what this is: http://sanchopanchez.net

      But this is some good looking chocolate:

      Two Dollar Radio, Dalkey Archive, and Small Beer get a tiny mention
      in the current issue of Details!

      --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++

      Gavin reviewed The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to
      the Nation, Volume II: The Kingdom on the Waves by M.T. Anderson for
      the LA Times:

      Kelly wrote about 5 Spooky Books for Halloween:

      The latest edition of THE YEAR'S BEST FANTASY AND HORROR: 2008 VOL.
      21 just came out. It collects a humongous amount of good reading
      including stories by MT Anderson, Holly Black, and many many more.

      The hardcover is an expensive treat, the paperback is a bargain!

      --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++

      Ebooks: we sell them. Quite a few copies for the Kindle (very curious
      to see the sales on Pretty Monsters as it is consistently in the top
      2-3,000) and sometimes a good amount on http://www.fictionwise.com/
      eBooks/eBook74386.htm as well as a few from our site:

      --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++

      LCRW 23 is coming, sort of soon. Maybe by next month. In time for St.
      Nicholas's Day! We have a cover being done, we have some excellent
      stories. We can almost pay the printing bill. So, not long now. Also,
      Ted Chiang has written a nonfiction piece for us. We're hoping to get
      him to write more: fingers crossed!

      --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++

      Thank you to everyone who ordered our books during our sale. We
      donated ~$850 to the Obama campaign and shipped out a ton of books.
      Two of the special offers were so popular that we decided to keep
      versions of them going:

      1) Every Small Beer Press Book So Far
      Small Beer Press has published 26 books (not including chapbooks or
      paperback reprints of our own hardcovers) which all together have a
      retail price of $475. You can now have an instant Small Beer Press
      library for $299.

      2) Small Beer Press 2008
      In 2008 we published 5 more great books which, all together, have a
      retail price of $84.
      Now you can order the set of all these titles in paperback for $69.

      This world is a lot brighter looking than it used to be. As ever,
      thanks for reading.

      --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++ --------- ++++++

      Small Beer Press


      Gavin Grant

      Small Beer Press
      150 Pleasant St., #306
      Easthampton, MA 01027

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