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    Somthing Somthing more Something spelled correctly Some books we liked Neighbots This is not in order How about you? Sleepy yet? Wake up! For you it s Tuesday.
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      Somthing more
      Something spelled correctly
      Some books we liked
      This is not in order
      How about you?

      Sleepy yet? Wake up! For you it's Tuesday.

      What to do at 1.25 AM when sleep has gone the way of all flesh and
      sense has gone for a walk with a slightly weird and unsatisfying
      metaphor. What? What to do? Tell everyone you know in the form of a

      -- bath time -- bath time -- bath time -- bath time --

      Not bath time: Tea Time

      Last year we published Laurie J. Marks's third Elemental Logic novel,
      Water Logic, which is part of one of the best big fantasy series
      going. There's nothing out there quite like these books. The
      protagonists are all smart people (which makes what they choose to or
      have to do all the harder) caught up in events larger than themselves.
      One of the arguments against magic in fantasy is that it can
      sometimes seem as easy to use as a credit card. Your questing group
      have met a huge hungry troll at the top of the pass? Swipe your card
      and troll disappears.
      Marks's books look at what happens when one person is very powerful
      and what happens when power changes hands -- specifically, can it be
      done peacefully? These are thought-provoking books for people
      watching and/or taking part in the US elections or for those who have
      been horrified by the last 5-6 years in Iraq and Afghanistan (to
      start with). These are for readers who aren't afraid of exploring
      that most dangerous and painful idea: hope.

      If you haven't read any of these books, they are part of a 4 book
      series, Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. The first two books are
      available in hardcover and mass market paperback. Laurie is presently
      working on Air Logic.

      Fire Logic
      Earth Logic

      At some point on our journal-y thing we also offered some lovely tins
      of tea that we had made to go with Water Logic (get it, water?) to
      people who reviewed the book on their blog, in a zine, or on TV. Send
      us your Youtube links, reviews, etc., and we will happily send you
      some tea.

      -- bath time -- bath time -- bath time -- bath time --

      First (well, after Laurie): we are supporting the writers' strike so
      hard that we have given up writing and we are using our mental powers
      to make you think that you are receiving an actual email but actually
      this is a Thought Projection Communication which we sent well before
      the strike.
      You did know the TV writers (not the LCRW or Small Beer writers, as
      far as we know) are on strike, right?
      Anyway, if there are any labor unions with power left in the USA,
      surely they are the TV unions? Don't mess with our opiates!

      Despite this being a Mental Communique and not an email all these
      links to buy books will still work. Such as this one which is for
      John Kessel's first short fiction collection in ten years, The Baum
      Plan for Financial Independence and Other Stories:

      More about John's book will be mentally sent your way in the run-up
      to the pub date (which is not the date(s) we go to the pub) but
      rather the date the world will be amazed and filled with joy to once
      again look upon a John Kessel book. You can catch up with John at a
      few readings this spring and summer:

      4/16, Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh, NC
      4/22, Regulator Bookstore, Durham, NC
      5/14*, Malaprops, Asheville, NC
      5/15*, Park Road Books, Charlotte, NC
      7/16, KGB Bar, New York City (with JoSelle Vanderhooft
      7/17�20 Readercon, Boston, MA
      �and more to come in Buffalo, NY; Madison, WI; Boston, MA; Amherst,
      MA, Denver, CO, etc. Some of those are conventions, some readings.
      John is an awesome reader so we hope you'll get to go out and see
      him. He's also recorded the title story which will be online at some
      point and maybe we will get an interview up on Youtube. We've done an
      interview and put together a reading group guide for the book�what do
      you think, should we include it in the book or just put it online?

      * These readings are with Greg Frost, another writer whose readings
      are always a blast. His latest novel, Shadowbridge, is a highly
      entertaining, sometimes dark story of a young woman who is perhaps
      the shadow puppeteer alive. Of course, there are complications!

      -- bath time -- bath time -- bath time -- bath time --


      There's nothing like thinking about autumn and falling leaves (we
      understand that for reasons of upsidedownedness this might be easier
      for our Very Southern friends) while the snow outside has not melted
      in the past month or so. What will we be doing in autumn?
      We will be publishing new books! We are in the process of signing
      contracts on four books. Will have to send out some actual info on
      that (and put up the pre-order page!) when those come in. They
      stretch out from September to next April.

      If you go to AWP this weekend coming in NYC, we may tell you more
      (and swear you to secrecy before giving you our flier!).

      Ok, so that wasn't as much info as we hoped it would be. Oops. Next

      -- bath time -- bath time -- bath time -- bath time --

      Our neighbors in the Paragon Arts building in Easthampton get more
      and more interesting! Here are a few:

      �Theo Black (http://www.theblackarts.com) who sent us an amazing logo
      idea: http://lcrw.net/wordpress/?p=348
      �Spooky Bikes, want a handmade frame? http://www.spookybikes.com
      �Questionable Content, new comics every day, and some Very Smart
      shirts: http://questionablecontent.net
      �http://www.greasecar.com, wave of the future where we all eat our
      chips and then drive on the oil
      �and apparently there's someone moving in who is experimenting with
      making biofuel out of hydroponically-grown algae!

      -- bath time -- bath time -- bath time -- bath time --

      Other readings and so on are on our calendar (which is also on our
      front page and on our journaly page) including 2 upcoming readings by
      Carol Emshwiller (yay!) in New York. Carol has been a fave of ours
      for longer than ants have had legs. Go see her read, or just read one
      of her books, and see why.

      The Secret City:
      The Calendar:

      Hmm. More about AWP from our journaly thing:

      We�ll be at the Associated Writing Programs Conference and Bookfair
      Thursday to Saturday (Hilton NY & Sheraton NY, 6th Ave. and 53rd
      St.). We're taking boxes of returns (most like-new condition) and
      selling them at 1/2 price. Whoopee!

      � Fri., Feb 1, 10:30 AM � �Reeling Beyond Realism: But to Reel in What?�
      Kate Bernheimer, Rikki Ducornet, Brian Evenson, Theodora Goss, Kelly
      Link, Ken Keegan (moderator)
      Sheraton, Lower Level, Executive Conference Center, Rm D
      �Fri., Feb 1, 2:30 PM � Kelly Link signing at the Best American
      Fantasy table.
      �Sat, Feb 2, 11 AM � Delia Sherman & Theodora Goss sign copies of
      Small Beer Press
      Americas Hall 1, Exhibit Hall, 3rd floor, Hilton
      �Sat, Feb 2, 2.30 PM � Kelly Link signing
      Small Beer Press
      Americas Hall 1, Exhibit Hall, 3rd floor, Hilton

      -- bath time -- bath time -- bath time -- bath time --

      Ok, so there's not much about our upcoming books. How about some others.
      Do you like the sci-fi stuff? Iain M. Banks's Matter is probably for
      you and should be on all the award ballots next year. You know,
      Nebula, Pulitzer, that sort of thing. It's quite stunning how tightly
      and widely Banks manages to tell his story of three siblings quite
      different interactions with the Culture and the power structures of
      their own country. Best SF novel since the last Ian McDonald novel.

      In fantasy, The Dragons of Babel by Michael Swanwick is lots of fun.
      Parts of the novel have been appearing in Asimov's and other places
      (i.e. The Year's Best) for the past couple of years and it is very
      satisfying to see them all tied together at last.

      What else? Here are LCRW HQ we have mostly been reading 6-month old
      submissions (sorry about that, if we still have it and it's that old
      it means it's in the "we like this but we're not sure how much" box)
      and the neverending stuff for Year's Best. As ever, we're always
      looking for recommendations!
      The most recent edition, the 20th(!), came out recently and can be
      picked up in all 1.44 pounds of it's glory from Powell's:
      And here's another anthology, dum de dum:
      And of course, we make books and sell them here (we are Sullivan-
      nodding right now):

      -- bath time -- bath time -- bath time -- bath time --

      Good night!

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