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  • Small Beer Press / LCRW
    Updates on things that are being done, not done, Getting It Done, undone, not particularly Lifehacked, coated in sticky toffee, and otherwise somewhat
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      Updates on things that are being done, not done, Getting It Done,
      undone, not particularly Lifehacked, coated in sticky toffee, and
      otherwise somewhat interesting if you have a minute.
      As well as a note on an event or two.

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Don't order any books until you've read the full thing through. Nope,
      there's nae mair sales but there's a freebie of a weird nature. Then:
      go wild. Order them all. Make us work shipping out parcel after
      parcel (like the sale: awesome, thanks!).
      Make us work and maybe we will stop playing videogames....

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      We are afraid that below this line you, being the smart person we
      know* and respect**, will in fact be knowing everything we will be
      writing about. Radioshift. Do you use, it? Love it? Hate it? Snow
      shovelling technique. Got any secrets?
      We hope you will not find it boring. And if you do, could you film
      yourself lip-synching along to The Pierces' "Boring" and post it on
      More hilarious in storytelling: "Sticks and Stones"

      * Unlikely.
      ** You read books? You not only have our respect, you have our

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Happy New Year, Gregorians. Welcome to the last year of the G.W. Bush
      disaster (satirically known as a presidency) and the first year where
      we will publish a book by John Kessel. Maybe there will be more years
      like this. Maybe John will send us a novel. Who knows! We have just
      made an offer on another book and we have a contract out (heh) on
      another and should we get it together soon we will send out a
      contract on another. Soon we will have 100 books a year on our list
      and even Andy Hatchell will not be able to keep up!

      Pre-ordering John's collection (or our August title, Ben Rosenbaum's
      The Ant King and Other Stories) will definitely increase our ability
      to pay for their printing and many other good things, of course.

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Here are some updates on what's going on:

      Handbasket: We are no longer weaving our Small Beery Basket. We hope
      those that ordered them before Xmas received them (sorry about the
      delay due to the post office, RSI, and a small disaster on the
      weaving floor concerning a bucket of paint, a donkey, and a city
      inspector. The fix there was not cheap so we have put a hold on the
      baskets for now.

      Mugs: We are still working with a potter on this. There is a design,
      there are mock-ups, there is a kiln. Said kiln has not been fired.

      HTML: Maybe we will have a site update. We haven't gotten back to a
      lovely guy who might help out. Sorry! There's a small update to our
      main page which we like: http://lcrw.net

      Zine: LCRW is now akin to light. It can be gotten as a bunch of
      electrons and/or a paperback.

      The perfect(bound) version can be seen here:
      Exterior: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lcrw/2175913417/
      Interior: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lcrw/2175913323/
      and ordered here:

      Exciting, ne? Well, except for the person who rated LCRW 21 "Ok" on
      Fictionwise. Oh well. Fortunately we just received word of a (mostly,
      there's always something) great review on the revitalized The Fix site:

      Here's the regular site (which has a lovely Google map of where LCRW
      can be found) and the place of subscriptions:

      The Zine Book: Gosh, that was fun. Still flying off the shelves in a
      way that makes us wonder if people realize there is not actually a
      free Churchill with every copy.

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      There is an awesome article about Liz Hand and other authors with
      tattoos on ABE:

      Generation Loss was on a bunch of reader's best of '07 lists (and the
      Washington Post [below]) which was great to see. We tried entering it
      for the Edgars and failed because we have not been averaging five
      books a year. Darn the technicalities! Page Six will not be covering
      this boondoggle.

      "Although it moves like a thriller, it detonates with greater
      resound. A dark and beautiful novel."
      �Washington Post Best Books of 2007

      There's an interview with Liz in Locus and part of it can be read here:

      Read more about the book:

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Wired ran another piece on alt. reality games and mentioned Sean
      Stewart among others. In fact Small Beer Press is actually a part of
      an ARG which is still to run. You'd be amazed how far in advance
      these people seed stuff. MP3 players in concert bathrooms? That's
      nothing. How about a failed Texas oilman as president? No, can't
      blame them. Anyway, nothing's ever going to be quite as it seems
      again now that reality's the plaything:

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      The Interstitial Arts Foundation is keeping busy. They had a fun
      online salon in December (which you can catch up on here: http://
      and they're on a membership drive for the new year with completely
      redesigned website (nice job Stephen!):

      Rambles posted a strong review of the IAF's anthology:
      "The stories themselves are generally superb -- from the first,
      Christopher Barzak's subliminally scary "What We Know About the Lost
      Families of ----- House," to the last, Catherynne M. Valente's poetic
      but distanced "A Dirge for Prester John" -- to the extent that most
      of the works presented could be noted as stand-outs."

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      John Crowley's Aegypt books keep finding new readers (and we're not
      just talking about Christopher Rowe: http://
      Michael Dirda wrote about the series for the American Scholar, and it
      is lovely to be able to point to something like that online:

      Endless Things hit a couple of best of the year lists:

      "A work of great erudition and deep humanity."
      �Washington Post Best Books of 2007

      "An unpredictable, free-flowing, sui generis novel."
      �LA Times Favorite SciFi Books of 2007

      and received a lovely encomium from Matt Ruff: "This year, while
      millions of Harry Potter fans celebrated and mourned the end of their
      favorite series, a much smaller but no less devoted group of readers
      marked another literary milestone: the publication of the last book
      in John Crowley's Aegypt Cycle."

      The first book in the series, The Solitudes, is doing quite nicely in
      paperback and the second, Love & Sleep, comes out at the end of the
      month. John recently posted his (hilarious) thoughts on the cover on
      his livejournal (cough).

      Here are links to the books. Yes, they are to Powell's. Yes, we love
      the efficiency and depth of Amazon and by golly do they sell books.
      But there's no Amazon bookshop (until they buy B&N or Borders) so
      until then we delight in sending you to the lovely peeps at Powell's.
      And, yes, we get a cut which basically pays for our webhosting, yay!

      The Solitudes
      Love & Sleep
      Endless Things

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Here is the rail trail behind our office. How awesome it is, how

      If you like the small comics and zines and things there is a sale at
      Poopsheet. Some of the stuff is 40% off, everything is at 15% off
      until Jan. 31st:
      http://shop.poopsheetfoundation.com - 15%

      There is a weird science fiction story in the new issue of the
      Virginia Quarterly Review. Jedediah Berry has a just plain weird
      story and great story in the latest issue of the Chicago Review.
      All these reviews! Just read the first issue of a new poetry and art
      review, Cave Wall, from Greensboro, NC. If you liked Sunshine Ison's
      poetry from LCRW (or the Best of LCRW), you can find more here. Also
      Fred Chappell and some other recognizable names. For the most part
      it's narrative poetry, not too weird.

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Kelly Link has a busy spring coming up (before Pretty Monsters comes
      out in autumn). She's teaching a class at Smith College here in
      Northampton and one for the MFA program at Columbia University in New
      York. She also has a couple of students from Stone Coast MFA program.
      This summer she is teaching the Taos Toolbox and Clarion Diego.
      Here are some dates (our Google calendar has most of these)
      including a local event which we're looking forward to in a couple of
      weeks (no, she is not opening for Neko Case on 2/2, but we will be
      leaving AWP as soon as we can to make sure we make it there!):

      1/26, 7 pm - 11 pm, $10
      Essentials Books Out Loud Dance Party
      American Legion Post 271, 126 Russell St., Hadley, MA 01035
      John Hodgman, Thurston Moore DJing, Rachel Sherman, Kelly Link, Ed
      Skoog, Who Shot Hollywood.
      More info on the organiser: http://www.shopessentials.net/eshop/

      class visit, Holy Cross, Worcester, 2/13
      publishing conference, U.Georgia, Feb.21-24
      reading, Athens, GA, 2/25
      reading, Brooklyn, 3/6
      Minnesota class visit 3/24 (with Alan DeNiro)
      Writer's Festival, University of Cincinnatti, 4/9-11

      In November (so fast, so fast it goes) was an interview in Locus:
      and Kelly received an amazing shout out in the LA Times (ok, maybe
      that's not the right term):

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      We're getting ready for the day paper is no longer a viable option so
      Kelly's books (and a lot of our other titles, 21 altogether when
      everything goes live in a couple of weeks) are available to be read
      on Google Books. Email them to your friends! We've been adding basic
      search boxes to the book pages (again: some of the books aren't live
      yet) to our site and will be making them prettier at some point.
      Google will eventually just buy us and we will publish books
      directly through their search engine. Really.

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Our new(ish) office address is below for submissions, cheques,
      presents, etc. We can probably sell you books from here, just call
      ahead and expect to get about 5 minutes before we get distracted by
      something Shiny.

      Other places we will be found: Vericon, Boskone, AWP, Philadelphia
      Book Festival, WisCon, Readercon. And that's as far ahead as it goes
      right now. Ok, the Brooklyn Book Festival. But, really, that's it.
      Ok, ok. The bar, we will be found at the bar. You're right.

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Free ... Thing!

      First person to order a book and request it wins the one and only
      completely unique rather odd 2008 Small Beer Press planner. This is a
      sample from a printer which we think is groovy but doubt we are going
      to use. Anyone? Here's a picture of it (standing in front of one of
      our fave new things -- even if it is mostly unused):

      Small Beer Press
      150 Pleasant St., #306
      Easthampton, MA 01027

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