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March (otherwise you might freeze)

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    We ve mostly moved Merry March: Interfictions coming soon 4 Years of War, Hasn t It Been Great? More on spring books Other Book news Other SPB Book news Bye!
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      We've mostly moved
      Merry March: Interfictions coming soon
      4 Years of War, Hasn't It Been Great?
      More on spring books
      Other Book news
      Other SPB Book news

      We've mostly moved to these two pages which are 1stly: journaly and
      2ndly: calendric. You can subscribe to at least the second (you can
      also subscribe to our free tax calendar for small businesses, but
      there might be a little less interest in that...).


      /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/

      Dear Reader,

      Merry March! We're getting ready to present new books to the world.
      Wigs are being powdered. Shoes are being filed into points. Knees are
      canted at the right angles (which aren't right angles this year). The
      first of this year's crop of books is something new for us: a book we
      are producing for someone else. Interfictions: An Anthology of
      Interstitial Writing is edited by Delia Sherman (one of the
      cofounders of the Interstitial Arts Foundation) and Theodora Goss and
      is really published by the Interstitial Arts Foundation (http://
      www.interstitialarts.org/). Delia and Dora have also included a
      conversational afterword (which can be read on the Interfictions
      blog) and Heinz insu Fenkl gives the introduction. The cover is a
      photo of an art box by Connie Toebe.

      Interfictions comes out in on Monday April 30th (don't believe any
      other date you see!) and we are sending out review copies now. Yours
      will be arriving right soon now. If you are a reviewer. Or blogger.
      (Contact us if you'd like a copy. [Or to get some postcards.])
      More on this book as we get closer to the pub date. In the meantime,

      Book blog: http://interfictions.blogspot.com/
      Connie Toebe: http://www.connietoebe.com/

      /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/

      Our other new titles for '07 all hit the stores between April and
      June and can most easily be read about here:

      or there's more about them at the end of the email.

      /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/

      Also to come in September: The Best of LCRW! (so far). The best of
      the first 10 years as selected by Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant* and
      published through the good folks at Del Rey by the wisdom and smarts
      of Jim Minz. More on this as it develops. Hopefully we'll be having
      parties at zine stores across the nation. Some of these we will be
      at, some: how about you?


      * Method of selection was as follows: LCRW issues 1-19 were pinned to
      hay bales. Arrows were shot at the zines. Absolutely true.

      /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/

      4 Years of War, Hasn't It Been Great?

      4 years ago millions of people around the world protested the US
      Government's premeditated invasion of Iraq. The WMD evidence looked
      flimsy and there was nothing to link Iraq to the Sept. 11, 2001
      attacks. Declaring war on a concept, terror, was perhaps the dumbest
      idea since the redesign of the Florida ballot. The present
      administration had apparently begun planning the invasion soon after
      taking office yet there were no plans to follow the invasion, no
      plans besides TV opportunities and embedding journalists. There was
      an international coalition, but it was weak, and the world knew the
      US was going ahead with its invasion no matter what anyone else did.

      4 years later, embroiled in a civil war in Iraq, it's too late for
      finger pointing (although an impeachment might be nice). Bringing the
      troops home right away is not an honorable option. It's been hard
      work to try and train a police force and an army. Harder work to try
      and get Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds to work with the US (and the
      remains of the weak coalition): and yet the US has to work harder to
      save its own ass and to stop the civil war it helped start.
      Suggestions on napkins to the White House, who obviously don't have a
      clue. The United Nations? The African League? Nato? Someone? Anyone?

      There'll be more marches against the ongoing war (and to remember the
      thousands of Iraqi and American dead) soon. Perhaps the US Government
      will see its populace walking in the cold days of spring and be moved
      to action.

      /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/

      More on spring books:

      Generation Loss: A Novel
      Elizabeth Hand
      April 2007 � Trade Cloth � 6 x 9 � 265 pp � $24

      Lit thriller. Page turner. Book a flight or just skip work. It's that

      � Starred review in PW.
      � Paperback rights sold to Harcourt Harvest.

      Endless Things
      An �gypt Novel
      John Crowley
      May 2007 � Trade Cloth � 6 x 9 � 400 pp � $24

      The fourth novel�and much-anticipated conclusion�of John Crowley�s
      astonishing and lauded �gypt sequence: a dense, lyrical meditation on
      history, alchemy, and memory.

      Water Logic
      Laurie J. Marks
      June 2007 � Trade Paper � 5.5 x 8.5 � 320pp � $16

      Marks�s Elemental Logic series is a triumph of politics, fantasy,
      world-building, and intelligent design: of character, world, and magic.

      � Marks is a Guest of Honor at the Memorial Day WisCon
      convention in Madison, WI (http://www.wiscon.info).
      � Postcards available (email us, we'll send you a packet of them!)

      /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/

      Other book news: Shaun Tan's The Arrival is so good you should have 3
      copies air shipped to you from Australia. One for you. One for your
      Best friend. And one for us because we want many many copies.

      Elizabeth Knox's Dreamquake: Book Two of the Dreamhunter Duet comes
      highly recommended by Kelly:

      Other SBP book news:

      There's a ton. Kelly Link's Magic for Beginners is out in Italy and
      the UK -- in the latter of which it received an amazing review in The
      Guardian by Audrey Niffenegger (http://books.guardian.co.uk/review/
      story/0,,2025109,00.html). There is a play of "The Girl Detective"
      playing in New York City until March 17th. Save us some seats:

      Carol Emshwiller has a new novel coming in April, The Secret City,
      and it's a corker. It's Carol at the top of her game. 2007 is shaping
      up to be a great year in books and with Carol being Guest of Honor at
      the World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga later this year, a great
      year for fans of Carol!

      The Secret City:

      Congratulations to Ellen Kushner whose swashbuckler novel The
      Privilege of the Sword is a finalist for the Nebula Award. Of course
      congrats to all the nominees, it's an honor (or a Privilege...) to be
      nomulated. Fingers crossed.

      The Privilege of the Sword:

      Coming up soon on the Lit Blog Coop (and the warren of blogs
      associated with it) the Lit Blog Coopsters will be discussing Alan
      DeNiro's Crawford Award finalist collection Skinny Dipping in the
      Lake of the Dead:

      In May: hell, let's get through March and April without worrying
      about new issues of LCRW and WisCon.
      Be brave and get out there into the cold cold winter (unless you're
      in Australia � hello lovely people! We want to come back! Leaving was
      a mistake!) and get nice and cold so that when you pop into your
      local bookshop to get some good books or mags it'll be warming not
      just the cockles of your fickle (but actually loyal) heart but also
      your little fingers, too. Then when you get home someone will have
      the kettle on and you can surprise them with your smart and wonderful
      book choice and maybe some bon-bons or a chocolate cake. Aw, aren't
      you lovely?

      /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/ /---\ \---/

      Small Beer Press

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