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Happy St. Andrew’s Day

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    LCRW 19 Where We Will Be 2007 Books 2006 Books 2042 Books We’ve been away for a while. Oops! Promise to be knocking on your email door at least a couple of
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      LCRW 19
      Where We Will Be
      2007 Books
      2006 Books
      2042 Books

      We�ve been away for a while. Oops! Promise to be knocking on your
      email door at least a couple of times a year from now on. [Promise
      not valid for any days that you or we get less than 8 hours sleep.
      Not valid in the USA or the UK. Not valid on Tuesdays or Odin�s Days.]

      First: Happy St. Andrew�s Day! Get your kilt on, your flask filled,
      find a partner, and get out on the dancefloor. Scots Wha Hae an� a�
      that an� a� that.

      Not sure about the dancing? How about raising a glass to Colin
      Beattie. Who? Alisdair Gray has a blog where he occasionally posts
      letters and so on. He just posted a wonderful history of the Oran Mor
      pub (which is a place of beauty due in no small part to Gray�s
      paintings) which Beattie bought in 2002:

      Not such a good thing, a wee bit south of Scotland, anyone passionate
      about theatre and theatre history, please take a minute to add your
      name to the growing petition to challenge the closing of the Theatre
      Museum in Covent Garden: http://www.theatremuseumguardians.org.uk/


      New to you and mailing slowly to stores and subscribers: LCRW 19

      Aka The Tenth Anniversary Issue. Or: the one with wrestlers on the
      cover. (That Nifty Cover is by Eric Schaller.) Contains fiction about
      birds, brides, bath(tubs), and, yes, wrestlers by fave writers such
      as Ray Vukcevich and Carol Emshwiller as well as new-to-these-pages
      peeps such as Daniel Rabuzzi and Katherine Beutner. And, yes, the
      necessary wisdom of Dear Aunt Gwenda. There is wondrous limninal
      poetry, too. [Really? Uh, we think so.]
      However, we are Still Waiting on the chocolate to be delivered, so
      chocolate subscribers copies are a little delayed, sorry!
      Subscribers now include people in the following countries: Canada,
      Finland, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal,
      Sweden, the USA, and the UK.

      Join in?

      Project Pulp

      Seems as if one of our long-time sales channels (we know the lingo!),
      Project Pulp, has bought the farm. We�d like to thank Jon Hodges for
      innumerable sales over the years and the hundreds of hours he must
      have spent on the site. We bought a few books and zines and
      subscribed to a few more through the site and it was pretty
      miraculously easy considering all the micropresses he was dealing
      with. So, thanks Jon. Best of luck with future endeavours.

      Sort of Secret, Not Any More, Really

      Speaking of future endeavours, here�s one of ours. Next November (a
      year from now, isn�t that titillating?) the Del Rey tentacle of the
      Random House machine (machine tentacles!) will publish something
      titled along the lines of The Shocking, the Amazing, the Fried-in-
      Butter, the Knit-One-Purl-One, the Fuel-Efficient, the Tea-Powered,
      The Best of Lady Churchill�s Rosebud Wristlet (So Far). You read it
      here first. (Or, if someone is reading this to you, you actually
      heard it here first and you can pretend you were standing at the
      ZineBar chatting with friends and someone told you the news. ) Either
      way: Tons of fun for everyone. Yay!


      Some recent pieces on Kelly Link (the Harcourt pb of Magic for
      Beginners has gone back to press, yay!):

      Kelly reads �The Hortlak� on The Writer�s Block:

      More readings here: http://lcrw.net/audio/

      The Boston Globe, �Make it weird�
      Feel like the fiction you've been reading has been missing something
      -- aliens perhaps, or the occasional occult incursion of rabbits? A
      new literary movement, based in Northampton, has just the thing for you.
      by Jessica Winter | October 8, 2006

      �[Small Beer Press] has provided a platform for engrossing but hard-
      to-classify work such as Carol Emshwiller's dystopic fable ``The
      Mount," Rust Belt surrealist Alan DeNiro's collection ``Skinny
      Dipping in the Lake of the Dead," and Shelley Jackson's conjoined-
      twin Gothic ``Half Life." [Ed. Note: published by HarperCollins.]
      �The story of Small Beer Press, and of the new wave fabulists, begins
      a decade ago in Boston, where Link met Grant at the dearly departed
      Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop on Newbury Street. (She later dedicated
      ``Magic for Beginners" to both spouse and shop.) Their 'zine, ``Lady
      Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet," which specializes in what Grant calls
      ``weird or speculative fiction," planted the seeds for a do-it-
      yourself publishing house.�


      Howard Who?

      We have signed copies of Howard Who?, Howard Waldrop�s legendary
      (really, there are legends based on it) debut collection of which
      this is the First Paperback Edition.


      Where We Will Be

      Small Beer Press author reading pages have been centralized and can
      all be (subscribed to!) and found here: http://lcrw.net/smallbeer/

      Small Beer will have a table at:
      The Independent and Small Press Book Fair, NYC
      Dec 2-3, Saturday (10-6) and Sunday (11-5)
      Free and open to the public
      Small Press Center, General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen, 20
      West 44th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues in midtown Manhattan
      (smallpress.org� 212.764.7021)

      If you�re in Northampton, MA, on the first Monday of any month,
      here�s an open invite to drinks at The Dirty Truth bar. Next one is
      Monday, Dec. 4, 7.30ish. (Later is ok, but less sense may be made.)
      at The Dirty Truth, 29 Main St. Northampton (413) 585-5999.
      Directions: http://www.themoananddove.com/dirtytruth/about_info.html
      (Not that we will be there on Monday, but we will be next month.)

      Ellen Kushner (The Privilege of The Sword) reads with rising star
      Naomi Novik (His Majesty's Dragon):

      Tuesday, December 5th -- Doors open 6:30 PM
      Free Admission -- $5 donation if possible
      South Street Seaport Museum's Melville Gallery
      213 Water Street (near Beekman)


      Music: First Tiger


      2007 books

      Oh yes. We have some books coming out next year. Order them now for
      Christmas (etc.) presents and we�ll send whomever you want a card for
      you. (A pretty leetle card it will be.) We built a FAQ for them and
      are reprinting it here as well as some info on the actual books.

      Q. Can I preorder 2007 books?
      A. Yes! http://lcrw.net/lcrw/preorder.htm

      Q. Books. Hmm. Don�t they have authors?
      A. Sometimes. These ones we�re working on are new novels by John
      Crowley, Elizabeth Hand, Laurie J. Marks, and Interfictions: an
      Anthology of Interstitial Writing, edited by Theodora Goss and Delia
      Sherman. A little more about the books is available on the preorder

      Q. And were there artists involved with the covers or did they just
      fall from the sky?
      A. Yes on the former. Liz Hand�s cover is by Jacob McMurray; John
      Crowley�s features a Rosamund Purcell photograph, and the
      Interfictions features a photo of a box made (in all senses of the
      word) by Connie Toebe.

      Elizabeth Hand, Generation Loss: A Novel
      April 2007 � 1931520216 � Trade Cloth � 6 x 9 � 320 pp � $24

      John Crowley, Endless Things: An �gypt Novel
      May 2007 � 1931520224 � Trade Cloth � 6 x 9 � 400 pp � $24

      Delia Sherman and Theodora Goss, Editors, Interfictions: An Anthology
      of Interstitial Writing
      April 2007 � 1931520240 � Trade Paper � 6 x 9 � 296 pp � $18

      Laurie J. Marks, Water Logic
      June 2007 � 1931520232 � Trade Paper � 5.5 x 8.5 � 320pp � $16

      Preorder: http://lcrw.net/lcrw/preorder.htm
      Shop? http://lcrw.net/lcrw/shopping3.htm
      Updates: http://lcrw.net/wordpress/

      2006 Books

      Howard Waldrop, Howard Who?
      Ellen Kushner, The Privilege of the Sword
      Maureen F. McHugh, Mothers & Other Monsters
      Alan DeNiro, Skinny Dipping in the Kale of the Dead
      Small Beer Press �http://www.lcrw.net

      2042 Books

      Books? Que?

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