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    1. Ask Aunt Gwenda a question. 2. Do you teach these books? 3. Send us a day off. 4. This email is an unending maw of want: discuss. 4. This should be #8 as
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      1. Ask Aunt Gwenda a question.
      2. Do you teach these books?
      3. Send us a day off.
      4. This email is an unending maw of want: discuss.
      4. This should be #8 as 2x4=8.
      5. Go see the pretty pictures.

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      1. Aunt Gwenda's been handing out pithy advice for a while now.
      Aren't you in need? Send us your question to info@... (include
      your address and with luck we'll send you the ish of LCRW your
      question appears in).
      That could be #19, which will be the 10th anniversary issue. Perhaps
      the last if we think too deeply about that. But Zine World just said
      this about #17, so maybe we will keep going: "This treasury of
      fiction is a feast of mystery, novelty, and desire."
      Send Aunty G. a Q!

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      2. We'd love to hear from any teachers or professors or whomever
      using Small Beer books in classrooms or any kind of teaching use. We
      want to send some catalogs out to other people who could be doing the
      same thing so maybe you can help us use the right language?

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      3. Busy times at Small Beer Global HQ (which hovers near Sweden at
      the moment before heading toward the Med for autumn). There's
      raspberry picking, banjo picking (good crop this year, all that
      rain), lolling on the deck, and training for the upcoming shove
      ha'penny competition.
      Did you know, if we send more of these emails apparently we will
      sell more books? Seems an unlikely proposition to us, however, so we
      will keep with the slow glide to obscurity.
      However, we are firing off technological flares as if the apocalypse
      had come and we were holding the last high ground from the zombies
      (right, dispensed with the obligatory zombie mention).

      Here are the latest non-Flash (oh how we still dislike you) moves: a
      journal style updatey-thing and a fancy new calendar page.
      Subscribing can be done to either, both, the usual. You, too, can
      make Google calendars (we have made many...) and make them open or

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      At this point the numbering fails here as it failed above. See you in
      Minneapolis at the Twin Cities Book Fest. Or Tulsa. Or Austin.

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      We posted some stuff on above said journaly thing recently, including
      a pointer to a letter to Carol Emshwiller from James Tiptree, Jr.
      (aka Alice Sheldon), with spelling and punctuation left intact.

      (Misspellings of our own are intentional and hilarious and anyway
      can't be fixed because we are updating to Univac 1.02 and can no
      longer access the Internet Page Making Tool. These things are done to
      make us more humid. Or test our humility. Or humors.)

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      Congratulations to all the Hugo Award winners especially Kate
      Wilhelm, whose book Storyteller: Writing Lessons and More from 27
      Years of the Clarion Writers� Workshop won the Hugo for Best Related
      Book. Storyteller also won the Locus Award a couple of months ago.
      That�s pretty amazing. The little book that could and all that.

      Kate was one of the co-founders of the Clarion Writers� Workshop � of
      which there are now three: Clarion (San Diego), Clarion West
      (Seattle), and Clarion South (Australia) � and taught there for 27
      years (hence the book title!). She is the Chair of the (all
      volunteer) Board of Directors of the Clarion Foundation, a nonprofit
      organization she helped establish in 2005 to ensure that the Clarion
      Workshop will continue.
      Storyteller a lovely book, formal where it needs to be (while
      writing about writing) and informal where it can be � the fun parts.
      Read some excerpts and so on:

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      About our books and other stuff

      New books in spring. New LCRW in November. Reading pile huge. Latest
      edition of The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror spreading joy and
      heartache across the land.

      Sex in the System: Stories of Erotic Futures, Technological
      Stimulation, and the Sensual Life of Machines edited by Cecilia Tan
      has stories by Paul DiFilippo, Sarah Micklem, Bruce Sterling, M.
      Christian, Gavin J. Grant and others you know. Hot.

      Kelly Link's second collection, Magic for Beginners, is out in a
      handy new paperback from Harcourt. She'll be Out West in September
      and then all over the place in October. Meanwhile:

      "Even if fairies and zombies don't normally fall into your realm of
      reading, Kelly Link's short-story collection, Magic for Beginners
      (Harvest, 320 pp., $14), is worth picking up. Doing so will put you
      in the hands of a true conjurer."

      "Enchanting and highly potent."�Women's Review of Books

      Check the calendar (http://lcrw.net/smallbeer/calendar.htm) to see
      where she'll be. (She'll be doing the same....) There's even a
      possible trip to Italy (where STRANGER THINGS HAPPEN has come out), a
      Conference of the Undead in Berkeley, and more. Must stop, put feet
      up, have cup of tea. All too much.
      HC http://www.powells.com/biblio?PID=26490&cgi=product&isbn=1931520151
      PB http://www.powells.com/biblio?PID=26490&cgi=product&isbn=113562562X

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      Latest limited edition is s small run of Ellen Kushner's
      swashbuckling remaking of Dumas, Heyer, Nancy Drew (not really), &c.
      The Privilege of the Sword.
      John Scalzi did a terrific interview with Ellen Kushner that's up at:

      We didn't print that many of these and the paperback is in its 3rd
      printing so the hardcover is skipping merrily along and we don't
      expect to have many left soon.

      Ellen is reading all over the place (often with Delia Sherman, whose
      new YA novel, Changeling, is Out Now, don't you know):
      -- including at KGB in NYC on 9/20: http://www.lcrw.net/kgb

      Get this book while yous can:

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      Hi. It's been a while. As per usual. Hope your summer has been ok.
      Sorry we're behind on answering your email, reading your story, all
      that stuff.

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      Tomato sauce should not be used with Howard Who?

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      Alan DeNiro's collection Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead is
      in the August issue of Locus and picked as a notable book:

      "DeNiro�s writing is deeply weird, sometimes challenging, but always
      and affecting." -- Tim Pratt

      "Nothing cools you off like Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead."
      �The Spoken Word http://www.prx.org/pieces/12683 (short mention @ 54

      "Original and clever without being overdone."

      La de da: http://www.lcrw.net/deniro/
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      Zine distros

      If you have ever wondered why you don't find LCRW at your local
      newstand or even in your local chain bookshop here's another eye-
      opener on magazine distribution. The Indy Press Association seemed
      like a great idea to us* and to many other people but in the past few
      years the IPA's financial mismanagement nearly killed some good mags
      they were distributing.

      Pulp Friction (SF Weekly)
      Ryan Blitstein: The Independent Press Association was founded to
      alternative magazines, but now its members say it has become the kind of
      hard-hearted corporation it once opposed.

      * We contacted the IPA about distributing LCRW but it fell through
      the usual

      -- It's too cheap. [Whereas we think going higher in price would
      suck, even if we could use the % to go color or to add pages or
      change the binding.]
      -- B&W cover? Weird size? [Yeah, we know.]
      -- It's unfocussed. [Or, it's too finely focussed on things that
      interest us.]
      -- There are too many unknowns and not enough "names". [Maybe, what
      you gonna do? Ask "names"? Push out the interesting new writers? Eh.]
      -- Und so weiter.

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      Jay Kinney and Paul Mavrides who did the illustrations for Ray
      Vukcevich's story "In the Flesh" on the Infinite Matrix have turned
      the illo they didn't use into a postcard and a T-shirt. It's pretty
      cool. The question is, who will dare wear the shirts to the airport?

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      What happened to the Squirrel Nut Zippers is talked about in this New
      Observer piece from May this year (link from Wikipedia). It's not a
      pretty story, so don't read it if you're already down, ok?
      Sure, they were sometimes kitschy but they had that whole joy
      thing going for

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      Random links:

      We lied about the pretty pictures. Step outside instead? See you!

      Small Beer Press
      176 Prospect Ave.
      Northampton, MA 01060

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