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LCRW 9, More Kelly Link News, Etc. Etc.

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    A Lady Churchill s Rosebud Wristlet newsletter -- through the auspices of Small Beer Press. Under the flag of all that s good in literature. Limning the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2001
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      A Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet newsletter -- through the auspices of
      Small Beer Press. Under the flag of all that's good in literature. Limning
      the possible heights. (Is that possible?)


      - LCRW 9
      - A Zine Night In Asheville
      - New York Times & Salon.com
      - DIY
      - Ad
      - Wo/Man With A Van
      - Chatting with Kelly Link and Others
      - Next projects


      Dear Reader:

      Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet No. 9 (the fifth anniversary edition!)
      will be hitting the pavements, helping old ladies across the road, selling
      decent knishes (while keeping an eye out for the law), and generally
      surprising readers around the world as of the first week of November.

      Sadly, the price jumped a whole dollar (no whimsical pricing here! No extra
      cents, no half centimes, just one whole solid unit: the aforementioned
      dollar). The jump is from a tiny three to a more solid 4. Soon we'll be at
      $8 like all those other litzines. Or maybe not. We had to do it, to pay the
      printer. (Say Hey to Jose at Graphicolor on Fifth Ave in Brooklyn!) And them
      pesky writers, they do so want paid. And we do so want to pay them. Old
      subscribers are ok, new subscribers have until December 1st to subscribe at
      the old price ($12 for 4 issues, don't do it! It's too cheap! How can we
      survive? Wait for December when it's $16/4 issues. Doesn't that sound like
      more fun?)

      For contents and a little information, try:

      Subscriber copies will be in the mail by, oh, November 12 or so. Remember,
      our offices were burgled and our main computer was stolen. So, if you are a
      subscriber and you do not receive your copy, please email us (info@...)
      with your name, address, and the number below your name on the mailing lable
      of your last issue. Thank you.


      If you're in or near Asheville, NC on December 12th go to Downtown News and
      Books for Zine Night. Small press fun at one of the best bookshops we know.



      Both of our books are in their second printings! Thank you!

      Kelly was recently interviewed by Salon.com. The interview and a review will
      be posted quite soon. They will also be available as audio downloads!

      On Sunday November 11 Kelly Link's Stranger Things Happen will be reviewed
      in the New York Times Book review. Hopefully well!
      http://www.nytimes.com (Registering is free.)

      Also, on October 20th, Kelly was on Jim Freund's Hour of the Wolf (5-7am
      Saturday morning on WBAI (available on the web). She'll be back on in
      January, so get your questions ready!

      Kelly Link, Stranger Things Happen

      Ray Vukcevich, Meet Me in the Moon Room

      Order directly from your local bookshop:

      Stranger Things Happen

      Meet Me in the Moon Room


      Designing your own books and zines in your head?
      Go to http://www.zinebook.com/ and see where to start. It's easy. Kind of.
      As long as you remember: only publish the good stuff.


      Cold winter nights are fair drawing in. Do you like drawing? Buy a coloring
      book. Available at a stationer near you.



      Distribution is the bugbear of the small presses. If you live in a van, are
      honest, good at math, and would like to carry a bunch of zines and such
      around the country to lit-fairs, farmers' markets, state fairs, etc, email
      me. I know some people who want to load you down with material!


      Like reading stuff on the web? Type fast? Then on November 13 at 9 p.m. EST
      head over to Asimov's website where Kelly Link will be partaking in an
      online chat with four other "Hot New Writers": Cory Doctorow, Jim Grimsley,
      Thomas Harlan, and Kristine Smith.


      We're almost done, there should be peace and quiet for a while now. Until
      LCRW 10 (May, 2002) and the two chapbooks we're planning.

      Should all go well, we're a couple of weeks away from announcing our next
      book(s?) for Summer 2002. Nothing to do with the World Cup in Japan and
      South Korea (where, sadly, we will not be). In fact, there is very little
      relationship to sports. Except for that one aspect--

      But I can't talk about that here. More on that next time.


      Please forward any questions, requests for interviews, &c. to me at this
      email address or at the address below.


      Gavin J. Grant


      Small Beer Press
      360 Atlantic Ave., PMB 132
      Brooklyn, NY 11217

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