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  • Small Beer/LCRW
    Short Reminder Small Beer on Special Not saying nothing Actual News Pants (TM) And What We ve Been Reading You have a couple more days to check out the sale.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2006
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      Small Beer on Special
      Not saying nothing
      Actual News
      Pants (TM)
      And What We've Been Reading

      You have a couple more days to check out the sale. In what ways is it mad?
      Or, in which?

      1) Sale prices are Mad.
      2) Mad how far behind on shipping we are!
      3) Readers are mad they are not getting their books.
      4) Post office is mad at stacks of boxes being brought to them.
      5) Mad to remind people about this and exacerbate problem.
      6) You tell us.
      7. Mad use of brackets ends now.
      8. Sale page not proofed and all hardcovers sold at $1.00.
      9. Now you are fuming because #8 is a hairy-faced, bald-headed lie.
      10. While you were thinking about this sale being mad GW Bush & Co. removed
      some of your previously-law-given rights.
      13. Ack. No 12 or 11.

      Small Beer on Special:


      Emily Wilson, skilled artist, sent a cool drawing inspired by "Magic for
      Beginners" -- don't know if it is on her site but there's lots of good art
      there. Will need to start a new section on Kellylink.net if more of these
      come in.

      Also, now you can read "The Faery Handbag" in Hebrew:


      Actual News

      Did we mention that we sold Turkish rights to Maureen F. McHugh's story
      collection Mothers & Other Monsters to Istikal Publishing? Exciting! Call
      your favorite foreign publisher and ask them to buy rights, too!

      Also: the paperback of Maureen F. McHugh's story collection Mothers & Other
      Monsters is about to go to the printer so it should be in stores in, maybe 2
      months! Wow, so fast. Er, not. There are no extra stories because while it
      was tempting, it would also be Wrong! There is however an interview, an
      essay, and talking points.

      <Hint>Your book club can read this book. </Hint>



      Hugo Nomulations!

      Best Related Book: Storyteller: Writing Lessons and More from 27 Years of
      the Clarion Writers' Workshop, Kate Wilhelm

      Best Novella: Kelly Link, "Magic for Beginners"

      -- Congratulations to all the nominees!

      Small Beer does not know as yet whether it will be in Anaheim or not for the
      Worldcon thingie where these "Tin Rockets"* are awarded. Maybe?

      We will be in Tempe, AZ, on May 4-6 where Nebula Cubes are given out and
      perhaps in Scotland on January 25th when haggis is enjoyed by all.

      * Alice Sheldon, aka James Tiptree, Jr. There is a biography coming in


      We interrupt this nothingness with a some being from Le Blog de al Alan

      Geek Fight, 8th-century style

      I¹ve been reading Night & Horses & The Desert: An Anthology of Classical
      Arabic Literature, edited by Robert Irwin (author of the brilliant novel
      Arabian Nightmare). Meghan blogged a little while ago about how there¹s
      nothing like a good geek fight. Writers of classical Arabic would seem to
      agree with this, as it seems that a lot of their literature is pure,
      unadulterated geek-fight. It¹s so awesome. Here is one take-down by Tamman
      ibn Ghalib al-Farazdaq to some of his contemporaries:

      "Poetry was once a magnificent camel. Then, one day, it was slaughtered. So
      Imr'ul Quays came and took his head, 'Amr ibn Kulthum took his hump, Zuhayr
      the shoulders, al-A'sha and Nabigha the thighs, and Tarafa and Labid the
      stomach. There remained only the forearms and offal, which we split among
      ourselves. The butcher then said, 'Hey you, there remains only the blood and
      impurities. See that I get them.' 'They are yours,' we replied. So we took
      the stuff, cooked it, ate it and excreted it. Your verses are from the
      excrement of that butcher."




      The Kiriyama Prize recognizes "outstanding books about the Pacific Rim and
      South Asia that encourage greater mutual understanding of and among the
      peoples and nations of this vast and culturally diverse region."

      This year two authors will split the $30,000 award:

      Fiction: The Hummingbird's Daughter by Luis Alberto Urrea

      Nonfiction: The Reindeer People: Living with Animals and Spirits in
      Siberia by Piers Vitebsky

      Yay Luis! Now, go read the book. Luis also keeps a blog (every time I check
      out his website it's fancier and fancier. Now it gets up and offers you a
      cup of tea). http://www.luisurrea.com/blog.php
      He also points to the site of one of his fave authors: http://lowrypei.com/


      The Raleigh News & Observer has a good piece on translators. We're still
      slowly (glacially) trying to juggle another Angelica Gorodischer title into
      being. (Apologies for slowness!)


      Jennifer Stevenson is up to Chapter Three in her podcast of "Trash Sex
      Magic". She's going to do the whole book chapter by chapter which is pretty
      cool. She has another short story availabe there, too.

      Das page: http://www.jenniferstevenson.com/excerpts.htm
      Warning! Direct to MP3 of Ch.1
      Das book: http://www.lcrw.net/stevenson/


      Not Saying Nothing

      Because it's not grammatically correct. And it's easier to run on at the
      mouth. But, an early word in your ear about Ellen Kushner's THE SWORD OF
      PRIVILEGE. What's that? We're putting out a hardcover edition of it
      simultaneously with Bantam's trade pb.
      We've got a bit of a messy early page up here:

      Which page we will tidy one of these days. Anyway, it's a swashbuckler for
      fans of Errol Flynn and Barbara Stanwyck, Dumas and, uh, Dan Brown? (Just
      kidding, Ellen.) Maybe not so much the last one, except the 10-million
      selling part.

      On other upcoming books, well, more on that later. Enough for now. The sale
      comes to an end on Friday March 31 and at some point we'll report back on
      how it went.

      More updates occasionally:


      Dave Chapelle's Block Party is Awesome.


      Department of You Will Not Be Able To Call Your applesauce Business Apple

      Apple Music (the Beatles and, er, other people) and Apple Computers (useless
      new computers which will not yet run InDesign, Photoshop, etc. so we cannot
      upgrade) are fighting over the word Apple.
      Also, Marvin the Marvel Comics People (sic) and DC (District of
      Columbia??) are trying to trademark the word super-hero. Kidding, right?

      Super-heroin is illegal. (Unless distributed by the CIA.)
      Super-intended. ("I super-intended to marry him but it turned out he was
      already married to his league of fancy-pants'd peeps.")
      Uber-Heroine. Mmmm!

      Also: we have trademarked the word Pants (TM). From now on please capitalize
      it and use the trademark sign: (TM), as in, "This is Pants.(TM)"


      Books to read which we have read sometime recently or so and think you might
      enjoy and we do not talk about no damn cat (and I mean Fup not some
      polydactyl by the way!) while recommending them. Even though Fup and The
      Other Cat are nice. For cats.
      Some of these books were thrown at your newsletter editor by someone who
      has read them with a generalized comment along the lines of "these are so
      good you'll teach your blood cells to read so that you can enjoy them at the
      cellular level." Or, perhaps it was just something about where's the damn
      cell phone?

      Ok, you are on a plane (or bored at work) and you need a Damn Good Book
      (TM). Barth Anderson's first novel "The Patron Saint of Plagues" is a
      pageturner about the future of food, flu, and the decline and fall of the
      USA and scientific ethics. So, yeah, you should pick it up today!

      Kathryn Davis's gorgeous new novel The Thin Place

      Samuel R. Delany doesn't give up any Mafia (the game) secrets in his new
      book, About Writing, but it does have a ton of good advice and
      thought-provoking thoughts;

      Someone send us the amazingly expensive HC edition!

      Scarlett Thomas, PopCo. The UK keeps producing these smart books about
      consumerism and so on then they come over here, get mobbed at the airport
      (if they get a damn visa) and Change the World, Baby!

      Naomi Novik's His Majesty's Dragon is another pageturner (see Anderson
      above). This is comfort food for Patrick O'Brian and dragon fans -- together
      at last. Who knew they were better together? Anyway, over here in the
      once-free USA there are 3 books and the first one, His Majesty's Dragon is
      Out Now:

      Once of the year's biggie anthologies is about to drop (ouch, toe).
      ParaSpheres: Extending Beyond the Spheres of Literary and Genre Fiction
      edited by Ken Keegan and Rusty Morrison has stories by all your fave writers
      (really, they checked your list) and a few you didn't know you liked. Big
      good book:

      Originally published a bit back, someone 'round here has been enjoying
      Tanith Lee's reprinted Biting the Sun. This is two of those little yellow
      DAW pbs together, Don't Bite the Sun and Drinking Sapphire Wine:

      And lastly a little more nonfiction: Alabama Curiosities: Quirky Characters,
      Roadside Oddities, & Other Offbeat Stuff which is basically a novel by Andy
      Duncan but disguised as an off the usual tracks guide book to the State of
      Alabama. Mule-powered pottery. Fountain creatures. Mardi Gras and Joe Cain
      Day. Snake handling, Panda Heaven, and One Batty Temple.

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