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Mothers & Other Monsters a Finalist for The Story Prize

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    A Story About Maureen F. McHugh NORTHAMPTON, MA: This morning Ohio housewife, novelist, and video game author Maureen F. McHugh woke up to discover her debut
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      A Story About Maureen F. McHugh

      NORTHAMPTON, MA: This morning Ohio housewife, novelist, and video game
      author Maureen F. McHugh woke up to discover her debut short fiction
      collection, Mothers Other Monsters (Small Beer Press, July 2005, $24, ISBN
      1-931520-13-5) is one of three finalists for the second annual $20,000 Story
      Prize. (The runners-up each receive $5,000.)

      Interviewed by phone McHugh exclaimed, "This book has changed my life!"
      McHugh, an award-winning writer, is the author of four novels. After
      undergoing chemotherapy to overcome a bout of Hodgkin¹s Lymphoma in the
      first half of this year McHugh had most recently been working on a series of
      stories for lastcallpoker.com, an online game and marketing campaign. She
      has also been working on a second, as yet unannounced, campaign.

      "Being a finalist for this award," McHugh said, has inspired her "to take up
      where she left off" in her critically-acclaimed career as a novelist. She is
      working on two novels, BabyGoth and Coming of Age in America. "Of course,"
      she added, she¹ll "certainly continue to write short stories!"

      The Story Prize will be awarded Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 7 P.M. at the
      New School¹s Tishman Auditorium (66 West 12th Street in New York City). The
      three Story Prize finalists will read brief selections from their
      collections and then discuss their work with Larry Dark, Director of The
      Story Prize (on the stage where Inside The Actors Studio is staged).

      The evening will culminate with the announcement of the winner and
      presentation of the $20,000 award and the engraved silver bowl given to each
      winner of The Story Prize.

      The 2005 judges were novelist and MacArthur Fellow Andrea Barrett (The
      Voyage of the Narwhal); the most famous librarian in the USA and author of
      Book Lust, Nancy Pearl, and critic and novelist (The Book Against God) James

      Mothers & Other Monsters was a July Book Sense Notable Book and Booklist
      called it "Hauntingly beautiful, driven by the difficult circumstances of
      their characters¹ lives‹slices of life well worth reading and rereading." It
      has garnered praise from bestselling authors Karen Joy Fowler (The Jane
      Austen Book Club) who said of it "Each of these stories is a gift" and Mary
      Doria Russell (A Thread of Grace) who called Mothers & Other Monsters
      "Enchanting, wistful, funny and fierce by turns."

      Maureen F. McHugh has spent most of her life in Ohio, but has lived in New
      York City and, for a year, in Shijiazhuang, China. She is the author of four
      novels. Her first novel, China Mountain Zhang, won the Tiptree Award. Her
      latest, Nekropolis, was a Book Sense 76 pick and a New York Times Editor's
      Choice. McHugh teaches writing at the John Carroll University in Cleveland
      and at the Imagination and Clarion workshops. She lives with her husband and
      two dogs next to a dairy farm in Cleveland Heights, OH. Sometimes, in the
      summer, black and white Holsteins look over the fence at them.

      The two other finalists are The Summer He Didn't Die by Jim Harrison
      (Atlantic Monthly Press) and The Hill Road by Patrick O'Keeffe (Viking).

      To order tickets ($14 for general admission seating) to The Story Prize
      reading and awards ceremony at the New School's Tishman Auditorium (66 East
      12th Street) on Jan. 25, call 212-229-5488 from 1 to 8 p.m., Monday through
      Friday or e-mail boxoffice@....

      The judges also produced a short list of other highly recommended story
      collections published in 2005 -- which included Kelly Link's Magic for
      Beginners, as well as books by Robert Coover, Judy Budnitz, Michael Martone
      and others.

      Maureen F. McHugh, Mothers & Other Monsters: Stories
      Small Beer Press · July 2005 · Fiction/Short Stories · $24 · ISBN::

      The Story Prize

      Mothers & Other Monsters

      Buy books &c.:

      More updates and so on:

      Small Beer Press
      176 Prospect Avenue
      Northampton, MA 01060
      T: 413-584-0299
      F: 413-584-2662

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