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    Photo request Random booky goodness Audio interviews Some Readings and another book Monkeybike LCRW haunts Did you go see Wallace & Gromit? Cheese! Some
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      Photo request
      Random booky goodness
      Audio interviews
      Some Readings and another book
      LCRW haunts
      Did you go see Wallace & Gromit? Cheese!
      Some reviews


      A gag. Travel Light was first published before most of us were born. It is a
      wonderful and weird book. Something not like the other books you're reading
      -- unless you are reading a novel about a young woman rescued by bears,
      raised by dragons, and taunted by heroes.
      Halla is all of these and more. She is a delightfully spiky protagonist
      with a will of her own.
      So, the gig (or the gag) here is photos, pix, all those things. You will
      have seen the great Kevin Huizenga drawing on the cover (avec dragons and
      What is being looked for is pictures of the book in odd situations,
      travelling (light or otherwise), unexpected, or out of kilter. Or comfy and
      at home atop the dragon's pile of treasure.
      Feel free to check out your local bookshop, Borders, or B&N (we know
      it's out there) to find a copy for picturing. Post your pic online somewhere
      -- you can even post it on Amazon if this linky thing works. May have to be
      cut and pasted in 2 parts or something:


      Then email us about your picture. We will have an impartial set of judges
      (lured from an international biking event through the skillful use of
      Putney, VT, apple pie) judge the pictures on the basis of imagination,
      legality, fitness, ballroom dancing technique, and use as a paperweight.
      Or, maybe we'll just send you something for your trouble. A copy of
      LCRW, a paperback, chocolate, something like that.

      Read a bit of TRAVEL LIGHT:

      Send us a pic!


      Listen to an interview with Kate Wilhelm:

      Listen to an interview with Maureen McHugh:


      Random booky goodness. Have you started your Jon Courteney Grimwood reading
      series yet? Complicated, smart, alt. history/present day techno thriller.
      All in one. Yes please.

      Next. Justine Larbalestier, Magic or Madness. First of three in a young
      adult series. Very fun, very satisfying.

      Next. Conrad's Fate, Diana Wynne Jones. Hmm. 15 pages from the end and
      thinking, Surely this can not be wrapped up? Well, it can be. But.... Still
      lots of fun.

      Next. Michael Martone by Michael Martone. Shouldn't work! But it does. Loads
      of Contributors Notes and a few more things add up to a palimpset-style
      novel of varying stories on Martone by Martone. Very energetic.

      Next. Scott Westerfeld does the hitting things out of the park the way this
      year the Red Sox don't. (Hey, a sports metaphor not involving the Scottish
      national football team!) Midnighters trilogy, Peeps, any and all of these
      are worth you taking the bus instead of paying for gas. Taking the bus gives
      you more reading time, too.

      Next. David Marusek (sorry about the misspelling last time!), Counting
      Heads. This is a debut scifi novel to trepan yourself with. If you like the
      Vernor Vinge and Charles Stross stuff then get ye to a bookery and read

      Next. Well, there were a few books we haven't gotten to yet. That might be
      it until later in the email.


      Assorted upcoming readings.

      October 13, 7 p.m.
      Kelly Link and Cara Spindler (LCRW 12, 16)
      Shaman Drum Bookshop
      Ann Arbor, MI

      October 15, 6 p.m.
      Christopher Rowe, Gwenda Bond, Erin Keane, and Mark Rudolph Saturday,
      Destinations Booksellers, New Albany, Indiana.
      The reading's called Four Writers, Four Voices.
      (The fabulous Lipkandy might be playing some acoustic happiness for your

      October 16, 6 p.m.
      Kelly Link & Rebecca Meacham
      Wisconsin Book Festival
      Madison, Wisconsin

      October 17, 4 PM
      University of Illinois, Urbana

      October 24, 7 PM
      Kelly Link, Barry Yourgrau, and Motoyuki Shibata (who translated Kelly's
      story "The Great Divorce" into Japanese).
      Porter Square Book Shop
      Cambridge, MA

      November 1
      Kelly Link
      Prairie Lights
      Iowa City, Iowa

      November 2, 7 PM
      John Hodgman (AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE)
      Chicago, IL
      Reading and Q&A with musical accompaniment (guitarist). Walkie-talkies may
      be involved.

      Nov. 3-6
      Tons of people!
      World Fantasy Convention
      Madison, WI

      Nov 8
      Kelly Link, Maureen F. McHugh, and Dan Chaon (You Remind Me of Me)
      Mac's Backs, Cleveland Heights, OH

      Nov. 13
      Kelly Link
      KGB Bar, New York City

      At some of these readings you may see Kelly Link waving a book around that
      is not Magic for Beginners. In fact, if the reading is at a book shop, then
      she will probably be carrying a pile of books to the cash register.* You can
      stop her, she won't mind.
      One of the books she may be waving around, a book there is some
      probability she may read from, has a very long title and stories from some
      very good writers in it. [In fact, one of those authors, George Saunders,
      read at UMass Amherst recently and the whole twenty-five hundred or so
      current Small Beer staff and interns loaded into the work hydrogen buses and
      crossed the river to hear him. There was much happiness at hearing him read.
      What a great teacher he must be.]
      So, George Saunders has a story in this book Kelly Link may be waving
      around. There are other not bad authors, too. And, it is illustrated.
      Kelly's story in this pretty book is called "Monster" and it features, well,
      summer camp. Can't tell you any more. It was too scary.
      The book is called Noisy Outlaws. It is published by McSweeney's, is a
      fundraiser for children's literacy, and is in stores now. Give to young
      adult readers at your own discretion. (Which means give them the book while
      their parents are arguing over who has to rake the lawn now that the damn
      kid has taken up reading.)

      * Unless she is really tired and has fallen back into the habit of shelving
      books. If it looks like this has happened, please do not disturb her unless
      you have some coffee to hand.


      Interview with Jennifer Stevenson down a few spots on this page:


      MonkeyBicycle.net newsletter reprinted without attribution!

      This week, I'm breaking out of the usual institutional "we" to talk
      personally about the update. Ray Vukcevich is one of my (web editor
      Matthew's) favorite > writers. I've said this before. I'll say it again.
      When I read Meet Me In the Moon Room, it changed my writing. It freed my
      writing. No one combines the surreal and the human like Ray does. No one has
      the imagination Ray has. No one writes like Ray.

      Ray's the best. This week, we're very proud to present a story by Ray
      Vukcevich. It's about Kierkegaard. Kind of.

      Also, when you're done checking out Ray's story, don't forget to stop by our
      online store and pick up some bookmarks, or maybe a t-shirt.

      Thanks for reading!

      Monkeybicycle staff


      Pretty, pretty things.
      T-shirts and Cards for sale. No lemonade, though.


      Review of Storyteller:
      "Oh, but this is a lovely book.... Wilhelm fills Storyteller with lessons
      about how to write, and just as important, how not to write." 


      Strange Horizons is having a fundraiser which I suppose is one way to get
      Free Stuff! http://www.strangehorizons.com/fund_drives/200510/prizes.shtml


      LCRW 15.
      Came out in January. Remember January? It was about 2 months ago. Never mind
      what your calendar says. It's late spring outside. Hence the rain and so on.

      "A treat."


      Magic for Beginners Boston Globe review:

      "Link's stories are delightfully playful, almost precocious, as she creates
      palimpsests of secret passages, hidden doors, quiet pulses of deeper
      meaning. Don't look for unexpected twists or tight resolutions.
      Nevertheless, many images linger, and the characters are memorable, real
      people placed in impossibly strange circumstances, sometimes of their own
      "Link is fast becoming a major talent. While she happily positions herself
      as a genre writer, I would compare her with writers like George Saunders,
      authors who work in a recognizable world but can't dismiss the hidden things
      that tap on our windows at night, that flutter around the edges of
      photographs, that inhabit the stone animals in our gardens."


      Hey look, you can read the 1st bit of Judith Berman's debut novel, Bear
      Daughter: http://www.judithberman.net/BDcover/BD%20chapter%201/ch1.html


      Another mag worth a quick checking: http://www.susurrusmagazine.com/
      It's an interesting set up that somewhat mirrors a physical mag with a
      "continue" link at the end of each page and drawings that push you on
      through it.
      The website is slowly growing -- hmm, the links page claims LCRW is "The
      BEST small press literary magazine you'll ever find." What do they know
      about our future discoveries? What do they know? Don't they read Expressive
      Sores? How about Broken Daquiri? Or, really, there are many, many much
      better lit zines. Starting with Ninth Letter: http://www.ninthletter.com


      LCRW haunts these shops:

      Atomic Books, Baltimore, MD
      Borderlands Bookshop, San Francisco, CA
      Broadside Books, Northampton, MA
      Clovis Press, Brooklyn, NY
      Downtown News & Books, Asheville, NC
      Dreamhaven, Minneapolis, MN
      Pandemonium, Cambridge, MA
      Powell's, Portland, OR
      Prairie Lights, Iowa City, IA
      Quimby's, Chicago, IL
      A Room of One's Own, Madison, WI
      Sqecial Media, Lexington, KY
      St. Mark's Bookshop, NY, NY
      Mark V. Ziesing, Bookseller, CA

      If you have a nice shoppe and would like to carry this zine, email us!

      Also, if you are a subscriber and just received the note below from our
      intern and thought it was rude: sorry about that. Unless you thought it was
      funny. Then, phew.


      Small Beer Press
      176 Prospect Avenue
      Northampton, MA 01060

      September 23, 2005

      Dear Long-Term Subscriber and Ally in the Never-Ending Struggle Against Our
      Personal Poverty,

      It has come to our attention that your subscription to Lady Churchill¹s
      Rosebud Wristlet has nearly run out. We would like to take this opportunity
      to thank you profusely and with the very most earnestness we can muster for
      your patronage over the past year. Your kind indulgence has been like the
      one perfectly-placed length of two-by-four propped against our rickety
      castle that keeps it from winding up a pile of much-loved rubble almost
      obscured by settling dust.
      We are - to put it mildly - much obliged.
      We do not, however, mean to suggest we wouldn¹t love for you to remain
      of Ally in This, Our Great Endeavor. Quite the opposite, in fact. The new
      issue of Lady Churchill¹s is coming out soon; we would like nothing more
      than to know our efforts may rely on your discerning eye, unmatched
      imagination and structural support for one more term. Please consider
      carefully the joys, the awe and strangeness you have found with Lady
      Churchill¹s at your side. Are you prepared to sacrifice those joys and
      strangenesses? Would you not rather chance your lot with ours for on year
      We owe you too much already to think of expecting anything more. But we
      can¹t pretend retaining your kind attention wouldn¹t riddle us with relief.

      Awaiting your Replay as though on Eggshells,

      Michael DeLuca, Intern
      Lady Churchill¹s Rosebud Wristlet


      P.S. (From Gwyneth) You can go ahead and buy a copy of U.S. Weekly and a
      Hershey bar and look at pictures of famous people wearing ugly hats and
      sweat pants. But seriously, wouldn¹t you rather leave your gourmet chocolate
      finger prints on a copy of Lady Churchill¹s? Think about it.

      Small Beer Press 2005 or so

      Naomi Mitchison, TRAVEL LIGHT
      Maureen F. McHugh, MOTHERS & OTHER MONSTERS
      Kate Wilhelm, STORYTELLER
      Sean Stewart, MOCKINGBIRD

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