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    Reading tonight and tomorrow: Maureen McHugh, Tues, 7/19, 7 PM, Mac s Backs, Cleveland Heights, OH Kelly Link, Wed. 7/20, 7 PM, KGB Bar, NYC ... I met Nicholas
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2005
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      Reading tonight and tomorrow:

      Maureen McHugh, Tues, 7/19, 7 PM, Mac's Backs, Cleveland Heights, OH

      Kelly Link, Wed. 7/20, 7 PM, KGB Bar, NYC


      >>From Jim Munroe at No Media Kings:

      I met Nicholas Johnson at a Seattle zine fair nearly a decade
      ago. He was peddling Shark Fear, Shark Awareness at the time,
      and through a mail correspondence I kept up through his zine
      projects that were engrossing accounts of his time as a sperm
      donor (Burning the Ancestral Chi) and an ESL teacher
      (Kongju-si: Letters from Korea). His fast and trashy vid making
      was a big inspiration to my own initial forays into making
      little movies, and he actually wrote a DIY article for this
      site. Big Dead Place (Feral Press, 2005) is his latest and
      greatest project to date. Nicholas spent the last couple of
      years living in Antarctica, doing the joe-jobs that keep the
      research labs based there functioning: washing dishes and
      compacting garbage. I knew from the couple of e-mails that he'd
      sent that his stories about the place would be hilarious and
      fascinating: what I didn't expect was how deftly he would weave
      together the historical tragedies of Sir Robert Scott's bungled
      exploration with the bureacratic tragedies of bungled room
      assignments. Populated by lewd characters and outlandish
      scenarios, it nonetheless ignores the easy targets in favour of
      putting forth a journalistic work of depth and craft. I shot
      him a couple of questions via e-mail....



      Get a free book:
      Free Book: http://www.lcrw.net/kellylink/sth/index.htm
      Or buy some:


      There's a reception for a

      photography show by Christa Parravani next weekend at the Forbes Library in
      Northampton. Get gothicky and all that:


      Review of Maureen F. McHugh, MOTHERS & OTHER MONSTERS


      Something about War of the Worlds, the book, baby, the book. And a spin off
      into the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


      Kelly Link's MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS was reviewed in Entertainment Weekly.

      "Dazzling.... Link's world is one to savor."
      -- Entertainment Weekly, (Editor's Choice) p76, 7/15 issue

      And will be a Book Sense August pick:

      MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS, by Kelly Link (interior illustrations by Shelley
      Jackson) (Small Beer Press, $24, 1931520151) "Kelly Link is my favorite new
      fantasy writer. She mixes up fairy-tale monsters and our modern world to
      create unique, humane stories that illuminate the joy and pain of everyday
      stuff. These stories are magic." --Michael Wells, Bailey-Coy Books, Seattle,


      TRASH SEX MAGIC REVIEW ON SEX KITTEN. Rowr, and all that:


      We will be taking the shopping pages (books, shirts, cards, etc) down in
      late July through August. Heck, we may even update the website a bit.
      Kelly's website, www.kellylink.net, will become Much Better Looking in
      August or so thanks to Theo (http://www.theblackarts.com).

      3 new books still to hit the shelves:
      Storyteller by Kate Wilhelm (writing lessons and gossip, too)
      Mockingbird by Sean Stewart (inheriting the voodoo gods in Houston, Texas)
      Travel Light by Naomi Mitchison: a book we've passed on to many readers and
      now get to bring it to many more. (Thanks to Holly Black and Ursula K. Le
      Guin for reading and providing great comments and to Joe Monti for taking it
      seriously!) http://www.lcrw.net/lcrw/preorder.htm


      Brought to you by the letters tfad era ew and the concept Mirror Writing.
      Oooh, impressive.

      Small Beer Press
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