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Giving it all away before it's too late

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    NYC Reading Google Utopian Host, man Fiction Other Free Books Time off for good behaviour NYC Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeading New Yorkers flood
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2005
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      NYC Reading
      Utopian Host, man
      Free Books
      Time off for good behaviour

      NYC Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeading

      New Yorkers flood museum? Seaport imports readers?
      March 7th, 7PM
      Gavin J. Grant (not much) & Kelly Link (Stranger Things Happen, Magic for
      South St. Seaport Museum,
      Melville Gallery, 213 Water St., NY NY
      Doors open at 6:30 PM
      Suggested donation $5

      Kelly's reading around the country later this year (hopefully!). Catch up
      with her here: http://www.lcrw.net/kellylink/calendar.htm


      Four of our books (with more to follow) are in the Google Print thingy, so
      if you search for "Meet Me in the Moon Room" for example, you can search
      some of the text and, Ray's stories are so short and great, probably read a

      Voila! http://print.google.com/print?id=hZS1Vko2O9EC&prev=

      Or, of course, go here and read a few stories:


      We have a new webhost and we recommend themmm:


      Get dressed up -- and I mean you in the pj's! -- and point your sexy clicker
      over toe Futurismic to read some great fiction: "Strike A Pose" by DonnĂ¡rd
      Sturgis: http://www.futurismic.com/fiction/strike.html

      Otherrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrr rrrr

      Mix Tape by Gavin J. Grant on Monkey of Modern Bicycle

      On the Perpetual Motion Roadshow in lovely mag Herbivore. Another mag for
      you to subscribe to, ooh!

      M. Ward, baby. Something about indie radio stations on a lively record (no,
      not really) about Transistor Radios and other dead media. Also, on a looong
      tour so maybe playing at a barn near you soon.

      Gillian Welch is selling single tunes off her website including covers of
      Radiohead and Neil Young and Young Rodeo Tornado and others. Kick back and
      other dead slang.


      Yep. We'll send copies of Carol Emshwiller's hilarious (we say) first novel
      CARMEN DOG to those that can tell us something interesting about either:
      Carol, Carmen, or dogs.

      Carol Emshwiller, CARMEN DOG

      (PS Carol has a new collection coming this spring and a new young adult
      book. Both are pretty fabby, too.)

      We are thinking this sending out free books is a great idea. Please be nice
      and do not disillusion us. In fact, we just did our taxes, so please be very
      gentle with us and do not suggest celebratory cocktails until some checks
      start rolling in. Roll, baby, roll!

      Anyway, woe is us, the sky is falling, but not for a bit, so send us
      something fun and we will send you a Book. And tell your friends what groovy
      things happen in this newsletter thingy and get them to sign up because the
      more the merrier and this time we are sending out say 3-5 copies of CARMEN
      DOG and maybe next time we will send out more more more. We have good
      heating, we don't need them for insulation.

      See, soon come now we will have galleys of our five (Five, are you Nuts?)
      books we are publishing (fingers crossed!) this summer. That's two fabby
      collections -- Maureen McHugh's MOTHERS AND OTHER MONSTERS and Kelly Link's
      MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS -- two books we loves so we are reprinting them (yay!)
      -- Sean Stewart's MOCKINGBIRD and Naomi Mitchison's TRAVEL LIGHT -- and Kate
      Wilhelm's memoir/book on writing, STORYTELLER: WRITING LESSONS FROM 27 YEARS

      We really will send out books. Unlike the sweets we promised last time to
      Liana in Hawaii. Every time we import mass quantities of chocolate or
      liquorice or butterscotch for export to Liana someone consumed them. (--
      Blame the interns!) [-- Intern went to Spain!] (-- Blame the dog?) [-- Don't
      have a dog!] (Bugger. It was me.). But, we do not consume books in quite the
      same manner, so we will have some to send. To those who Work Hard and Write


      What's the email headline, Kenneth? Hee hee. We'll send you something,
      honest, guv.


      This is we : Small Beer Press : http://www.smallbeerpress.com
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