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Give Bees and Trees. (+ a sale.)

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    Dear Aunt Gwenda Gifts we like Oh yes, and something for reading Other things. Readings. ... Quick: send your question to Aunt Gwenda to us at info@lcrw.net
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2004
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      Dear Aunt Gwenda
      Gifts we like
      Oh yes, and something for reading
      Other things.


      Quick: send your question to Aunt Gwenda to us at info@... and maybe
      it'll be in the next late, late LCRW!


      Holidays (Rated R)

      Don't give someone more shit they don't want. Give them a little card and
      something worth your while and theirs. Yep, wealth redistribution time is
      here again:
      Give bees and trees. Llamas, water buffalo. (Llamas!) http://www.heifer.org/

      Ok, so you're a vegetarian and can't bring yourself to give out le jolie
      animals/le dejuener.
      Here's a list of alternates. Of course, if you're really into wealth
      redistribution, vote for the US republican party, producing more new
      millionaires than ever before. And killing health insurance, social
      security, the dollar, civil liberties, and so much more!

      Change possible here:
      Greenpeace http://www.greenpeaceusa.org
      Vegetarian Shoes! http://www.vegetarian-shoes.co.uk
      Pangea Store http://veganstore.com
      Amnesty International http://www.amnesty.org
      Habitat for Humanity http://www.habitat.org
      Partners in Health http://www.pih.org/index.html


      Oh yes, and a sale.

      A late-in-the-year S*a*l*e to celebrate Guy Fawkes and other
      proto-revolutionaries of the western world.

      Starts as soon as the page goes live and ends December 31st. Ahem. Order now
      for the Holidays. Monotone along with us: Books make a great gift. Read for
      Peace! Better books for a better world!
      Now, flex the knees, jump in the air. Better? It's ergonomics, baby.


      Jennifer Stevenson, Trash Sex Magic
      -- $12

      Angélica Gorodischer, Kalpa Imperial
      Translated by Ursula K. Le Guin
      -- $8

      Kelly Link, ed.
      -- $10

      Report to the Men's Club and Other Stories
      Carol Emshwiller
      -- $8

      The Mount
      Carol Emshwiller
      -- $8

      Meet Me in the Moon Room
      Ray Vukcevich
      -- $8


      Review of TRASH SEX MAGIC and Jennifer Stevenson interview with Cynthia
      Harrison at Garage Band:


      Beautiful little book rolling into stores now: Carol Emshwiller, CARMEN DOG
      =- http://www.lcrw.net/peapod/emshwiller/carmendog.htm


      We got a nice little response on the note about limited editions last time.
      We will probably do more of these. Contact us if you are interested. It's a
      wacky thing.


      Poetry we like: Kelly Everding, Strappado for the Devil

      Check that stuff out. People writing poetry in 2004. People publishing it.
      People buying it. People reading it. Responding to it. You've got to wonder,
      you've got to be awed. Bow your head to the human heart. Lift your head,
      lift your pen, write.



      6 Dec. 7 PM
      Kelly Link & Small Beer Wonder Intern Jedediah Berry, whose short fiction
      has appeared in Third Bed, Pindeldyboz, and La Petite Zine.
      6 Dec. 7.30 PM -- Junno's Monday Night Reading Series, Junno's, 64 Downing
      Street btw. Bedford and Varick, just North of West Houston FREE! for
      information: 212 627 7995

      15 Dec. 7 PM
      Carol Emshwiller, author of The Mount and Carmen Dog
      Paul LaFarge, author of Haussmann or the Distinction

      KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street (just off 2nd Ave, upstairs.), NYC


      Part of the KGB Fantastic Fiction Series which is a t 7PM, 3rd Wednesday,
      Every Month. More readers: http://www.lcrw.net/kgb
      KGB email list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/kgbfantasticfiction/join


      LCRW 15 is still being made. Sorry.


      Sean Stewart, Perfect Circle: http://www.lcrw.net/seanstewart/index.htm
      Jennifer Stevenson, Trash Sex Magic: http://www.lcrw.net/stevenson/index.htm
      Theodora Goss, The Rose in Twelve Petals
      Richard Butner, Horses Blow Up Dog City & Other Stories:

      Small Beer Press: http://www.lcrw.net



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