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    + CARMEN DOG + Some readings Rats Reviewing Twelve Petals Round Things Death Vessel Snappy Ginger Laundry List BTWOF I Love Bees ... Today the DHL van backed
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      + CARMEN DOG +
      Some readings
      Rats Reviewing
      Twelve Petals
      Round Things
      Death Vessel
      Snappy Ginger
      Laundry List
      I Love Bees

      : :: ::: :::: ::: :: :

      Today the DHL van backed up the 2 mile secret underground driveway and
      delivered the first few boxes of Carol Emshwiller's CARMEN DOG -- the first
      in our new Peapod Classics series.
      The remaining 200,000 copies will soon be flying off the shelves in a
      bookshop near you. CARMEN DOG is great fun and comics artist Kevin Huizenga
      really caught some of that in his cover illustration. The book has a 5"x7"
      trim size which is so cute you just want to gleefully line them all up on a
      shelf and admire them. (Just wait until there are more in the series!)

      + CARMEN DOG +
      Read the first chapter:

      Join the celebration when Carol Emshwiller reads at KGB Bar on December 15th
      at 7.00PM. Carol will be reading with Paul LaFarge (Haussmann or the
      KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street (just off 2nd Ave, upstairs.)

      : :: ::: :::: ::: :: :

      Kelly Link is doing some readings. She has a story in the new Conjunctions
      (#43, Beyond Arcadia!) and is writing some more so that by next May when we
      publish her new collection, MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS, there'll be some more new
      stories in it. The new collection will be a hardcover. Anyone interested in
      a limited edition should email us. (Price to be determined, contents super
      in some way.) More of these limited editions (which will not be available in
      most stores as they won't have ISBNs!) to come at some point.

      23 Nov. 7.00PM -- Dixon Place, 258 Bowery, between Houston and Prince, NYC,
      Home and Other Disorders Dixon Place
      -- with Shelley Jackson (The Melancholy of Anatomy, Patchwork Girl) &
      Samantha Hunt (The Seas)
      -- $5 or TDF

      20 Nov. -- Pandemonium Books, Cambridge, MA: a group signing from the
      anthology The Faery Reel with Holly Black, Gregory Frost, Katherine Vaz, and
      editor Ellen Datlow.

      6 Dec. 7.30 PM -- Junno's Monday Night Reading Series, Junno's, 64 Downing
      Street btw. Bedford and Varick, just North of West Houston FREE! for
      information: 212 627 7995
      -- with Jedediah Berry, whose short fiction has appeared in Third Bed,
      Pindeldyboz, and La Petite Zine.


      : :: ::: :::: ::: :: :

      The Ratbastards (really, they're nice people: Barth Anderson, Chris Barzak,
      Alan DeNiro, and Kristin Livdahl) are reviewing short fiction on The Modern
      Word in the recently launched The Sideshow. It's a monthly series of short
      fiction review columns covering lit mags, journals, zines, and anthologies.

      The second issue is up and includes reviews of Conjunctions 41 and Elixir 4,
      Fusing Horizons #2, The Anchor Book of New American Short Stories edited By
      Ben Marcus, and The Whole Story and Other Stories by Ali Smith.

      : :: ::: :::: ::: :: :

      Our latest chapbook, Theodora Goss's The Rose in Twelve Petals, went out
      rather well. A review follows -- there's another, but one has to register
      for it, so no go on that.

      Seems Charles Vess's art won a prize at a convention he took it to in Tempe,
      AZ. Isn't that fabby? We did not attend said convention, but we'll be at one
      in Philadelphia in December, see you there? See our calendar for more

      "This chapbook, exquisitely produced, illustrated by Charles Vess, costs a
      modest six bucks. There are very few ways to better spend six smackeroos.


      : :: ::: :::: ::: :: :

      It seemed only right to make lots of round things (buttons, buy them by the
      hundred??) for PERFECT CIRCLE.

      Along with some other good books, Perfect Circle is a holiday choice in the
      San Francisco Chronicle:

      More fun things to wear: Trash Sex Magic shirts, aprons, and more.
      Your shop link is: http://www.cafepress.com/tsmbook

      Thought this website would be dead by now. Who knew?

      : :: ::: :::: ::: :: :

      The band Death Vessel have a name that wouldn't be out of place on a bill
      with Corrosion of Conformity and Satan's Satanic Spew (guess the real
      band!). Yet, before you skip over to the next even-more-thrilling item (my
      laundry list) check out some of the MP3s on their site. They're high up
      there on the people who are going places list:

      : :: ::: :::: ::: :: :

      My Laundry List

      More clothes.
      I've only been wearing those a week, are you sure I need to wash them?
      Towel, bath. (Doesn't hold much water.)
      Small child playing hide and seek.
      Stoor-covered clothes from storage.
      Chocolate-stained shirts (4).
      Money from huge "zine-publishing" scam.

      : :: ::: :::: ::: :: :

      Nothing to do with the film Ginger Snaps, although it was quite good. At
      least until the last few minutes. The sequel, quite good, and reliable
      informants inform us the prequel was not bad, either. Our local cinema
      http://www.cinemark.com/theater_showtimes.asp?theater_id=321 showed none of

      At a recent KGB reading (KGB Bar is a great, 2nd-floor bar in New York City
      which hosts readings most nights of the week: http://www.kgbbar.com) Michael
      Liebling was kind enough to pass us a sample of some Snappy Ginger cookies.
      Mmm-hmm. Between these and the comes-with-little-chunks-of-ginger biscuits
      (you know what I mean) from Trader Joe's, yumm. The Patsy Pie Snappy Ginger
      ones are gluten free if that's important to you, and, in these our years of
      trial, from Canada. Anything from a sane country Just Tastes Better.

      : :: ::: :::: ::: :: :

      For the past six months, Carol Seajay, former publisher of Feminist
      Bookstore News, has been publishing the electronic newsletter Books to Watch
      Out For (http://www.btwof.com), which takes up where FBN left off almost
      four years ago. BTWOF is a compilation of book reviews, news and industry
      gossip for readers of feminist, gay and lesbian literature. There are two
      versions of the newsletter: BTWOF: The Lesbian Edition, edited by Seajay,
      and BTWOF: The Gay Men's Edition edited by Richard LaBonte.

      : :: ::: :::: ::: :: :

      Sean Stewart (PERFECT CIRCLE, mais oui) was just outed as the author of the
      recent pre-HALO 2 "I Love Bees" game. With help from a handful of other
      skilled writers they put on a game from August to November which had people
      from all over the world following an audio play about ... uh, bees?

      Not really, read about the game in the NYTimes and then get into the story:

      Listen to the story: http://www.ilovebees.com/
      Who did what: http://www.ilovebees.com/MIA.html

      Oh, and the folks behind these game stories/search operas have formed a new
      company (http://www.4orty2wo.com) so maybe there will be more of this stuff
      coming down the line!

      : :: ::: :::: ::: :: :

      Wanted: Union Pacific board game.

      : :: ::: :::: ::: :: :

      Thanks for reading, not just this, but anything. Literacy, it's the new
      New LCRW will be going out soon (68 pages saddle-stiched or perfect
      bound, anyone know a good printer?), or maybe soonish. And subscribers will
      get a little thing no one else will, yay!

      : :: ::: :::: ::: :: :

      Sean Stewart, Perfect Circle
      Jennifer Stevenson, Trash Sex Magic
      Richard Butner, Horses Blow Up Dog City & Other Stories

      : :: ::: :::: ::: :: :
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