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Readings and few small notes

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    Readings everywhere: NYC, Cambridge, MA, Evanston, IL Reviews Good news for Deborah Roggie Enablers, we Samantha Hunt and the 1st Book Tour Dark little story
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2004
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      Readings everywhere: NYC, Cambridge, MA, Evanston, IL
      Good news for Deborah Roggie
      Enablers, we
      Samantha Hunt and the 1st Book Tour
      Dark little story corner
      Whisper it

      13 Oct. 7.00 PM -- Local author Jennifer Stevenson (Trash Sex Magic) will
      read at Evanston Borders, 1700 Maple Avenue Evanston, IL 60201 Phone:
      847.733.8852 Fax: 847.733.8960

      14 Oct. 7.00PM -- Carol Emshwiller (whose first novel Carmen Dog is the
      debut title in our Peapod Classics line) Bluestockings Bookstore 172 Allen
      St. (bet. Stanton and Rivington St) NYC 212-777-6028 www.bluestockings.com

      16 Oct. 3-5 PM -- Theodora Goss will launch her debut chapbook, The Rose in
      Twelve Petals, with two other readers, Vandana Singh & World Fantasy
      nominated ("A Crowd of Bone") Greer Gilman, Pandemonium Books & Games, The
      Garage @ Harvard SQ, 36 JFK St. Cambridge, MA

      Somewhat updated readings pages (so many of them!) for the KGB Fantastic
      (yes, they generally are: Scott Westerfeld and Lucius Shepard this month)
      Fiction Reading Series, Small Beer, and Kelly Link:


      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      While we were traveling (more on that below) there were the occasional
      review of our books, toasters, and so on. Go here to read:

      -- Asimov's review of the Rowe and Rosenbaum chapbooks and a solid review of
      Horses from SF Site.

      -- Cleveland Plain Dealer review of Perfect Circle ("Delivers what the
      maudlin "Sixth Sense never did - a wicked good time.") and one from
      Blogcritics. Also: Jim Munroe interviews Sean Stewart about the AI web game.

      Of Jennifer Stevenson's Trash Sex Magic:
      -- "Trash Sex Magic is Stevenson's first novel, and it will be exciting to
      see what she comes up with next." (Bookslut)
      --"Deeply charming, and its best scenes lodge in the reader's memory."
      (Washington Post)

      More here, if you like that sort of thing:

      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      Yay! Deborah Roggie's story "The Enchanted Trousseau" from LCRW 14 has been
      picked up by Jonathan Strahan and Karen Haber for their anthology, Fantasy:
      The Best of 2004.

      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      So, now we're back and we've re-enabled (enablers, we) the shopping pages on
      our site. Don't all rush, now.

      We also turned on the Crank! page for the first time in a while. We don't
      have Gene Wolfe's Bibliomen back in stock yet, but that gives you some idea
      of the quality of the stock.

      There is one page that's not on yet, the page with other zines. Give us a
      week to try and hit some deadlines and we'll get Alchemy and some other good
      stuff up there.

      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      Samantha Hunt (who is amusing on that McSweeney's DVD) is on tour (with
      Lorraine Adams, Joshua Braff, Jason Headly, and Marc Acito) for her first
      novel, The Seas. Who? She had 3 short stories in Trampoline, remember?


      -- Los Angeles, CA, Sunday, October 17, Book Soup at Fais Do-Do, 5253 West
      Adams Blvd, 7:30 p.m.
      -- Portland, OR, Monday, October 18, Powell's at XV, 15 NW 2nd Avenue, 5:30
      -- Denver, CO, Tuesday, October 19, Tattered Cover at Wynkoop Brewery, 1634
      18th Street, 7 p.m.
      -- Albuquerque, NM, Wednesday, October 20, Bookworks at Golden West Saloon,
      620 Central SW, 7:30 p.m.
      -- Austin, TX, Thursday, October 21, Bookpeople at Opal Diviness Freehouse,
      700 West 6th Street, 7 p.m.
      -- Tempe, AZ, Friday, October 22, Changing Hands Bookstore at Monti's La
      Casa Vieja, 1 West Rio Salado Parkway, 7 p.m.
      -- San Francisco, CA, Monday, November 1 with Amanda Eyre Ward, A Clean
      Well-Lighted Place for Books, 601 Van Ness Ave, 7 p.m.

      "The Seas explores the very real possibilities in the unreal, straddling the
      horizons between the ocean and the land, literature and science, wish and

      "Hunt¹s spare narrative is as mysterious and lyrical as a mermaid's song.
      The strands of her story are touched with magic, strange in the best
      possible way and very pleasurable to read."
      - Andrea Barrett, author of Servants of the Map

      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      Another reading. Connection: tenuous at best. Jeff Ford (Trampoline, again)
      teaches here.

      Kim Deitch will be at Brookdale Community College on Thursady, October 21st
      at 7:00 pm in the Performing Arts Center. He will speak about the art and
      craft of creating graphic novels and comics. Deitch will illustrate his talk
      with slides of his own work from his recent graphic novel, Boulevard of
      Broken Dreams (Pantheon 2002), and as yet unpublished work. He will also be
      screening some of his own early animations and a few from the days of
      Windsor McCay. Brookdale is located in middle New Jersey, in Monmouth
      County. Easily gotten to from NYC. and all New Jersey Locations.

      "Deitch has created a private world as fully realized in its own way as
      Faulkner's. He's an American original, a spinner of yarns whose beautifully
      structured pages and intricate plots conjure up a haunting and haunted
      American past."--Art Spiegelman

      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      Dark little story corner. Don't go reading these if you are alone at night
      in a creaky old house. Or have a fear of dentists. Or don't like spooky
      stuff. Or, well, you get the idea.

      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      Always read to the end:

      Well, next spring (which apparently goes from January to August) we have 5
      (five) (V!) books due. And then, if we're still around, there'll be the
      autumn list (one more at least!).

      What are they? Well, that would be telling. But why not? Really, you
      suffered through all this (or skimmed quickly, as one does). Kelly Link's
      second collection, Magic for Beginners; Kate Wilhelm's memoir/writing book
      Clarion; reprints of Mockingbird by Sean Stewart and Travel Light by Naomi
      Mitchison; and lastly, and rather incredibly, Maureen McHugh's debut short
      story collection.

      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      Hem have a new album out: http://www.rabbitsongs.com/

      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      In Scotland (well, maybe the UK), they give away CDs with the Sunday papers.
      How wonderful is that? We were very jealous and wished we'd known before the
      last Sunday we were there. We did through the kind offices of a certain
      brother in law manage to score a couple of CDs so we have the latest by The
      Delgados, B&S, and so on, as well as the equivalent of a Franz Ferdinand
      limited CD. Can you imagine if the Times, the Globe, the Tribune, etc. did
      this? Sales would soar in our house.

      What else? Did you know that cheese is brilliant in France? That beer is
      superb in England? And what about a haggis for sir? Veggie? Sure. For madam,
      well, she could go either way.

      Look out for a Burns Supper in 2005.

      Gots to run to the post office (ie back to business as usual).

      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      Theodora Goss, The Rose in Twelve Petals
      Sean Stewart, Perfect Circle
      Jennifer Stevenson, Trash Sex Magic
      Richard Butner, Horses Blow Up Dog City & Other Stories

      Small Beer Press: http://www.lcrw.net
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