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Tea and biccies? Yes please.

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    Some Readings (NC, NY) Fresh art A review Gothamlit Biscuits Tea Thanks for voting A break from selling # Thur., Sept. 16, 8.00 PM Richard Butner (Horses Blow
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2004
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      Some Readings (NC, NY)
      Fresh art
      A review
      Thanks for voting
      A break from selling


      Thur., Sept. 16, 8.00 PM
      Richard Butner (Horses Blow Up Dog City) & David Connerley Nahm
      Internationalist Books
      405 W Franklin St Chapel Hill, NC 27516, 919-942-1740

      David Connerley Nahm is in the pop band Audubon Park and has stories in (or
      forthcoming in) Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, Trunk Stories, Surgery of
      Modern Warfare, Eyeshot and Zulkey.

      For a preview of Butner's laid back but intense reading style, stream an MP3
      of him reading "Ash City Stomp": http://www.lcrw.net/trampoline/stories/Ash
      City Stomp.mp3

      Cool, smart, and the slightest bit satirical, Raleigh freelance writer
      Richard Butner isn¹t phased by not being included in the Anchor Book of New
      Short Stories or The Best American Short Stories and all its offshoots.
      Butner, who has a story in the new Southern-accented anthology CROSSROADS
      (Tor) and whose story "Ash City Stomp" was selected for THE YEAR¹S BEST
      FANTASY AND HORROR (St. Martin¹s) and shortlisted for the Fountain Award,
      has been slipping his stories out into the world for 16 years. His new
      chapbook, HORSES BLOW UP DOG CITY & OTHER STORIES (Small Beer Press), is his
      second small book: in 1988 local press, Barefoot Press & The Paper Plant put
      out MIND SNAKES, illustrated by Michael Carter, now a sought-after rarity.

      Richard Butner, Horses Blow Up Dog City & Other Stories:


      Oct. 14, 7 PM
      Bluestockings Bookstore
      172 Allen St. (bet. Stanton and Rivington St), NYC, 212-777-6028

      Ellen Datlow, editor of scifiction, will be MC for the event introducing
      readings by:
      -- Carol Emshwiller, award-winning author of Carmen Dog and The Mount
      -- Marleen Barr, editor and author of Feminist Fabulation and Oy Pioneer!
      -- Nancy Jane Moore, author of stories in Imagination Fully Dilated and
      -- and Sue Lange, author of Tritcheon Hash

      Feminist science fiction questions the gender roles and stereotypes we live
      with today and, looking to the future, offers alternatives to our current
      social constructs. Emshwiller, Barr, Moore, and Lange will provide a taste
      of what this innovative and unique branch of science fiction offers.


      Sean Stewart Perfect Circle: http://www.lcrw.net/seanstewart/index.htm
      Jennifer Stevenson, Trash Sex Magic: http://www.lcrw.net/stevenson/index.htm
      Small Beer Press: http://www.lcrw.net


      Need some political clothing, stickers, a blast of fresh art? Try Kelli
      Bickman' & co.'s new site: http://www.revolutionaryeye.com


      Review of the latest LCRW Spectacle. Spectacular. Something, anyway:


      Something to replicate in your area?

      Announcing GothamLit -- a new group specifically created to carry events and
      information of interest to readers and writers of speculative fiction and
      horror in the New York City area. This list is moderated and will be
      generally free of discussion so as to keep the number of postings low and
      on-topic. Our goal is to include the events and information of interest to
      you, the speculative fiction community.
      To join GothamLit and see what it's all about, send an email to
      gothamlit-subscribe@yahoogroups.com, or visit our website at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gothamlit to see what we have to offer.
      You will have the option of joining and using the web interface only, if
      you so choose, or you may receive emails in individual or daily digest form.
      Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you on-line and at future

      Ellen Datlow, Avi Bar-Zeev, Ysabeau Wilce (the moderators)


      A note from Heather Whipple (thanks Heather!):

      From http://www.nicecupofteaandasitdown.com/ Green & Black now does

      We can report that the butter biscuits in dark chocolate are a rich and
      furious thing to behold (furious because they beat the corn syrup solids out
      of most other biscuits). Perhaps even too rich? Are Plain Hob Nobs the best
      biscuit ever made?

      heather whipple


      We just went to a huge, large, um, big, crowded, fun convention in Boston
      and threw a tea party (without Green & Black biscuits because at the time we
      did not know and besides those Trader Joe's Ginger Snaps are gingery
      gooodness) with http://www.StrangeHorizons.com where all kinds of
      interesting and good fiction can be found. Full disclosure: including a
      weird story by Gavin J. Grant.

      They're having a fund raiser with interesting prizes. Go for it.


      Thanks to all those who voted last time on the sad little doggie cover. We
      changed it again and you'll see the new one soon (uh, a couple of weeks) at

      New poll some other time. In the USA, please vote on Nov. 2nd if you can.


      A break from selling

      From Sept 9 - Oct 9 or so our selling page will be down (on purpose).
      However there are a bunch of great bookshops (such as Borderlands and Mark
      Ziesing) that stock our stuff, so please contact them if you sudden;y
      realize you need a/nother copy of LCRW or Perfect Circle or Theodora Goss's
      wunnerful, wunnerful new chapbook. That one with the Charles Vess art and
      the new story and poetry and all that. Yep, that one.

      By the time we get back, the fourth printing of Kelly Link's Stranger Things
      Happen will probably be back from the printers and available again; her new
      book will be wending its way to a spring 2005 appearance; and Kevin
      Huizenga's wonderful art will be gracing the cover of our first Peapod
      Classic, Carol Emshwiller's Carmen Dog. So, although the website may not
      look like it there's a lot going on. Oh yeah, LCRW, too. More in a month.

      Small Beer (Fuller's, Tetley's, Wood's, and more) Press


      Please pass this on to any nutters you know who will send us chocolate.

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