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Salon.com, A Touring Event, a Sneaky Thing

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  • Small Beer/LCRW
    2 or 3 Things. 1 of 2ish: Today Salon.com posted Chapter One of Sean Stewart s page turner PERFECT CIRCLE. Pass it on, friends, pass it on.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2004
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      2 or 3 Things.

      1 of 2ish: Today Salon.com posted Chapter One of Sean Stewart's page turner
      PERFECT CIRCLE. Pass it on, friends, pass it on.

      2 of 2ish: A small touring band


      Gavin J. Grant, Geoffrey Goodwin, and Liisa Ladouceur are the latest
      participants of the the Perpetual Motion Roadshow (http://nomediakings.net):

      WHEN & WHERE

      July 8, 8pm. [Sat.] The Lucky Cat (245 Grand St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
      July 10, 7pm. [Mon.] Mac's Backs (1820 Coventry Rd., Cleveland) Free.
      July 11, 8:30pm. [Sun.] Southgate House (24 East. 3rd St., Newport) Free.
      July 12, 8pm. [Mon.] Quimby's (1854 W. North Ave., Chicago) Free.
      July 13, 8pm. [Tues.] Holy Joe's (651 Queen St. W., Toronto) $PWYC.
      July 14, 7pm. [Wed.] The Study Lounge, Embassy Hotel (25 Cartier St.,
      Ottawa) Free.
      July 15, 7:30pm. [Thurs.] Zeke's Gallery (3955 St. Laurent, Montreal) $4


      Driving, driving, driving! Blue '97 Saturn station wagon, 165,000+ miles, no
      CD player, one tape player.

      We may need crash space (to sleep, not for cars), watch out for pleas from
      the "stage". Please supply all readers (except drivers -- ha ha, Geoffrey &
      Gavin) with beer, small or otherwise. More on swappings below.

      * Please download handbills, paste them up, mail them out, frame them, send
      them on and generally call in all favors in the media to Make Us Stars (for
      a very short time): http://nomediakings.net/handbills/

      Who again. Who ARE these people?

      GEOFFREY H. GOODWIN (Boston, MA) performs speculative fiction and strange
      off-kilter rants. Some people go "EeEeEek!" when they see a rodent or a
      tarantula‹and Geoffrey sometimes does that too‹but he's most often left
      gasping by things that occur in the "real world." This isn't to say that
      both rodents and tarantulas are not sometimes considered "real," but this
      rapidly devolves into an epic ramble involving semantics, mousetraps, and
      segmented legs. A couple of his stories have appeared in LCRW, and another
      one will appear one day.

      GAVIN J. GRANT (Northampton, MA) came to the USA from Scotland in 1991. His
      accent comes through when he reads (out loud). With Kelly Link he
      co-publishes the zine Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet and runs Small Beer
      Press. He's published fiction on a bunch of websites and in print in The
      Third Alternative, JPPN, and, erm, gosh, they're mostly online! He also
      co-hosts a reading series at KGB Bar in New York City, reads a lot, and is
      looking for a new job.

      LIISA LADOUCEUR (Toronto, ON) is a poet and obsessive sign reader. Her Sign
      Poems are composed entirely from words photographed on signs, inspired by
      cut 'n' paste zines and a desire to "explore the hidden meaning in public
      spaces." For the Roadshow, she'll be reading from the Toronto neighbourhood
      series, with rants about dead girls in Parkdale, 18K gold bras in Yorkville
      and cheese magic in Kensington, presented with accompanying photo slide
      show. She'll also be shooting and composing new work on the fly at each tour

      There will also be a short film from the Antarctica, local acts (bands?)
      opening, chocolate (SUPER SIZE ME ignored for now), poetry, fiction, snappy
      dressers, snapping fingers, chocolate, zines, maybe a CD, a dearth of
      anything resembling Actual Commercial Product, border crossing (literal and
      metaphorical), and little white rabbits on pogosticks (please supply own
      hallucinogenics for last).

      What we need from you loveys who turn up:
      -- a shoulder to cry on about that obnoxious Scot/American/Canadian
      -- lists of road food to avoid
      -- lists of road food to hunt out
      -- help with loading in and out our huge set up (including our Marshall
      stacks, Motown freeze-dried backup singers, poetry-riser [2nd hand from
      Motley Crue's drummer], dry ice (and gloves to handle same), M&M collection,
      -- directions to The High Road
      -- onions for those not brought to tears at appropriate moments
      -- reasons to go on

      3 of 3 or so: A sneaky little thing

      We done did put together a CD. Some of the stuff on it may be read or
      performed on the tour, some will definitely not. Some will be rude or
      surprising. Again, some may not. What will be on the so far slightly mythy
      CD is listed below.

      The "good" news is that sometime after the tour hopefully you too will be
      able to download and burn the CD yourself (or you mum can do it for you if
      she's in a good mood) and print out the jacket PDF.

      Or, design a new CD cover and email it to us!? Or, order it from the
      lcrw.net shopping page (which doesn't show it yet, of course) and we'll all
      sign it or something and send it to you. Yes: You.

      Perpetual Motion Roadshow July July July CD

      Geoffrey H. Goodwin Stoddy Awchaw (LCRW 10, 7:28)

      Toby Goodwin Stoddy Awchaw (song, 2:32)

      Gavin J. Grant Paper (Broken Pencil 21, 2:06)
      Softly, with a Big Stick (S1ngularity)

      Liisa Ladouceur Christmas in Yorkville
      (Each word taken from a sign photographed in
      Yorkville, Toronto, Dec. 2003. 2:23)
      100 Dead Workers
      (Each word taken from a plaque photographed at the
      100 Workers monument honouring men and women killed
      on the job. Toronto, May 2004. 0:46)
      (From the Teeth Poem series, 2002. 0:50)

      The not very well hidden extras:

      Maybe some songs
      Richard Butner Ash City Stomp (32:17, Trampoline)
      Various Various Textual Pieces (PDFs, mostly)

      Hope to see you there.
      Or there.
      Or even way up there.

      Wish us luck!

      Small Beer Press
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