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    This email is an amalgamation of one written in May which apparently people= did not get and one written today.1. New Chapbook 2. [Sort of] Early new
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21, 2004
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      This email is an amalgamation of one written in May which apparently people=
      did not get and one "written" today.

      1. New Chapbook
      2. [Sort of] Early new title news
      2a. LCRW news
      3. Almost
      4. Reviews
      5. Who are we?
      6. Don't buy this
      7. Flyrabbit
      8. Something missing here?

      Insider News & so on from June 21, The Sunniest Day in the Northern Hemisph=


      1. Horses Blow Up Dog City & Other Stories
      by Richard Butner
      First printing, June 2004
      $6 (inc. shipping)

      No.8 in the limited edition Small Beer Press chapbook series. We'll have mo=
      re about this beautiful little artefact soon: in the meantime, here's the Ta=
      ble of Contents:

      Ash City Stomp
      Horses Blow Up Dog City
      The Rules of Gambling

      Richard Butner loves you. This is his second chapbook after Mind Snakes (il=
      lustrated by Michael Carter, Barefoot Press & The Paper Plant). His stories =
      have been published in RE Arts & Letters, Say..., ...is this a cat?, Problem=
      Child, Scream, Mind Caviar, and the anthologies Trampoline (Kelly Link, ed)=
      , Crossroads: Southern Stories of the Fantastic (F. Brett Cox and Andy Dunca=
      n, eds., Tor), Intersections (John Kessel, Mark L. Van Name, and Richard But=
      ner, eds., Tor), and When The Music's Over (Lewis Shiner, ed., Bantam Spectr=

      Read some fiction by Richard Butner:
      http://www.lcrw.net/trampoline/stories/butnerash.htm (also available as an =
      audio download)

      Our little chapbooks are, well, usually quite beautiful and run $6 with shi=
      pping (or 4 for $20), are sometimes signed, and are great introductions to n=
      ew writers.

      Mr. Butner's chapbook can be ordered here:


      Richard Butner also wrote an excellent piece on "How to Make a Martini" for=
      LCRW 12:

      "Drink what you like, so you can talk to assholes including yourself. But. =
      But you might want to have a martini. And here's how to make one.
      "First off, martinis are made of gin and vermouth. If you make one with vod=
      ka, it's not a martini; it's a vodka martini. If you make one without vermou=
      th, it's not a martini, it's cold gin, which is a perfectly fine KISS song b=
      ut perhaps not a perfectly fine beverage.
      "The state of being in a martini glass does not instantly confer martini-ho=
      od on any given concoction. Some perfectly fine drinks are served in martini=
      glasses (aka cocktail glasses, as opposed to old-fashioned glasses or Colli=
      ns glasses or cordial glasses). Gimlets, say. Hell, even Lemon Drops. There =
      is no such thing as a Choco-Banana Martini, though."

      (Maybe we should get the rest of that online....)


      2. We've just signed up another title for our Peapod Classics line, Travel=
      Light by Naomi Mitchison. It is an amazing novel that's been one of Gavin's=
      favorites since he read it a couple of years ago (he may have pushed the pr=
      evious Virago Press edition on you if you stood still long enough).
      The new edition of Travel Light will be out in 2005 and will knock your=
      socks off. More news on it closer to the date, just figured that if anyone =
      should get early news, it should be yous.
      Here's a short thing on it from F&SF:


      2a. LCRW is a twice a year occurrence. Anything at all that led you to thin=
      k it was thrice a year was misleading, hopeful, and maybe even naughty. The =
      new ish, $14, will be out soon. We can hardly tell you anything more about i=
      t (unless you will be at WisCon in Madison, WI, or at Quimby's in Chicago on=
      June 1st, when we might know more). It's printed on paper, it uses black in=
      k, there is a huge lack of a recipe and same for crossword. It is not printe=
      d in 4.5 point Bodoni and does not come with a free pair of glasses after al=


      3. New books almost out of the gate. Starred Booklist review for Sean, som=
      ething else good we can't talk about until June 28(!), he's doing the Gray L=
      ecture series in New York. Jennifer's book also gets a lovely Booklist revie=
      w and both will be in Publishers Weekly. They're beautiful, and the insides =
      are pretty good, too. Get your ghosts, your trash, your pop music, your magi=
      c, get it all here.

      Sean Stewart, Perfect Circle: http://www.lcrw.net/seanstewart/index.htm

      Jennifer Stevenson, Trash Sex Magic: http://www.lcrw.net/stevenson/index.ht=


      4. Review news

      the pathetic caverns
      eclectic reviews and opinions

      Tangent Online took a look at the last two LCRWs:

      "sly, bizarre, funny, and haunting stories by writers both familiar and unf=

      "Had LCRW #12 been a sheaf of blank pages around "The Fishie," I still woul=
      d have felt compelled to give it a good review. But with its usual assortmen=
      t of quietly compelling fiction hovering somewhere around the nexus of ghost=
      story, fairy tale, folklore, fantasy, and magical realism, Lady Churchill's=
      Rosebud Wristlet continues to define-and redefine-for me why we read, write=
      , and take risks on new writers, new ideas, and new ways. Quality."

      And one from Broken Pencil, 23:
      "There's something for everyone within these pages, which include fiction, =
      poetry, non-fiction, a book review, a film review, a few sine reviews, and e=
      ven a piece that could pass for a visual poem. If anything, you could argue =
      that the sine is a little too eclectic because it doesn't cohere under any o=
      ne theme or mood. But these days, who needs coherence?... Many of the storie=
      s, like Jan Lars Jensen's "Happier Days", at first seem perfect for a lazy, =
      hung-over Sunday afternoon when you may be more receptive to a bit of gold o=
      ld nostalgia, but then take a weird and welcome twist. Cara Spindler offers =
      some poetic mid-zine relief with her delightful lyricism, and Richard Butner=
      instructs on how to make a proper martini. (There is no such thing as a Cho=
      co-Banana Martini.) ... This is a good zine to keep in your bag during daily=

      On Books: by Paul Di Fiippo

      Mark Rich, Foreigners and Other Familiar Faces

      "Opening and closing with wistfully beautiful prose poems, Mark Rich's new =
      collection, Foreigners, and Other Familiar Faces, is a sharp slice of this f=
      ine writer's work, featuring several stories seeing print for the first time=
      . Rich writes like a combination of James Thurber and Franz Kafka, evoking r=
      uefully comic domestic situations that partake of the essential absurdity of=
      the universe and human strivings. In a story like "Mrs. Hewitt's Tulips" --=
      where a nebbishy, cuckolded husband finds his life turned around after the =
      arrival of miniature humanoid "little gardeners" in a pack of green hotdogs =
      -- we see Rich mining some of the same vein of quotidian miracles that James=
      Blaylock also exploits."


      Unnumbered unruly bit:

      Random music links to liven the week:


      Sean Stewart interview


      5. Are we http://www.lcrw.org/
      Lake Country Romance Writers.
      Lee  County Republican Women?
      Linn County Republican Women?
      Local Church Records Index - W?

      Log Cabin Republicans of Washington (LCRW) is a statewide group founded in =
      1994 to advance the legislative and policy-making interests of gay and lesbi=
      an individuals with the Washington State Republican Party.

      Lamar County Raceway


      6. Wonder if this will ever sell?
      (If it has gone, it was LCRW 9 -- asking price $14...!)

      Try this for comparison:


      7. More news from Boston: We loved Flyrabbit and will miss it. We encourag=
      e you to add yourself to their email list if you like odd and interesting th=

      Sunday, May 2, 2004, Flyrabbit closed its doors for the last time. Longtime=
      Flyrabbit employee Sue, along with her business partner Ross will be taking=
      over the storefront and creating their own shop to bring you independent mu=
      sic, books, magazines and other stuff that mainstream businesses know nothin=
      g about. Look for their forthcoming website at http://www.regenerationboston=
      What's next from the creator of Flyrabbit? In the works is an online so=
      urce for some of the more peculiar items found at Flyrabbit, a few of our ow=
      n favorite gewgaws, and many new and possibly objectionable items to thrill =
      and disconcert you. We are also painstakingly engineering our very own line =
      of unusual merchandise, soon to be available at http://www.cuckoocorral.com.=

      If you have any questions, comments, info about crazy stuff you've come=
      across, please send e-mail to: flyrabbit@....
      Thank you all for your support over the years.

      Brooke Corey, Proprietor


      8. Satire about the government has been inadequate and therefore removed. =
      We await a sane government which will answer questions truthfully and take r=
      esponsibility for their own actions. Adolescent governments need not apply. =

      We know we may have to wait a long time.


      Insider News

      Well, we have a new distributor (SCB) who is liking the way our two new boo=
      ks Sean Stewart's PERFECT CIRCLE & Jennifer Stevenson's TRASH SEX MAGIC are =
      going out. Like little old summer tornadoes. Which is a bit messy, for which=
      we apologize -- but, like a certain government, we're going to have to refu=
      se to take responsibility for any damages.

      Sean Stewart, Perfect Circle: http://www.lcrw.net/seanstewart/index.htm

      Trade paperback

      Oh wait, shouldn't get political this early in the, ah, monthly (June comes=
      right after April as far as this monthly is concerned) newsletter. Later th=

      There's good news about PERFECT CIRCLE that we're not supposed to tell you =
      about until June 28th. So we won't. But it is very groovy. In the meantime, =
      reviews will be appearing in newspapers and mags. The more the better! Reque=
      st your local library get our books in. Book shops, too. Send to friends. Bu=
      t, don't order from us! We are traveling and our shopping page is Temporaril=
      y Gone!

      Apologies for caffeinated exclamation points provided free with China Gray =
      {Earl Gray by any other name} and Sea Mist {a lovely sencha} by Espresso Roy=
      ale (hey, they have wireless!).

      The books are at the distributor's warehouse and have gone out from there t=
      o a few places already. Our other titles are at this moment in a truck on th=
      eir way to SCB so if you work in a shop and can't get them right now, Don't =
      Give Up! They'll be available again soon. Yay!

      BookExpo America at the McCormick Center in Chicago was awesome. We met ton=
      s of people (there is still a stack of fliers, business cards, and so on to =
      go through back at the office) and got the word out to lots of new people ab=
      out our Stuff. Books, baby, books. We were advised to get a phrase (since we=
      don't have a logo, hee hee) to capture the essence of the press. Coffee Hou=
      se Press (formerly, a long time ago it seems, Toothpaste Press!) have this n=
      eat phrase, something like Good Books are Brewing at CHP (not the Calif. Hig=
      hway Patrol, ok?). Any suggestions welcome.

      SCB threw a great party, but due to noise restrictions the Polkaholics coul=
      dn't play. Boo! We did get to see Buried Beds (fantastic stuff from Providen=
      ce, RI) and the Mountain Goats at the Empty Bottle at an event MC'd by Matth=
      ew Derby (SUPER FLAT TIMES) and technically a BELIEVER event. Check out this=
      month's BELIEVER for a tres groovioso compilation CD and a great piece by D=
      avid Suissman (of WFMU, 9AM, Thursday morning fame) on Caruso.

      Tea running out, so this ends this edition of Insider Notes from Somewhere =

      June 21-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-

      Gavin J. Grant, Geoffrey Goodwin, and Liisa Ladouceur will be on the Perpet=
      ual Motion Roadshow in July. Stop by and say hi:

      July 8, 8pm. [Sat.] The Lucky Cat (245 Grand St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn) F=
      July 10, 7pm. [Mon.] Mac's Backs (1820 Coventry Rd., Cleveland) Free.
      July 11, 8:30pm. [Sun.] Southgate House (24 East. 3rd St., Newport) Free.
      July 12, 8pm. [Mon.] Quimby's (1854 W. North Ave., Chicago) Free.
      July 13, 8pm. [Tues.] Holy Joe's (651 Queen St. W., Toronto) $PWYC.
      July 14, 7pm. [Wed.] The Study Lounge, Embassy Hotel (25 Cartier St., Ottaw=
      a) Free.
      July 15, 7:30pm. [Thurs. ] Zeke's Gallery (3955 St. Laurent, Montreal) $4. =

      Handbills can be downloaded from here -- paste them up, mail them out, fram=
      e them, send them on: http://nomediakings.net/handbills/

      There will be local acts (bands?) opening. There will be (SUPER SIZE ME ign=
      ored for now) chocolate, poetry, fiction, snappy dressers, snapping fingers,=
      chocolate, zines, maybe a CD, a dearth of anything resembling commercial pr=
      oduct, border crossing (literal and metaphorical), and little white rabbits =
      on pogosticks (please supply own hallucinogenics for last).

      What we need from you loveys who turn up:
      -- a shoulder to cry on about that obnoxious Scot/American/Canadian
      -- lists of road food to avoid
      -- lists of road food to pick up
      -- help with loading in and out our huge set up (including our Marshall sta=
      cks, Motown freeze-dried backup singers, poetry-riser [2nd hand from Motley =
      Crue's drummer], dry ice (and gloves to handle same), etc.)
      -- directions to The High Road
      -- onions for those not brought to tears at appropriate moments
      -- reasons to go on

      Hope to see you there, or there, or there.

      June 21-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-

      Quick. Where did that book come from? An interview with Jennifer Stevenson =
      (TRASH SEX MAGIC): http://www.lcrw.net/stevenson/interview.htm

      Jennifer will be at Prairie Lights Soon:
      Prairie Lights Bookstore, 15 S. Dubuque St., Iowa City IA 52240, 319-337-26=
      81, Friday June 25, 2004 8-9pm. Live radio broadcast to WSUI http://wsui.uio=
      wa.edu/prairie_lights.htm at 910AM in Iowa, and later broadcast at WOI 640AM=

      Does this book rock? Audrey Niffenegger says so!

      "Trash Sex Magic can sweep you up and leave you dazzled, miles from home."
      -- Faren Miller, Locus

      "Vivid, strange, pulsing with life, this is an unforgettable debut by a pro=
      mising author."
      -- Booklist

      "Stevenson's first novel is at once sexy, beautifully written and passing s=
      -- Publishers Weekly


      Trade paperback

      June 21-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-

      We were at the Allied Media Conference (along with Autonomedia, Garrett Cou=
      nty Press, Clamor, Earth First, and many other zinesters and more and more r=
      adio peeps) this weekend. The presentation by the guy from Negativeland was =
      pretty good but the standout was the show by The Evens, who are Ian MacKaye =
      & Amy Farina (of many previous hardcore bands). They both sing, she plays dr=
      ums, he plays guitar. It is a mellow (Buried Beds, Be Good Tanyas!) show: ve=
      ry highly recommended. They'll be recording in autumn, but until then if you=
      are near these places, go see:

      06.21.04 - Cleveland, OH Asterik Gallery
      06.22.04 - Buffalo, NY Soundlab/Big Orbit Gallery
      06.23.04 - Ithaca, NY Museum of the Earth
      06.27.04 - Stroudsberg, PA Monroe Public Library
      06.28.04 - Brooklyn, NY The Nest
      06.29.04 - Baltimore, MD Mission Space
      07.01.04 - Washington DC Fort Reno Park -- w/ Ted Leo

      June 21-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-

      Want to see what we're selling? Want to proselytize? Want to burn us in our=
      image? Need content to make your paper aeroplane (or Paper Super Shuttle or=
      whatever) look groovy? T-shirt images? here is an Acrobat (ie Large PDF Fil=
      e -- you have been warned!) of our Summer 2004 Catalog

      June 21-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-

      Documentary of the moment has to be (since it's the one we saw most recentl=
      y) SUPER SIZE ME. (Which the Cloverleaf breakfast place here in Ann Arbor ba=
      sically tried to do this morning with their massive plate of Clverleaf Hash =
      Bash [or something] -- hashbrowns with tons of veggies on top sprinkled with=
      feta cheese, somewhat healthy, except fried and absolutely Huge. Had to lea=
      ve about 1/2!)

      SUPER SIZE ME is very smart, scary, and a great follow up to DIET FOR A NEW=
      AMERICA and FAST FOOD NATION in getting the word out there on the general u=
      nhealthyness of fast food and the epidemic of obesity in the US (and the way=
      the USA is dragging other country's diets down with it).

      Made us worry about the Chocolate LCRW subscription, but we figure the 14% =
      of our subscribers who chose that option are smart. We don't have to worry a=
      bout you, right?

      The Film (you can find a screening near you):

      Old interview with Eric Schlosser (FAST FOOD NATION):

      June 21-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-

      Do you need any bookshelves? AVH is selling them off cheap until the end of=
      June! http://www.avenuevictorhugobooks.com/home.php3

      June 21-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-

      Here's great news for KALPA IMPERIAL, chosen for the New York Times Summer =
      Reading list:

      "These tales of an imaginary empire burst from the mouth of a storyteller w=
      hose meditations on power -- its acquisition, possession and loss -- elude e=
      asy paraphrase. Ursula K. Le Guin's translation of a work by a prominent Arg=
      entine writer elegantly articulates the shifting tones of the larger narrati=
      ve, whose theme seems to be the endless imperfectibility of human society."

      June 21-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-

      Karen Joy Fowler's THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB has been on the NYTimes Bestse=
      ller list for 6 weeks and is now at #7; #4 at BookSense.com; #7 at Publisher=
      s Weekly. It's a bestseller, wooee!

      June 21-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-

      Ok, just a minute, let's get shimmery and political for a minute.


      It's back to the 1980s and Reagan is president. A certain future editor has=
      worked out that his high school is close enough to the US Navy's Holy Loch =
      submarine base (now closed) that when the bomb drops (ah, drama) there won't=
      be too long, as it were, to wait. However, it has to be dropped between 9 A=
      M and 4 PM, otherwise there may be a _long_ miserable time to wait.

      Hopes that whoever stumbles and falls onto the red button (suspecting it wi=
      ll be Cheeseburger (thanks, Spitting Image) Brain himself and he won't wait =
      until Sunday (since Godless Commies don't take Sunday off for church, right?=

      <Undo shimmer>

      Ok, that made sense. Why the flashback? Ronald Reagan died, and much as I f=
      eel sorry for his family, his presidency was a disaster for the planet and h=
      e won't be missed.

      June 21-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-the-longest-day-

      Small Beer Press: http://www.lcrw.net
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