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Somethings to do, some things to look forward to.

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    (Table of Contents Intentionally Deleted.) June: New Books! You may or may not know, but we publish books as well as send out occasional emails and give out
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      (Table of Contents Intentionally Deleted.)

      June: New Books!

      You may or may not know, but we publish books as well as send out occasional
      emails and give out T-shirts for books we like (The Jane Austen Book Club,
      if you wish, see below for more).
      June is a big month: our Spring 2004 (Summer, really, I suppose) hit the
      stores, yay! What are they? Who cares? Order them and see! We love them!
      We've read them innumerable times. We've set them in at least two different
      types. Isn't that enough? There'll be excerpts, there'll be (fingers
      crossed) a freebie mini-comic (more on that next time!) for Perfect Circle,
      there'll be readings, bake-offs, shoe shines, songs to learn and sing, and
      (Now: more choice!) simultaneous hardcover and paperback editions.
      Order early -- help us calculate our print runs!

      Order here: http://www.lcrw.net/lcrw/shopping3.htm
      Mail order: http://www.lcrw.net/smallbeer/ordersheet.htm

      1. Sean Stewart, PERFECT CIRCLE
      hardcover $24 1931520070
      trade paperback $15 1931520119

      Sometimes a guy is haunted for a really good reason.

      Sean Stewart's much-anticipated eighth novel is a dark, funny, fast-moving
      thriller that you won't want to put down. Stewart was the lead author behind
      the innovative interactive web game known as "The Beast" (inspired by the
      film A.I.,) which became a break-out cult hit. He is the winner of the
      Arthur Ellis, Aurora, and World Fantasy awards, and the author of The New
      York Times Notable Books Mockingbird and Resurrection Man.

      "Needy Ghosts, bar fights, concealed weapons, R.E.M., and ramen noodles --
      Perfect Circle is an irreverent Texas treat. Sean Stewart is one bright,
      funny writer."
      -- Stewart O'Nan, author of The Night Country


      2. Jennifer Stevenson's TRASH SEX MAGIC
      hardcover $26 1931520062
      trade paperback $16 1931520127

      This funny and sexy debut novel is about family and kinship, mothers and
      daughters, homecomings and never leaving home at all. It's a tender,
      raunchy, sprawling, exuberant, radiant magical love story like nothing
      you've read before.

      "It was a proverb of the 16th Century: _On Hallowmass Eve troll notte thy
      broomstick bye ye caravan park, for thou wottist notte who maye mount
      thereon._ I had paid it little heed since learning it years ago, and planned
      to read this grand book one chapter at a time. I'd scarcely begun the second
      when I fell under the author's spell."
      -- Gene Wolfe, author of The Knight

      "Jennifer Stevenson is my goddess. In this book, trash is power. Trash Sex
      Magic is a springtime bacchanalia of beautiful, wild women, magic trees and
      sexy men -- love it!"
      -- Nalo Hopkinson, author of The Salt Roads


      3. The first in our Peapod Classics reprint series, Carol Emshwiller's
      CARMEN DOG, ISBN 1931520O89, $14.

      Carol recently received two Nebula nominations, The Mount, for Best Novel
      and "Grandma" nominated for Best Short Story.

      "Emshwiller has produced a first novel that combines the cruel humor of
      Candide with the allegorical panache of Animal Farm. In the hyper-Kafkaesque
      world of Carmen Dog, women have begun devolving into animals and animals
      ascending the evolutionary ladder to become women. . . . there has not been
      such a singy combination of imaginative energy, feminist outrage, and sheer
      literary muscle since Joanna Russ' classic The Female Man"
      --Entertainment Weekly

      "This trenchant feminist fantasy-satire mixes elements of Animal Farm,
      Rhinoceros and The Handmaid's Tale.... Imagination and absurdist humor mark
      [Carmen Dog] throughout, and Emshwiller is engaging even when most savage
      about male-female relationships."

      "An inspired feminist fable.... A wise and funny book."
      --The New York Times

      More info to come as we get it!


      We'll have excerpts from these new titles online soon and we'll let you know
      within a couple of weeks of it happening. Deadlines and timetables are us.
      Oh yeah.

      If you have ideas on how to get these books out to the wider world, email


      Blue? Wicked? Got questions, troubles, inexplicable problems, wonderings on
      this, and that, and, oh, that. Send them in to info@... for our new
      advice guru, Ms. Gwenda Bond.
      Here's Ms. Bond's column from ish.13:


      More politics:


      Two Greer Gilman Interviews!
      An interview with Sherwood Smith

      Interview with Michael Swanwick from 2000

      And if you're in the New York area on May 19th, drop by KGB Bar to hear
      Greer read. It's worth it. We're trying to get Greer to record "A Crowd of
      Bone", which would be an awesome project.


      Free audio download: Richard Butner, Ash City Stomp

      Information wants to be free! (Well, it also wants to be expensive, but not
      this time.)
      We just uploaded a 44 MB MP3 file of North Carolina writer Richard
      Butner reading his story "Ash City Stomp". The link below will take you to a
      page where you can listen to the whole thing. Not really recommended on a
      dial-up. We'll also see if we can get this to you on a CD at some point.
      Sure, we're working on that.


      It was pretty amazing to be wandering around a great exhibit (GIRL PRINTERS
      -- An Invitational Show Featuring Printing, Books & Ephemera) at Smith
      College and see the broadside of Alan DeNiro's "Da Vinci Dreams of the
      You can also read the poem here:

      The show came from Syracuse, maybe it will come somewhere near you. But if
      not, fly here: January 14 -- March 28, 2004
      Neilson Library: first floor, Morgan Gallery; third floor, Mortimer Rare
      Book Room Gallery, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts 413-585-2907
      Curated by Carol J. Blinn, Proprietor of Warwick Press Assisted by Meg


      Lots of press for an interesting new site:



      Should you wish to Subscribe to LCRW but not do it by check or through our
      site, Project Pulp now sell subscriptions (as well as lots of other good
      things): http://projectpulp.com/item_detail.asp?bookID=1877960502


      How about some nice pictures to go with your words?


      Who owns what? Which celebrity spokesperson/media executive is pretending to
      be a nonpartisan newscaster on your TV?



      Cockahoop is the first solo album by Cerys Matthews the firebrand singer of
      Catatonia. At the moment it's only available in the UK (see link) but if
      Nonesuch or Bloodshot are listening, hopefully one of them will pick it up.
      There are some fantastic songs. The album was recorded in Nashville (ok,
      outside Nashville) by "acclaimed Bob Dylan and Ryan Adams steel guitarist,
      Bucky Baxter and features traditionals, covers, and new songs.
      Go here to see a tiny video for "il est midi", the B-side of "Caught in the
      Middle": http://cerysmatthews.info/d_loads/index.htm


      We have a bunch of other stuff around the office, some of which is for sale
      again (after some time off for good writing), here:
      If we ever get it together, this is where we'll put odd things up for
      sale. If.


      Nice reviews in the Review of Contemporary Fiction

      Meet Me in the Moon Room by Ray Vukcevich:

      The Mount by Carol Emshwiller:

      *** And: good luck to Ray, Carol, and all those other Nebula Nominees!


      A Review:
      The Jane Austen Book Club, Karen Joy Fowler, April 2004 (same month as Dan
      Chaon's debut novel, You Remind Me of Me (great title!)
      From Kirkus Reviews:
      "... a real delight as she follows the lives of six members of a book
      club. Not a moment passes without its interest as we meet Jocelyn (who
      raises Rhodesian Ridgebacks); her best friend since girlhood, Sylvia (nee
      Sanchez); Sylvia's daughter Allegra, an artist who's now 30 and a lesbian;
      high-school French teacher, Prudie, 28 and flighty; the talkative
      Bernadette, turning 67 and the oldest; and the only man, Grigg Harris,
      unmarried, in his 40s, new to the neighborhood -- and a science-fiction buff
      who's never read Jane Austen.... Bright, engaging, dexterous literary
      entertainment for everyone, though with many special treats and pleasures
      for Janeites."

      Go see a reading: http://www.sfwa.org/members/Fowler/Speaking.html

      Small Beer Press
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