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    2. 3. Hmm. A story. New year, all kinds. 5 happy T-shirt people From PW Daily: Important Caruso Anniversary No news is no news http://www.paintdragon.com The
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      2. 3. Hmm.
      A story.
      New year, all kinds.
      5 happy T-shirt people
      From PW Daily: Important Caruso Anniversary
      No news is no news
      The Mount -- Onward!
      Trampolinist caught in Twirly Storm Thing
      Mas Art
      Odd notes and so on
      Forthcoming book deals
      Look at the Good Words and Pictures


      First: are we going to three issues a year, or two fatter issues? What do
      you think? We're not sure. We're tempted, but we're already behind in our
      reading (sorry), won't this just make us moreso. Oh we tremble on the edge
      of decision. What Would Barbara Stanwyck say?

      Perhaps a poll is necessary. More to follow.


      Did you read a good story lately? Here's one:

      More good stuff in the archive. Skiving is the new working.

      Hello! Happy 2004! (Or whatever year this is to you. Not quite the green
      wooden monkey yet. Maybe the Year of the Book? The Zine?)

      Bored by the hot weather (S. Hemisphere and the southern US states) or the
      cold (Hello Minneapolis, Toronto, Minnehaha!)? Quick: multiply your colons;
      ignore the semi-colons; and rush thee to this site: http://www.cheapass.com
      and check out "Kill Doctor Lucky." What a concept. What fun. What smart (but
      cheap) folks. Yeah.

      Congratulations to Lori, John, Ellen, Nancy, and Alan who at some point will
      get a T-shirt, gratis, in the mail. They were the fastest five off the mark
      last time we posted. Apologies to everyone else who replied. We instantly
      (and some would say karmically) had email problems and were not able to
      reply with the sad news that 5 only was the number of shirts, and the number
      only was 5. Next time we'll know to get 21.*

      The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler comes out at the end of April.
      Buy one for yourself...and one for your (or someone's...) mother for
      Mother's Day! Karen will be touring madly (or madly touring, depending on
      how harsh you feel it is to have mini-bar prices forced upon you day after
      day) in and around May and June. Say hi for us!

      New website!

      * So you like free stuff? Do you _all_ work for Haliburton?


      From PW Daily: Important Caruso Anniversary

      Did you celebrate on Tuesday, January 13?

      That was the anniversary of the first radio broadcast to the public by Lee
      De Forest in 1910 which featured the Metropolitan Opera starring Enrico
      Caruso to a handful of people wearing headphones.

      Man, we're working. It's really exciting. Two new books, some reprints. Even
      though recently it's been colder than Mars (but not Pluto) it's warm in here
      because we are running on chocolate. Yep. Still. Aren't we getting too old
      for this? Have we been to the dentist recently? No. Wonder if that will
      change things.

      Define "behind schedule" anyway.


      http://www.paintdragon.com Amy Hannum is an interior designer based in New
      London, CT. She is the subject and the artist of the cover photo,
      "Anticipation," by Mieke Zuiderweg.

      All Carol all the time:

      Spanish translation rights to Carol Emshwiller's THE MOUNT have been sold to
      Bibliopolis! Yay!

      Also: THE MOUNT will be published by Firebird as a mass market paperback in
      Spring 2005! SuperYay! THE MOUNT will be a wonderful complement to MR.
      BOOTS, Carol's new novel, which Sharyn November at Penguin has also bought!
      Celebrations! Jumping! Brightly colored silks! (novel ref.)


      This one is not in the contents list above. Ooh. Exciting. How about those
      Triplets of Belleville? Worth seein? Yes. Even if your tiny local art Cinema
      doesn't seem to have paid their oil bill and gloves, hat, and scarf are

      Along the same lines: Damn. What about The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.
      Documentary. Go See. Ok, it's not playing in your town, put it on your
      Netflix queue. Get Bl*ckbuster to stock it. Buy it! Politics in real life.


      Trampolinist caught in Twirly Storm Thing

      Dave Shaw, author of "that monkey story" from the anthology Trampoline
      (Fresh Fish Press, 1962), is the proud author of a new collection, "Here
      Comes the Roar" (for which a handy linkage unit is included below). Mr.
      Shaw, who we did not bother to contact for this interview, would have said
      something like, "Well, first of all thanks to a certain vintage industryal
      combine such as IBM or Rykodisck, without whom I could not have set into
      type my stories."

      Mr. Shaw would have continued expostulating upon the monkey being
      reminiscent in a sense, that sense we all have, the one you can only say in
      Austrian -- the 19th Century Full Hapsbergian Empire style, tenth Dan
      Austrian -- reminiscent in a sense of one's mortality. One's mortality, and
      perhaps one's best intimates.

      However. At this point we settled decisively the decision to add a Brooklyn
      Brown to the pre-accumulated Hylands Sturbridge Amber and further play in
      titlage and contents of said wunnerful wunnerful collection (collections,
      yay!) had to be held over until another time. Play will continue (Young
      Weather (sic) willing) here:


      Another cool artist whose site we haven't linked to in a while:


      Odd notes and so on:

      NYTimes review of Kalpa Imperial:

      The ALA is giving the Margaret A. Edwards Award for lifetime contribution in
      writing for young adults, to Ursula K. Le Guin. Yay!

      An interview with Irish poet Paul Muldoon translated into Turkish (I think):

      We don't have a blog, but for the last few years we've had an updates page
      (much more regular than this "newsletter" here:

      Forthcoming book deals (provided without comment) from Publishers Lunch

      Soccer star Mia Hamm's picture book WINNERS NEVER QUIT!, illustrated by
      Carol Thompson, to Kate Morgan Jackson at Harper Children's, by Byron Preiss
      Visual Publications.

      Actress/writer/director Amber Benson and Bram Stoker Award winner and comic
      book writer Christopher Golden's first two original novels based upon their
      popular BBCi animated online drama GHOSTS OF ALBION, a period supernatural
      drama set in 1830s England about two siblings who who inherit from their
      murdered grandfather the responsibility to become the magical Protectors of
      England, with the aid of the ghosts of historical figures including Queen
      Bodicea, Admiral Nelson and Lord Byron, to Steve Saffel at Del Rey, for
      publication in fall 2005. A roleplaying game from Eden Studios is also in
      the works.


      Maggie Sefton's MURDER IN LAMBSPUN: A Knitting Mystery, in which novice
      knitter and now amateur sleuth Kelly Flynn <cut>



      If you can get to these, do:

      Kelly Hogan
      Feb. 12,13,19 Chicago, IL The Hideout 
      Fri, 02/27/2004 San Francisco, CA Bimbo's (w/ Neko Case and Carolyn Mark)
      Sat, 02/28/2004 Los Angeles, CA The Derby (w/ Neko Case and Carolyn Mark)
      Sun, 02/29/2004 San Diego, CA The Casbah (w/ Neko Case and Carolyn Mark)

      Trailer Bride
      Mon, 02/09/2004 Lexington, KY The Dame 
      Fri, 02/20/2004 Greenville, NC Pirate Underground 
      Sat, 03/13/2004 Atlanta, GA Echo Lounge 
      Mon, 03/15/2004 Oxford, MS Proud Larry's 
      Wed, 03/17/2004 New Orleans, LA Tipitina's 


      I hope this is not how you read:


      Look at the Good Words and Pictures:


      Eureka Productions is pleased to announce the publication of GRAPHIC

      GRAPHIC CLASSICS: MARK TWAIN features a comics adaptation of "The Mysterious
      Stranger" by Rick Geary, "A Ghost Story" by Anton Emdin, "A Dog's Tale" by
      Lance Tooks and nine more great stories. Plus Twain's "Advice To Little
      Girls", illustrated by seven women artists: Mary Fleener, Shary Flenniken,
      Annie Owens, Lesley Reppeteaux, Toni Pawlowsky, Kirsten Ulve and Florence
      Cestac. With additional art by Evert Geradts, Skip Williamson, Dan O'Neill,
      Nick Miller, Simon Gane, Milton Knight, Dan Burr, Jackie Smith, William L.
      Brown and Lisa K. Weber. Cover by George Sellas. Edited by Tom Pomplun.

      GRAPHIC CLASSICS: MARK TWAIN (ISBN#0-9712464-8-3) is available in
      bookstores, comics shops, or direct from the publisher at
      http://www.graphicclassics.com 144 pages, b&w w/color cover, $9.95.


      Teenage Fanclub play nice music.

      __________________ _ _ _ _________________
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