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New books, new zine, new socks.

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      Welcome to the Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet/Small Beer Press
      announce list. As you can tell we will not be annoying you with junk
      mail very frequently. Lots of interesting things to say, very few of
      them concerning the useless politicians we're saddled with. Is it
      to bring back the aristocracy? Inbreeds and all? Oh wait? He's who's


      Fresh off the hot press: a new issue of Lady Churchill's Rosebud
      Wristlet. Issue 8 contains fiction from Carol Emshwiller, Eliot
      Fintushel, Alan DeNiro, Alex Irvine, Ray Vukcevich, and more. Some
      poetry this time, too, from Mark Rudolph, Theodora Goss, and Lucy
      Snyder. This issue also debuts what we hope will be a regular
      a critical piece by L. Timmel Duchamp. In "What's the Story?" she
      examines Mary Gentle's The Architecture of Desire. Sure to cause a
      ruckus. Also: zine reviews, music recommendations, and news of the
      exciting fiction competition.



      In actually exciting news -- instead of the fictional kind -- July
      sees the publication of the first two books from Small Beer Press:

      * Kelly Link, Stranger Things Happen, trade paperback,
      266pp, $16 1-931520-00-3

      Kirkus Reviews, June 2001 says:

      "Eleven stories showcase a dexterous use of language and a startling,
      if frequently elusive, imagination as ghosts, aliens, and the living
      dead invade the most mundane aspects of everyday life.

      Newcomer Link references fairy tales, mythology, and bits of our
      contemporary cultural experience, not to offer commentary but to take
      off on her own original riffs. Stylistic pyrotechnics light up a
      bizarre but emotionally truthful landscape. Link's a writer to watch."

      * Ray Vukcevich, Meet Me in the Moon Room, trade paperback,
      256pp, $16 1-931520-01-1

      33 stories startlingly different from the usual fare. Weird,
      stories concerning men, women, teleportation, wind-up cats, and brown
      paper bags. By turns whimsical and unsettling -- frequently managing
      be both -- these short fictions describe family relationships, bad
      breakups, and travel to outer space.

      Both books are available on our website and in all good bookshops. By
      the middle of next week we should have an affiliate link to
      http:// www.booksense.com on our site, where we, of course, encourage
      you all to shop. If you must have it right now, call DreamHaven Books
      and get them to ship it overnight! 612-823-6161

      For a free preview of Meet Me in the Moon Room we have posted a
      of Ray's stories on here:

      "Mom's Little Friends" went up on May 1st, "No Comet" was posted on
      June 1st, and a third story will be posted on July 1st.


      Stop advertising huge faceless corporations!
      Advertise tiny faceless unincorporated publishers instead!

      Got the zine, read the book, waiting for your chocolate bar -- oops,
      my local store ran out of the one I wanted to send. I found them at
      another shop and they'll go out on Monday. In the meantime, why not
      go buy a t-shirt? (That made perfect sense to me.)

      At http://www.cafepress.com/kellylink you can get Shelley Jackson's
      lovely cover for Stranger Things Happen on a t-shirt, a mug, even a

      Or, love the cover of LCRW? (I do, but then...) try
      http://www.cafepress.com/lcrw Hell, start your own store! More fun



      Thanks to everyone who made Wiscon (a feminist science fiction
      convention that is just a whole load of fun) so enjoyable. Who knew
      reading and dancing went so well together? I did, but all these other
      people apparently did as well! This was the first time Kelly and
      books were on sale and we sold boxes of them! (Phew.) We had a party
      celebrating the books (and Karen Joy Fowler's wonderful new novel,
      Sister Noon), we had a table on the pier where we peddled pots and
      pans. Wait, that was the weekend before, we had a table in the
      room where we sold the new books, a gratifying number of Dora Knez's
      chapbook, Five Forbidden Things, the LCRW backlist, and books we
      like. [What a great way to sell books! Although it makes
      recommendations hard. "Um, I think you'll really enjoy Wild Life by
      Molly Gloss, but then Connie Willis' new novel Passage is a stormer,
      um, um..."]

      We did a great panel on the indie presses and it set a fire under
      people. Look out for new chapbooks and zines from people like
      Christopher Rowe, Emily Phol-Weary, Christopher Barzak and Alan
      -- check LCRW #s 5 & 8 for fiction by these last two and also:

      Emily Phol-Weary:


      Kelly Link's readings are on this page:


      The tres officiale Launch Partie is still To Be Arranged. It's not a
      secret (at least from you folks), it's still in the planning stage.
      [Doesn't that sound good. Almost as if it really were in the planning

      Ray Vukcevich will be reading at the University of Oregon bookshop in
      Eugene about the second week of July. More information will be posted
      on our website when we get it. He should also be reading at Westercon
      in July.



      Readercon, Boston, MA, July 13 - 15
      Worldcon, Philadelphia, PA, August 30 - Sept. 2
      Trinicon, Durham, NC, October 5 - 7
      World Fantasy Con, Montreal, Canada, November 2 - 4

      Socks are still not allowed with sandals. Unless you are hiking and
      it is really cold. And there is no one around. And no one has any
      film left in their camera.


      Au revoir!


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