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Hints of Summer

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    Mark Rich, Foreigners, and Other Familiar Faces Announcement: Free shipping on all books. LCRW12. Here. No fear. Minsoo Kang s story, Lady Faraway Big
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      Mark Rich, Foreigners, and Other Familiar Faces
      Announcement: Free shipping on all books.
      LCRW12. Here. No fear.
      Minsoo Kang's story, "Lady Faraway"
      Big Winner: Lori Selke
      Bye Bye LCRW 4
      Calendars are multiplying
      Extra things maybe of interest

      66666666666666 JUNE 666666666666666666

      June means there are two new things in the pockets of the Small Beer
      greatcoat. (Summer, pah? Winter 2003 was the extended 12" remix edition (we
      blame Swiss Beatz for the snow) and Summer is shy. Weather? Pah. Enough of
      it -- no more.) A new ish of LCRW and, first, a Chapbook:

      Mark Rich, Foreigners, and Other Familiar Faces

      Where to buy?


      and a few select others.

      Why buy?

      Written and illustrated by the multi-talented writer, illustrator, musician,
      toy columnist (etc!) Mark Rich, this 68-page chapbook collects nine stories
      (three of which are new: "Wrong Door," "Take Me," & "Kiss of The Wood
      Woman") which illustrate (ahem) the wide range of Mark's stories. There's
      quirk, quark, and whimsy, science fiction, slipstream, and many other terms
      that might put you off, But won't.

      Praised by writers such as Jeff VanderMeer and Michael Kandel, after a
      20-year career, Mark is suddenly taking off. Magazines of all sorts
      (Electric Velocipede, Full Unit Hookup, Analog) are publishing his stories
      and the word on the web is that he's also turning his energies toward
      novels. Go, Mark, go!

      An example is necessary. And what better than the title story:
      (Bookmark it if you don't have time now...)

      Two more good things: Order now and we'll send you a signed copy -- and a
      free copy of Mark's tiny new 8-page book, "Sniddlefee."

      66666666666666 JUNE 666666666666666666

      Yep, books ship free. Other things still have a small charge (ow!) but the
      books, free ship, they do.

      66666666666666 JUNE 666666666666666666

      LCRW 12 is here.


      Number 13 approaches. Are we afraid? We are not afraid. We are living in
      Happier Days. The Fishie will protect us from the hound, the lantern
      carrier, the dreams we begin to remember. We will drink martinis per Mr.
      Butner, watch films per Mr. Smith. We will be defined as Found Wedged in the
      Side Drawer in Paris, France, 23 December, 1989. We will be Mesopotamians,

      66666666666666 JUNE 666666666666666666

      Minsoo Kang's story, "Lady Faraway" -- one of three printed in LCRW 11 -- is
      now online at Fantastic Metropolis:

      66666666666666 JUNE 666666666666666666

      Congratulations to our big winner, Lori Selke (http://www.io.com/~selk)
      publisher of the fun zine, Problem Child, who won the big pack of Bassett's
      Liquorice Allsorts. She pointed out that Bakka Books is now Bakka Phoenix
      Books: http://www.bakkaphoenixbooks.com/

      66666666666666 JUNE 666666666666666666

      Did we mention there are new issues of Say..., FUHU, Electric Velocipede,
      The Urban Pantheist, Kiss Machine, and more...

      66666666666666 JUNE 666666666666666666

      See if this works: An interview with Charles Coleman Finlay:

      66666666666666 JUNE 666666666666666666

      Sorry to say (well, happy, too) LCRW no.4 just went out of print. Now we're
      sold out of the first five issues.* What was in this now disappeared ish?
      "Tan-Tan and Dry Bone" -- an excerpt from Nalo Hopkinson's novel Midnight
      Robber -- as well as "Miss Kansas on Judgement Day" by Kelly Link (part of
      "Shoe and Marriage") and short stories from Sten Wetgard, Dora Knez, and
      Rachel Roberts; poetry from Ian McDowell, Margaret Muirhead, and more; and
      great nonfiction from Margaret, David Findlay, Naoko Takahashi, among
      others. 44 pages, and spacious margins. Ah.
      *Can you say reprint anthology? I thought you could! Well. that will come in
      time, got all these other fun things going on first.

      66666666666666 JUNE 666666666666666666

      Thanks as ever for reading our occasional newsletter. The news in politics
      is pretty bad. Have there always been such shenanigans? (Hmm, reading Kalpa
      Imperial {more on that later this summer} I shuppose {sic} there has been.)

      WisCon was such unutterable fun (despite the swapping of colds!) that more
      travel was deemed necessary. So we'll be back later in summer with news (and
      maybe reports) about Kelly Link teaching at Clarion and Kelly Link and Gavin
      Grant teaching at the Imagination Workshop at Cleveland University, and a
      trip to the Allied Media Conference in Bowling Green, Ohio
      (http://www.clamormagazine.org/amc2003/). (Got iPod, will travel?)

      There are calendars here:


      and for a bit (more on this next time when it's closer to the publication
      date), here (any help on publicity and/or setting up readings appreciated!):

      Maybe see you at one of these events? We'll be the tanned and fit ones in
      matching Eric Carle Picture Book Museum polo shirts.




      Now follow some other things that may or may not be of interest.

      66666666666666 JUNE 666666666666666666

      Things perhaps of interest?

      Mythic Journeys 2004
      Interstitial Arts Foundation
      Strange Horizons Writing Workshops 2003 -- Oregon and New Jersey

      Mythic Journeys 2004
      June 3-7 Atlanta, Georgia

      Our rich cultural heritage of myth, story, and ritual scatters breadcrumbs
      that guide us through the dark forests of life. Their archetypal patterns
      hide clues for finding meaning in an increasingly dangerous world, and
      provide metaphors for inspiring art, poetry, conflict resolution, mental
      well-being, and personal growth. Join us as we bring together some of the
      very best minds working to keep myth alive for a festival of conversations,
      performances, and workshops in celebration of the centennial of Joseph
      Campbell's birth.

      Mythic Passages is online at: http://www.mythicjourneys.org/passages


      Interstitial Arts Foundation

      Just getting off the ground, this will soon be the hottest thing going.


      Strange Horizons Writing Workshops 2003 -- Oregon and New Jersey

      DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS -- June 30, 2003

      Strange Horizons is planning to hold two intermediate writing workshops in
      the late summer/early fall. These workshops are appropriate for writers
      who have been writing fiction for some time, and who are familiar with
      basic craft concepts. If you've published a few short stories in semi-pro
      or pro markets, or if you've attended Clarion, you're probably at
      approximately the right level for these workshops. There will be a maximum
      of ten participants in each workshop.

      The discussion will be on a generally literary level, focusing on how to
      make the stories better as stories, regardless of genre. However, you're
      welcome to submit genre pieces, and if you are accepted to one of the
      workshops, you may then send a genre piece to be workshopped. Many of the
      participants will be primarily writing speculative fiction.

      If you're accepted into the workshop, you'll have until August 7 to send a
      workshop story to the rest of the group. Ideally, your workshop story will
      be a story that you've taken as far as you can take it on your own, but it
      needn't (and probably shouldn't) be something you consider finished. It'll
      then be the workshop participants' responsibility to print out, carefully
      read, and prepare to critique the set of stories before coming to the
      workshop, so that we can all make the best use of the time while we're
      there. I may also assign additional reading in preparation for our craft

      Details follow along with a fast-approaching deadline.
      Please read through the details below -- guidelines for submitting
      material appear at the end.

      HOST FOR BOTH: Mary Anne Mohanraj (www.mamohanraj.com), Strange Horizons
      editor-in-chief, editor of anthologies Aqua Erotica and Wet (Random
      House), author of Kathryn in the City (Penguin), Ph.D. student in literary
      fiction at the University of Utah. Susan Groppi and/or Jed Hartman (SH
      fiction editors) may also be in attendance, depending on their schedules
      at the time.

      GUEST EDITORS: We're delighted to announce that this year we'll be
      bringing in some fabulous guest editors to complement the workshop. The
      Oregon workshop will have Guest Editor Jay Lake, of Polyphony; the New
      Jersey workshop will have Guest Editors Gavin Grant and Kelly Link, of
      Small Beer Press, and The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror anthology (newly
      editing the fantasy half for upcoming volumes). These editors will be full
      participants in the workshops, reading and critiquing your work, and
      offering craft and market suggestions.

      Polyphony: http://www.wheatlandpress.com/polyphony/index.html
      Small Beer Press: http://www.lcrw.net/
      Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: http://www.lcrw.net/yearsbest/



      LOCATION: A kindly-donated house about an hour's drive (or a 40-minute
      ferry ride) from New York, near the ocean and a national park. 1 Prospect
      Ave., Highlands, NJ.

      DATES: September 26-28, 2003

      COST: $100/person

      GUEST EDITORS: Gavin Grant and Kelly Link, Small Beer Press and The Year's
      Best Fantasy and Horror


      Friday evening: arrive, group dinner at house

      10-12 - focused discussion of character, point-of-view
      12-1 - lunch
      1-6 - workshop five stories
      evening: dinner

      10-12 - focused discussion of plot, structure
      12-1 - lunch
      1-6 - workshop five stories
      evening: dinner

      LOGISTICS: If you arrive early, you may snag a bed or couch. Expect to be
      sleeping on the floor, and bring your own sleeping bag or air mattress,
      pillow, towels, etc. Meals (including tasty vegetarian options) will be
      provided throughout. The house has a jacuzzi and sauna, and there's a
      beach nearby, so we recommend bringing a swimsuit. You can spend the
      night Sunday if you like, and leave Monday morning, or you can leave
      Sunday after dinner. Your choice.



      Deadline for submissions -- June 30, 2002

      Obviously, this is quite soon. Please be aware that your submission story
      and your workshop story need not (and probably should not) be the same
      piece. Your submission story should be the best thing you've written (of
      the appropriate length) -- I'm happy to look at pieces published or

      All manuscripts will be read and responded to by July 15th.

      Format for submissions:

      a) send up to 9000 words (one story, multiple stories, or novel excerpt)
      to: editor@....
      b) mark subject line with this format: WORKSHOP SUB: "Title" (Author Name)
      c) send plain text submissions only. No attachments. See the Strange
      Horizons guidelines for more info on how to format submissions:
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