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Blatant misspellings, commercialism, Gregorian Calendar Changes Acknowledged

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    Carol Emshwiller Reading -- and The Mount is on the VLS 25 Favorite Books of the Year New Advice Column (If and When) Judith Berman Powells and Us Robert
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2003
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      Carol Emshwiller Reading
      -- and The Mount is on the VLS 25 Favorite Books of the Year
      New Advice Column (If and When)
      Judith Berman
      Powells and Us
      Robert Wexler
      T-shirts for winter
      AVH, an ongoing story


      Start your year off in upright and literary fashion -- or get a New Year's
      Resolution (no.18: "go to more readings and stuff") out the way right now
      (simpler than no.19: "stop empire-building president from pushing us into
      war"). Come to Carol Emshwiller's reading:

      Carol Emshwiller
      January 8, 7.30 PM
      Barnes & Noble
      4 Astor Place
      New York, NY 10003
      Tel: 212-420-1322
      4,5,6 to Astor Place
      Free Admission

      Bring a friend!

      81-year-old New Yorker Carol Emshwiller┬╣s fourth novel, The Mount, joins
      such luminaries as Haruki Murakami (After the Quake), Ian McEwan
      (Atonement) and Dave Eggers (You Shall Know Our Velocity) on the Village
      Voice┬╣s list of "Our 25 Favorite Books of 2002." The latest accolade for The
      Mount follows a starred review in Publishers Weekly and appearances on best
      of the year lists in Book Magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle.


      Bookslut liked The Mount, too:

      ************* 234567890*************

      New Advice Column (If and When)

      Starting later this year, we will have a new advice column by Ms. Gwenda
      Bond. Known for her warmth, smarts, and pragmatic and straight-talking
      advice, Ms. Bond takes over from Mr. H. Belloc, whose advice -- when it was
      given -- was unfailingly polite and rich in the wisdom of his years. We and
      his legion of fans say a fond farewell and thank you to Mr. Belloc for his
      years of advice.

      Ms. Bond's column will run in the magazine and perhaps online. She can be
      found somewhat regualrly online at http://bondgirl.blogspot.com/

      Please send questions, problems, matters of the head and heart to

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      ************* 34567890*************

      Judith Berman's first chapbook, Lord Stink and Other Stories, continues to
      fly off our shelves (and fine shelves they are, too) at a pace encouraging
      to chapbook publishers everywhere.

      Available at some fine bookshops across the nation, perhaps the easiest way
      to get it is here:
      $6 including shipping will get you four stories (~40,000 words!).

      Not sure? Try "The Window":


      This might be a good chance to note that we affiliated to Powells.com, to go
      with our previous site aff. to BookSense.com. Thus, some of our books and
      chapbooks can be ordered direct from one of the largest and most wonderful
      bookshops in the world. I'd say largest, but really, how can one quantify
      that? And might there not be larger bookshops still undiscovered in the
      wilds of Ohio, the Cayman Islands, or Borneo?

      Until those bookshops are discovered, you might try Powell's -- Content
      kings that the are:


      ************* 4567890*************

      Congratulations to Robert Freeman Wexler, whose excellent story "Suspension"
      from LCRW8 was nominated for the Southeastern Science Fiction Achievement
      Award. Andy Duncan's "The Chief Designer" was the winner, but as Robert was
      one of four finalists,

      Robert's first book, In Springdale Town, will be published in March, 2003,
      by the mighty PS Publishing. Recommended.

      ************* 567890*************

      Noted: A strange and rude poem that should only be read if you are of strong

      Another poem on the same site, by someone else:

      ************* 67890*************

      T-shirts for winter

      "Longjohns -- and, amazingly, boxers! -- are _so_ definitely _in_ right
      now," breathed our rosy-cheeked fashion editor yesterday when she came in
      from checking out the competitive sledding and shoveling antics on the hill
      leading from her castle to ours.

      "Everyone," she grinned, and moved her teeth around a little, "was
      _ecstatically_ showing them off!" She threw her mohair and Goretex hat on
      the rack and continued in a more thoughtful manner. "I wouldn't have guessed
      Union Suits would be almost popular. Ah well, my dears," she said, heading
      to her basement office, "slow and steady sales don't mean a thing in


      ************* 7890*************

      AVH, an ongoing story

      Yay for books and book purveyors! Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop celebrated 27
      years on Newbury Street on January 3rd with a party and the announcement
      that they will be spending the rest of January moving just down the street
      to 353 Newbury Street -- some of the store will be on street level and some
      on the rarefied (but open to all, of course!) air of the second floor.

      During January the old 339 location will be open sporadically. Teams of
      people (call 617-266-7746 if you want to join in) will be moving books,
      magazines, ephemera, and, at some point, the Contents of the Basement, along
      to 353 Newbury. Even closer to the T and the Other Side Cafe -- a great spot
      for a sandwich and a smoothie, or a beer.

      The new location should be open by the start of February, and if you're
      already sweating thinking about that next present-buying holiday, a vintage
      mag or a book is always a better bet than cartel-produced gemstones!


      ************* 890*************


      No, not the books, just that we may be quieter than normal for a bit as we
      try and put together our next couple of books and deal with our old Multivac
      mainframe system which seems to have an itch that might need to be taken (a
      job, a job indeed) to the shop to get scratched. Apologies for slownesses in
      responses, snow shoveling, and preparation of snacks. When a benchmark for
      normal is established, we will attempt to return to it.

      In the meantime, Gregorianiacally-speaking, Happy New Year.

      ************* 90*************

      Feel free to pass this newsletter on to any friends, neighbors, or family
      who might like a little magazine in their lives.

      Remember -- We moved:

      Small Beer Press
      176 Prospect Ave.
      Noorthampton, MA 01060

      ************* 0*************
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