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    We hope it s chips, it s chips. As the weather turns colder and a young man s thoughts turn to deep-fried food, we can only echo the sad and melancholic hymn
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2002
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      We hope it's chips, it's chips.

      As the weather turns colder and a young man's thoughts turn to deep-fried
      food, we can only echo the sad and melancholic hymn of the construction
      workers going home from the building site in their van. Yes, indeed, an ode
      to carbohydrates, a not particularly fond memory of an advertising campaign,
      and a frisson of worry that perhaps there will not be malt vinegar in the



      Judith Berman Chapbook
      New Issue of Small Pressed Zine. Ooh, look at those creases.
      Kelly Link and Karen Joy Fowler in Iowa City
      Kelly Link, Catskin, WNYC
      Book Magazine and THE MOUNT


      November 2002, what a wonderful month. Snow touches lightly down (more
      lightly in some places than others) and we all snuggle down at home thinking
      about drinking hot chocolate (Oh, thank you, don't mind if I do) and
      reading, reading, reading. Sure, there is that TV thing, but it's got to go
      off sometimes. Right? Ok, passing over that answer.

      Dropping this month (from our hands to yours with perhaps the touch of a
      skilled bookseller in between) is Judith Berman's Lord Stink and Other
      Stories. 76 pages, $5, available now. Judith's stories have appeared in
      Asimov's, Interzone, and other magazines; her first novel, The Bear's
      Daughter, will be published by Ace in 2004.


      Lord Stink
      Election Day
      Dream of Rain
      The Window

      Order it online, get it from those bookshops we send stuff to, ask a friend
      to come visit our store (you know, the one on your corner that's open 7 AM
      til 12 AM daily. Yep, that's one of ours), or, um, send us $5 worth of


      November also sees the latest issue of the magazine that Gavin J. Grant and
      Kelly Link punt into the world twice a year, Lady Churchill's Rosebud
      Wristlet. Some few tidbits can be found online. Most, however, must be
      looked for within the not very subtle covers of the new issue (cover will be
      scanned soon and then you;ll understand it all, all):

      ++ Fiction

      Theodora Goss
      -- The Rapid Advance of Sorrow
      Neil Williamson
      -- Messianic Con Brio
      Sarah Monette
      -- Three Letters from the Queen of Elfland
      John Rubins
      -- Ewe and Eye
      Christine Klingbiel
      -- Enemies and Neighbors
      Minsoo Kang
      -- Three Stories:
      -- Lady Faraway
      -- The Well of Dreams
      -- The Dilemma of the King and the Beggar
      Benjamin Rosenbaum
      -- Fig
      Molly Gloss
      -- Eating Ashes

      ++ Nonfiction

      L. Timmel Duchamp
      -- What¹s the Story? Viewing Carr, O¹Keeffe, Kahlo: Places of Their Own
      Leslie Burmeister
      -- Newly Important Information
      Zines & Other Entertainments
      Oil and Greece
      William Smith
      -- The Film Column: Donnie Darko
      Notes & Letters

      ++ Poetics

      Nan Fry
      -- The Wolf¹s Story
      -- Names for Bear
      David Moles -- Tacoma-Fuji
      Kathryn Cramer
      -- The Mourners
      -- What Stopped Jack

      Interior and back cover art -- Mark Rich

      Lady Churchill¹s Rosebud Wristlet, No.11 November 2002. LCRW appears twice a
      year from Small Beer Press, 176 Prospect Ave., Northampton, MA 01060 Wow!
      Another new address! info@... www.lcrw.net/lcrw $4 per single issue or
      $16/4. Contents © the authors. All rights reserved. Submissions, requests
      for guidelines, &c. should be sent to the address above. No SASE: no reply.
      We lie awake at night wondering where they are. Sometimes we get up and
      watching the night sky for a bit. There isn¹t much to see, from the city. We
      never hear from Joe and his pal, that astronaut fellow, anymore. We wonder
      what happened.

      You can also find it at the rather wonderful shoppable Project Pulp:


      Kelly Link and Karen Joy Fowler (Pen/Faulker Nominee for SISTER NOON) will
      read at Prairie Lights on Wednesday, Oct. 30th.

      Prairie Lights
      15 S. Dubuque St.
      Iowa City, IA 52240

      Kelly recorded a story, "Catskin," for David Garland's WNYC radio show
      Spinning which will be on air this Friday night, November 1st. Try
      http://www.wnyc.com to listen.

      This weekend Small Beer Press en masse will be in Minneapolis for the World
      Fantasy Convention. Drop by if you're in the area!

      Also: Kelly will be the opening act for two Future Bible Heroes shows at the
      Mercury Lounge in Manhattan on December 7th! This is sure to sell out, so
      get your tickets asap.


      Reviews continue to come in for Carol Emshwiller's new books:

      THE MOUNT was just chosen as one of the Best of the Year by Book Magazine,
      which is a wonderful thing for a book that is pretty much out of print.
      What? Yep. Our supply is gone, baby, solid gone. Fortunately -- and with a
      lot of consultation with Thomson-Shore, our printers in Dexter, Michigan --
      the second printing should be hitting the stores within a week or so.

      (If your local store isn't carrying Small Beer books and you think they
      should, email us and tell us about them. Do the same to them, see if we'd
      make a good match.)

      Chapter One of The Mount
      Chapter Two of The Mount

      # # # # # #

      Good books recommended for winter:

      Conjunctions 39: The New Wave Fabulists, edited by Peter Straub. Includes
      stories from Kelly Link, Jonathan Carroll, Karen Joy Fowler, Jonathan
      Lethem, Neil Gaiman, and so many more that it's a must have. Must. Have.

      Delia Sherman and Ellen Kushner's The Fall of the Kings, a standalone
      followup to Kushner's earlier Swordspoint. Big, intriguing,

      Coming next month: Gregory Frost's take on the Bluebeard fairy tale,
      Fitcher's Brides. As scary as The Ring...

      The Snowman's Children by Glen Hirshberg. Haunting debut from the author of
      some great short fiction.

      More books and so on reviewed and chuntered on about:

      # # # # # #

      We need not have worried. There is always malt vinegar in the cupboard.

      # # # # # #

      Feel free to pass this newsletter on to any friends, neighbors, or family
      who might like a little magazine in their lives.

      Small Beer Press -- small press, big plans, add beer, silly plans
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