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New newsletter

I'm going to close the Yahoo group newsletter tomorrow. We sent out a new new newsletter (getting carried about with rep rep repititiontition)—there's a very
Jan 30, 2012

Holiday shipping, etc.

Wanted to send this out as a Last Minute reminder: http://smallbeerpress.com/not-a-journal/2011/11/14/holiday-shipping The post office reminds us that the end
LCRW/Small Beer
Dec 9, 2011

Philly, NYC, Detroit, Capitola, on the couch.

Is where the authors are, where the books are, where we are. There's a cake making contest! (Or, a reading. You pick.) A podcast! Ebooks are like sliced bread.
LCRW/Small Beer
Nov 17, 2011

Book festiana

Contents We Go To Book Fests! Also: we sell ebooks But: we still sell more print books And: we expect to go on selling print books So: thanks for reading! In a
LCRW/Small Beer
Sep 16, 2011

Well shooby dooby doo

WFA, KL, KJF, + AG = awesome! LCRW 27, 08/2011 9781401223823 58832219 TLT The World Fantasy Award finalists were just announced and we're pretty jazzed to see
LCRW/Small Beer
Aug 3, 2011

Forthcoming and now and so on

We Make Books And We Tell Secrets We Lament Another Late Issue of LCRW But not very much because we are introducing a groovy new column. We celebrates
LCRW/Small Beer
May 19, 2011

Please reveal your nom de plume

This morning in between our champagne and melba toast snack and the pre-brunch nap we managed to press "Send" and watched rapturously as our team of
LCRW/Small Beer
Mar 21, 2011

Surprise sale + secrets and something comes down the glen

Surprise! We have books on sale! Where to find Karen, Kathe, Vincent, and more New LCRW—new sub options, too A Chapbook Was Sighted Coming Down the Glen: Hal
LCRW/Small Beer
Nov 26, 2010

Rain weighs on us not

Karen on tour Kelly at the Boston Book Fest Karen Lord on the radio More updates This is a terribly timed update from Small Beer Press. Please read at your
LCRW/Small Beer
Oct 1, 2010

Brooklyn Book Fest., Secrets

Shipping NYT BBF, baby Scribd Secrets No lies! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What just arrived at the office? Karen Joy Fowler's first collection this
LCRW/Small Beer
Sep 9, 2010

Welcome to August!

Calendar Weather English Geography We have set up some readings. Arithmetic Art P.E. Lift those boxes! Ship those books! Run up those stairs! Secrets Where?
LCRW/Small Beer
Aug 2, 2010

This time with links!

Ok, so it looks like this went out to most people without all the groovy links. So here is is again. And it was meant to be resent the day it went out. Which
LCRW/Small Beer
May 11, 2010

We're co-sponsoring a NYC party fundraiser & more!

We're doing a bunch of things: — new books (trust us, awesomeness on paper) — new ebook website. Wait for it? No! Weightlessbooks.com — new issue of the
LCRW/Small Beer
May 4, 2010


A New Book LCRW Good News A Catalog Steampunk! An Event ~~ A New Book? We have a new book, we're doing an event, we're raising some money for Franciscan
LCRW/Small Beer
Mar 9, 2010

This was meant to go out in November, oops.

But now it's December 2009 (unless it is still late August? No? Darn.) and we are having ... A fundraiser/sale! New Books —IAF auction ends today An Award
Small Beer Press
Dec 7, 2009
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