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170Data theft of my Savings Bank Account @ ICICI Bank

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  • Avalon
    Feb 17, 2010
      Hello there,
      Seeking advice and help from all the learner folks in the forum in bringing the third party with an abetment of bank officials in stealing my Savings Bank Account # along with transaction details all the way upto one month in the year 2009 (Nov 2009).

      Kindly suggest under which sections of Banking Surveilance and Confidentiality Act or Cyber Crime or Breach of Trust and Confidentiality between Bank and the Client can we indict the bank and the third party who got hold of my data without my consent and permisison.

      If there are any other Sections under Cr PC or other Banking laws kindly suggest me to punish the organization and the individual responsible for extracting/sharing my personal financial data.

      Your immediate response would be highly appreciated. If I do not indict these people at the earliest, then they would continue repeating the same offense with others.

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