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[lawnwranglers] greetings

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  • The Failure Network
    hello... i just signed up on this mailing list a day or two ago, but i noticed there are messages on the web site past my sign-up point that i have never
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 3, 1998

      i just signed up on this mailing list a day or two ago, but i noticed
      there are messages on the web site past my sign-up point that i have
      never received. hopefully i am actually signed-up and it is just
      taking the computer a while to process my request. so this is to
      some degree serving as a test message - but i thought it'd be lame to
      just send a message saying "test", so...

      i'm so happy to know that my friends and i aren't insane. or if we
      are, at least it's a larger phenomenon. a few of us are pretty fanatic
      _bottle rocket_ fans, and can quote a good bit of the movie. of course,
      we're also Texans, so the fact that _br_ is a Texas movie helps. :)

      over the last year or so, i've found a couple of fan sites for the
      movie, but nothing too grand. for a while i'd been considering putting
      up a few pages of my own to the movie. so it was with great excitement
      that i found the lawn wranglers site (wonderful name choice, btw). now
      i don't have to do anything myself, and what's done is much more than
      i would have attempted. hats off.

      i know some locations were mentioned in passing in a previous message,
      but from the time we really got into the movie, several of us
      decided it would be cool to take a road trip sometime and visit the
      various sites that the film was shot at. (no, no, really, it's not
      like we were going to assume their identities and live like them...
      it's just a movie, for goodness' sake.;) evidently someone here
      knows something about where these spots are, so i think it'd be really
      nice if someone could get the addresses/locations and build a list
      of them - perhaps even with a map of sorts...a kind of tour map, if
      you will. since i mentioned it, does that mean it falls on me? or
      should someone with more willpower and determination take it on?

      the whole "going to filming locations" thing sorta started seeming
      cool when i went to the site where the movie _slacker_ ends, the same
      place the coen brothers filmed the p.i. meeting in _blood simple_ where
      the guy arranges to have his wife killed. not that it's an exotic
      location or anything, but it was sorta cool to look around and get
      a real life look at a place used in a couple of films i like.

      anyway, that's enough rambling for now. perhaps in a later e-mail
      i'll ramble a bit about my _bottle rocket_ history, attempts to
      inform the ignorant masses about the wonderful film, and run-ins
      with fans and virulent anti-fans.

      thank you all once again for confirming my sanity (or at least
      letting me know i've got company).

      TaKe a WaLK THRouGH THe LaND oF SHaDoWS / <scholar and fool>
      TaKe a WaLK THRouGH THe PeaCeFuL MeaDoWS / slacker@...
      DoN'T LooK So DiSaPPoiNTeD... / <the failure network>
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    • dignan
      & to all the lawnwranglers......a merry thanksgiving.
      Message 2 of 3 , Nov 24, 1999
        & to all the lawnwranglers......a merry thanksgiving.
      • Iimsoul@aol.com
        Message 3 of 3 , Nov 25, 1999
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