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World Vision - "Changing lives...forever."

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  • VinVin Jacla (^_^)
    World Vision - Changing lives...forever. October 3, 2007 Contact World Vision Philippines at: World Vision Development Foundation No. 883 Quezon Ave, Quezon
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      World Vision - "Changing lives...forever."

      October 3, 2007

      Contact World Vision Philippines at:

      World Vision Development Foundation
      No. 883 Quezon Ave, Quezon City
      1104 Philippines
      Email : wv_phil@...
      Tel no.(63-2) 372-7777
      Fax no.(63-2) 374-7660

      I didn't write this blog post to brag something about me or what I did. I also didn't create this just because I wanted to prove something to everyone out there. I just thought that perhaps, through this post, I could reach out to some readers (if there's any) to also consider "changing other people's lives."

      I came across World Vision when I went to SM Megamall last summer. I passed by this orange booth. I actually didn't pay much attention. A woman just handed me a brochure. It has been my attitude to always accept brochures from someone in malls or along the streets, whatever it is that they're giving to me (as long as it's not some sort of a solicitation). I know how hard what they're doing really is. I tried it already back in college.

      I didn't read the brochure that that woman gave me. I just took it and put it inside my shoulder bag (yes, i was carrying a shoulder bag).

      Just 2 weeks ago, when I was fixing my room and throwing away all those scratch papers and trashes into my bin, I saw a familiar looking brochure with a face of a child on its cover. I thought it was a clever idea of conveying emotional marketing.

      I took the brochure and read it. It's from World Vision Philippines. I didn't know what got into me that time but I just really got so drawn into it. It didn't enter my mind that it might be some sort of a scam or something. I just felt and thought that I needed to do something about this. It was some sort of an "invitation" from "Someone up there" for me to do something and that I needed to respond to it.

      I went to SM Megamall today before I went home. I visited the booth again and immediately signed up to be a sponsor of a little girl from Palawan. Her name is Krisabel.

      That's all I wanna say for now.

      Read below to find out more about World Vision and on how you, too, can be part of that change.

      Who is World Vision?
      World Vision is a global partnership conducting child-focused emergency relief, sustainable community development and advocacy worldwide. Staff in countries raising money and countries receiving assistance are equal partners in work which not only seeks to alleviate the suffering of the poor but to give them the means to eradicate their own problems.

      Is World Vision formally tied to or a subsidiary of any other entity?
      World Vision is an independent private Christian organization and is not formally affiliated with any government, denomination, foundation or corporation, though we maintain positive working relationships with all of these.

      How long has World Vision been in operation?
      World Vision was founded in 1950 by Dr Bob Pierce in response to the needs of Korean War orphans. Since then it has grown to include fund raising offices in countries in North America, Europe and the Far East. Lately, more and more offices in countries traditionally perceived as beneficiary nations are also raising their own funds.

      What types of projects does World Vision do?
      World Vision projects may be grouped into two major areas: 1) long-term sustainable community development focusing on meeting needs identified by the community itself, like clean water, education, health care, agricultural improvements and public hygiene, and 2) short-term emergency relief, such as providing food, shelter and medical care to victims of natural or man-made disasters. Most relief projects are designed to transition smoothly into development activities. For instance, we began working in the Ansokia Valley of north central Ethiopia during the Great Famine of the mid 1980s when 15 people a day were dying there. We have helped transform the valley into a region exporting agricultural produce and continue to partner with a growing number of communities.

      What does "child-focused" mean?
      Child-focused development starts with the recognition that children are the future of any family, community and nation. It means improving the lives of children by dealing with the causes of their suffering, not just the symptoms. We recognize children do not live in a vacuum, but in a larger context of family and community, and our work impacts all of these.
      For example, it is by resolving food insecurity issues in a community with irrigation systems, improved seeds and training to farmers that their children eat better and are healthier...not just this year, but in the foreseeable future. Children are the most vulnerable members of any community. Project activities are always tailored to have maximum benefit for them.

      Is being or becoming a Christian a prerequisite for receiving help?
      Never! World Vision's assistance is offered to all with no strings attached. World Vision's work is an unconditional testimony to the example of Jesus Christ.

      Is evangelism a part of World Vision's projects?
      Educational activities based on Christian values are included in World Vision projects if appropriate and desired by the community. However, World Vision respects the religious beliefs and practices in countries where it operates, and seeks mutual understanding with people of all faiths. World Vision does not proselytise. We do not coerce nor demand that people hear any religious message or convert to Christianity before, during or after receiving assistance. Whenever appropriate, World Vision works in partnership with local churches, Christian and other faith-based organizations in an effort to work inclusively and collaboratively within existing community structures. Our focus is to respond to human need, and our compassion and professionalism reflect our faith.

      Do people living in project communities pay to participate in World Vision projects?
      Communities frequently contribute to development projects so they have a real sense of ownership and true participation. Give-aways have been proved not to work in development. They are taken for granted and, for the poor and disadvantage, undermine dignity. But when local people contribute materials and labour to build a school, with World Vision providing furniture, books and training for a local teacher, the community cares about that school. It is a source of pride. It also ensures lifestyle improvements will continue after World Vision's involvement concludes.

      Do World Vision projects create dependence on outside resources?
      No. Community development projects are specifically designed to be permanently sustainable with locally available resources, technology, materials and leadership. Families and individuals share in project leadership, responsibilities and activities from the start and are well equipped and motivated to continue in these roles when World Vision departs.

      Our Service


      Motivated by our Christian faith, World Vision is dedicated to working with the world’s most vulnerable people.

      We follow Christ’s example to love one another, especially the children and the poor. By addressing the root causes of poverty, we seek “life in all its fullness” for all.


      World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.While World Vision is motivated by Christian faith, we respect other faiths and beliefs.We do not engage in any form of religious coercion and there are no conditions attached to our assistance other than human need.

      We also serve our donors, both private and public, and our staff by providing opportunities to make positive and lasting differences in the lives of people.

      World Vision joins with communities, churches, governments, and other aid agencies to deliver services effectively and efficiently.

      • Communities. Our primary partners are the poor. Impoverished communities take responsibility for directing the work supported by World Vision.• Churches. We partner with churches, Christian committee, and interchurch groups in working with poor and vulnerable people.
      • Governments. We work in a manner that complement national development objectives. We establish relationships at the grassroots level with local groups and maintain firm policies to safeguard its independence and impartiality in providing aid and assistance.
      • Aid Agencies and Multilateral Organisations. We co-operate and advocate with non-governmental organizations, other aid agencies, global institutions such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, and with the specialized agencies of the United Nations. World Vision is represented on several local and international coalitions dealing with issues such as child labor, child soldiers, fair trade and status of women.
      • Business Sector. We also partner with the business sector to bring about transformation in the lives of the poor.

      Chicken Pie

      October 3, 2007

      My office mate crush received a box of chicken pie from a bank. No, that bank don't sell chicken pies, mind you. It's just a gift. I guess his rich family has some closeness with that bank.

      I was just starting to have lunch that time. It was around 1:30 PM, I think. I needed to attend to a client so I had no choice but to have a late lunch.

      He immediately brought the box into the pantry. Perfect timing. I was just having lunch. Those pies really looked good. But I wasn't able to taste one. I wanted to but I just controlled my self. My crush didn't leave the pantry. I was shy to get one. But my other office mates didn't show any hesitation. I envied them. But I just really didn't know what happened to me that time. I just closed my eyes. And concentrated on what I was eating. Haha!

      I was praying for him to leave. I didn't know why. But I just wanted him to. I think he ate the whole chicken pie before he left. He stayed in the pantry quite long, near the cupboard. I wanted to hide myself again in the cupboard but of course I couldn't do that.

      Until I left the office this afternoon, I didn't get to have a bite on those chicken pies. What was happening to me!?

      I don't talk to him.

      I greet everyone a good morning whenever I arrive in the office each day, except for him.

      I stay quiet when he's around, worse, I even close my eyes. Haha!

      Perhaps this is kinda the defense mechanism I've developed out of my Carlo Ayo experiences. Haha! (^_^)

      He'll be leaving within the month. He'll be moving to a new office. Just upstairs.

      Hay. No more comments.


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