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Fwd: [sanggu2007] only 13% of eligible voters in the ateneo are registered

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  • Luz Danielle Bolong
    really my vote doesn t count BUT ours does. next week until decemer 31, sanggu will spearhead a campaign to encourage everyone to go out and register. we ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2006
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      really my vote doesn't count BUT ours does.
      next week until decemer 31, sanggu will spearhead a campaign to encourage everyone to go out and register. we've had a lot of discussions on how to move ateneans- even to the point of arguing on the possibility of having a contest. then again, do we really have to bribe filipinos to perform a duty to one's country? yes, the system is flawed and our generation isn't to be blamed for being born into such. but we have a choice voiced out through election. and when we don't even bother to take that step in choosing, then yes, we are guilty. in a survey by the admin, ateneans ranked critical thinking as the # 1 value they learn in school. guess what's the last? yes, at #13 is love for country.
      a friend once raised a very interesting question. he asked "what's the point of everything?" i find myself asking that same question everytime i'm befuddled. and well, this time around, i know the point. i care. i do care. for all it's worth, i care! ;p

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