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70Job Openings @ Citi

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  • VinVin Jacla (^_^)
    Nov 15, 2008

      Great News!!! Citi's Credit Risk Management Services, Asia-Pacific Center of Excellence will be expanding by end of this year and we will have openings for the function of:




      Note: Your salary will be commensurate to your expertise.

      Successful applicants will be part of our India and Japan team.


      Qualities of a potential candidate:

      • Graduated from a reputable school (MBA is a plus).
      • Educational background is Business-related (but other degrees will do as long as your credentials are impressive).
      • Preferably with work experience.
      • Very articulate (excellent communication skills is a must!)
      • Proficient in MS Office (esp. MS Excel, very important)
      • Willing to provide extra effort and extra dedication all the time. 

        Benefits for applicants accepted in our department:


      • Highly Competitive Salary + lots of allowances
      • Bank car service
      • Plenty of travel opportunities
      • Insurance Benefits
      • Medical Benefits
      • Car Loan & Housing Loan
      • Corporate Card 

        For interested parties, you may send your resumes to me (marvin.jacla@... or vinvin.jacla@...) and I will submit them to our screening committee.


      Apply Now! (^_^)
      www.vinvinjacla.com (^_^)