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60Fwd: The day he went away...

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  • VinVin Jacla (^_^)
    Nov 25, 2007

      The day he went away...

      November 24, 2007

      I should've made this post last night. But I had high fever. I just thought of resting the whole night. Resting my tired body, and my tired heart.

      November 23. Friday. Today's the day. It's his last day in our office. No more extensions whatsoever. He's leaving. And it's happening.

      I was a little early that morning. As I stepped inside the elevator, I was hoping that he'd appear near the door before it closed. But he didn't.

      I immediately put down my bag on my desk when I arrived at my office. I decided to go to the comfort room to refresh myself a bit. As I opened the door, I saw kuya Nelson walking toward my direction while holding a newspaper. I just smiled at him. As I raised my head up, I saw a guy from afar wearing a white polo shirt and maong jeans. The first thought the immediately registered in my head was that it was T.S. And I was right. But I just still decided to proceed to the comfort room.

      Around 12:30 NN, most of my officemates went out to buy lunch. Before I knew it, I was just alone in the office...with T.S. Though, Ms. Dolly and Sir JC were at the pantry. And Ate Beth was at the reception area. But inside the office itself were only T.S. and I. As if it was our "moment."

      I couldn't laugh at it at this point in time. I'm sorry. It's just really so painful.

      I was printing out some documents that I would be mailing to my clients during that time. I saw him packing his things, his books, his documents, all of his office materials. He was puttingthem inside 2 big paper bags and a big blue box. As I turned to my PC monitor, I could still hear the sound of him packing his things up. I thought of getting my mp3 player and just listen to some songs. I wanted to avoid the sound of him packing up. The sound of him leaving.

      When I turned on my mp3 player, the song that immediately played was that of Sarah Geronimo. Yes, "I'll be alright." I dunno if it was just an accident of some sort. But, it felt kinda weird. But, I still pursued on listening to it.

      My cubicle was near the office windows so I could see T.S.' reflection from those windows. As the song approached the chorus part, I broke down. I couldn't contain myself anymore. I didn't cry at first. I just sobbed. I was still facing my PC monitor. And then, I just felt some tears fell down from my eyes. I wanted to contain them but I couldn't. I decided to get those documents that I printed out and headed to the operations room. I placed them in a big brown envelope. I also took my lunch so that I wouldn't have to go back to my cubicle again just to get them. I wouldn't have to see T.S. again for the second time around.

      When I was at the operations room, I was still sobbing. I didn't want to feel that way. I mean, he's leaving. It should be no biggie for me. But I just couldn't understand myself why I was feeling that way.

      I went to the pantry and put down my lunch on the table. Ms. Dolly and Sir JC were the only people there. I was still listening to my mp3 player. The same song was playing over and over again.

      As I sat down on a chair, I felt like crying again. I just immediately went to the comfort room near the pantry so that Ms. Dolly and Sir JC won't see me. I didn't open the lights when I was inside the comfort room. I just locked the door. And I cried. I cried. I cried.

      Those 5 minutes of crying, sobbing, and agony felt like forever. I never imagined that I'd get this affected by him. This so much hurt.

      When I went back to the pantry, some people have also arrived. I didn't want them to notice my eyes. So, I just looked from afar. My left hand was covering my face. After some time, Ate Beth called me telling me that there was a client on the phone. I felt relieved. It saved me from hiding my true feelings from those people inside the pantry.

      The phone call lasted for quite a few minutes. When I got back in the pantry, no one was there. I was alone. My lunch box was untouched. As I sat down on my chair, I broke down again. I just couldn't help myself anymore.

      When I was done, I went back to my cubicle. As I passed by T.S.' cubicle, I noticed that most of things were packed already. He was not there, too. I guessed that he had lunch.

      T.S. came back late this afternoon, around 4:30 PM. I actually almost bumped on him. Yes, he may be small that's why I didn't see him right away. But, actually, I was just out of my senses that whole afternoon. Ate Bernie saw that incident and she just smiled at me.

      I headed to the pantry to have some snacks. For the past months, I seldom went to the pantry to have snacks. But this time, I did. I was alone in the pantry again. I didn't open the lights. As I sat down on a chair, I looked outside the window and just...stared. As if I was really out of my senses. Sir JC came and he just looked at me. I guess he was bewildered on what I was doing there and why on earth was I alone. I just looked at him and pretended that I was waiting for my noodles to get cooked.

      When I came back to my cubicle, T.S. was already gone. His computer was gone. His things were gone. His area was completely cleared up.

      At that moment, I told myself, he was gone for good. And perhaps that was the best thing, not for him, but for me. From then on, maybe, I could easily forget about him. Because his thoughts aren't around anymore. I could just completely erase him whenever I want. That is, if I really want to.

      But still, I know...I'll be alright....

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