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56I so wanna be Paris Hilton

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  • VinVin Jacla (^_^)
    Sep 28, 2007
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      I so wanna be Paris Hilton

      September 27, 2007

      Ok. So, in my previous post, I wanted to be Britney Spears. I'm no swinger. I still wanna be Britney. But, maybe it would be fun if I could spice up some Paris Hilton into that "dream" life of mine.

      She's rich. She hails from the so-called "American royalty." Her being a Hilton speaks almost everything about her. Ok, she's bratty, a biatch, and a blonde dumbass perhaps. But I love her, a lot. I so adore her. She's a very sweet girl. And she gets to have the hottest boyfriends in town, from Paris Latsis (the so rich and so hot Greek shipping heir) to her newest fling, a 22-year-old model.

      I'm not really sure about the heiress thing. I'm not quite sure on how she could live about being an heiress. I dunno how she would manage their fortune, their hotels and casinos.

      But I really love her lifestyle. I mean, it's all fame and glamour. Who wouldn't want that?

      But she went to jail. Darn. Bad girl.

      Paris will always be Paris. I wanted to buy her book but I just dunno if there's some sense written there. It might be just a waste of money. Though, I really do wanna meet her in person. I hope I could.

      I love Paris Hilton a lot. She's my idol. I love the way she handles the media and her popularity. She may not be the best role model for teen girls (and gays) but she sure does know how to inspire us.

      I so wanna be Paris Hilton and live that not-so-simple life of hers. For good.

      "That's hot."

      Wednesday, September 26, 2007

      80 minutes ago

      September 26, 2007

      Ok. Actually it didn't happen 80 minutes ago. But it happened 80 minutes before I had my lunch today. I just called it "80 minutes ago" because, this morning, I received a chain email from one of my officemates about passing on this particular message within 8 minutes so that something good will happen.

      Actually, the event happened 80 minutes before I received that email. It's pretty weird. I dunno how to explain it. But it was really so "kilig."

      I always go to our office's pantry between 10 AM to 10:30 AM. I prepare myself some coffee. I've never tasted any softdrink (Coke, Pepsi, etc.) in my entire life (and I'm so dead serious about this; swear to God Almighty) but I really am much of a coffee addict.

      Going back, it was past 10 already so I decided to submit to our Operations Department a request form concerning something and then I headed straight to the pantry. I saw my office mate crush coming (let's call him "ipis" :P haha because I told my office mates during lunch that what really happened in the pantry was that I saw some "ipis").

      I hurriedly closed the first door to the pantry and opened the second one. I was thinking that he would just probably head straight to the comfort room so I just went on and searched for my coffee mug from the cupboard. But then, I heard the second pantry door swung open and I saw him standing right there. I got nervous. I just stepped back because I saw him heading straight to the cupboard, too. He took his expensive Starbucks mug and drew some water into it from the dispenser. I just hid my head inside the cupboard as if I was looking for something (maybe a spoon?! :P). It felt a little awkward because I stayed there for quite a little long. I just waited for him to go out.

      When he went out, I took my mug and prepared some coffee immediately. I was a litte kilig, yeah. But it was just that. "Ipis" is the type of guy that I should not have a crush on. Why? Let me NOT count the ways. Haha!

      But yeah, he's really handsome. Ok, I may have a bias with chinitos. He's just the usual Chinoy, rich, mestizo, those kinda stuff. But his voice is really sexy. And the way he smiles really blows a woman's underwear away. Haha! As if I'm one! Yeah, he really has a very cute smile.

      And the most important reason why I should never start to seriously like him is because he has a fiancee. I never had a crush on anyone who has a fiancee and up, meaning, someone who's engaged already or married. It's ok if he has a girlfriend. There's no legal and religious bases for for that, anyway. But other than that, it's a no-no to me. I don't wanna be Angelica Panganiban in "A Love Story" and tell "Ipis's" fiancee the line, "Hindi mo siya kailangan...kailangan ko siya." (You don't need him, I do.)

      I'm not gonna post his picture here because it's a little "dangerous." I might get fired, ok? Haha! But I did post a blog about him in the past. I think I also posted a teaser pic there. You might wanna check it out here.

      That's all. And good luck to me. I've been contemplating about my job for the past few days now. I dunno where I'm heading to. So, help me God.

      Monday, September 24, 2007

      Manfred moments

      September 24, 2007

      I was able to chat with Manfred tonight. He was my high school love. But of course, he didn't love me back. I posted a blog about him some months ago. Just dig it there if you want.

      Our chat tonight was kinda laid back. I mean, I didn't feel shy to him anymore. I dunno if I still like him. He still looks cute to me. He's German. But, I dunno.

      Anyway, he broke up with his girlfriend already. So, I asked him if he has a new one. He told me that it was complicated. But then, he likes someone and that someone likes him too. Oh well.

      We kinda talked about how our situation was when were still in high school. From sophomore to senior year, we never talked. As in never. I asked him why. He told me that we were still kids. And besides, he knew then that I had this so huge a crush on him. Maybe he just didn't know what to do back then.

      I kept on teasing him in our chat that I still like him. And he just laughed at it. It was normal. It was just a tease anyway. Well, I think he'll be having a new girlfriend soon. Could it be me? LOL.

      If that would happen, well, that would be a so "Maalaala Mo Kaya" story. My high school love became my boyfriend. Even for just a day. Whatever. (^_^) See. I'm blushing. (^_^)

      Anyway, he was kinda sleepy already. Me too. So, we just said our good night greetings to each other. I really do miss him a lot. I've never seen him for quite some time now. I hope to go out with him. But that would be so a taboo. Haha.

      My friends tell me that a lot of people, even guys, don't come near me because I'm quite intimidating. I dunno if that's true. I'm suplada, ok, that's true. I don't talk that much. I just stare. (--.) Like that. (^_^) Haha.

      I hope I didn't intimidate Manfred, though. And I hope he'd come to visit me in the office one time. He told me he's gonna visit our website. The next thing after that, our office. (^_^)

      Just keep dreaming. It's free. (^_^)

      Being left alone

      September 24, 2007

      I kinda went home late tonight. Well, I was the second one to arrive at the office this morning. And I was the second to the last to leave in the evening as well.

      There was this client who came by. And of course, it was my responsibility to attend to his concern. I mean, he made the effort to go in our office so I might as well offer him the best customer service in the land. (^_^)

      I was really planning to go home early. The weather was bad. When the client left, I still needed to do something. I told my boss that he could just leave me. It was ok. And then, I was left...alone. But Ate Beth was there, though.

      While I was fixing my things, I thought about one thing. I was really alone. No one would come to pick me up. No driver. No boyfriend. I dunno how else to explain it. But, it was really hard. Maybe I was just thinking about that "dream life" again.

      Well, it's just that, I sometimes think about a life that I've always dreamed of. Hmmm...what if I wasn't like this? I mean, what if I was born a girl? Well, I actually dunno.

      This is perhaps my silliest post ever. But I just wanna spill out this feeling. Or else, I'm gonna suffer some depression again.

      I hope someday there would be someone waiting for me. I kinda remember this song that says something about the singer going home and there's someone waiting for him there. Whenever I go home, there are people waiting for me. My parents. But, for how long? I'm so afraid to be alone. But I know that that's the kinda life I'm gonna be having. I wanna deviate from that. But I'm having a hard time. I just dunno. Really.

      How I wish my life was a little different. Maybe I'm the one who should change. But regardless of that, something within me can never be altered. It's just really hard.

      Sunday, September 23, 2007

      I so need to fix this blog

      September 23, 2007

      I've been browsing some blog sites for the past days. And those sites really look oh so nice. I'm not that techy. I just know how to use the net. I just know the basic stuff. I dunno how else to tinker this small blog site of mine. I wanna augment my blog. I wanna beautify its looks. It's just so pink. So...gay? (^_^) I wanna add some cool features. You know.

      Anyone there who can help me? Contact me.

      My contact details are over there. ------->

      (^_^) Danke sehr! (^_^)

      VinVin is becoming...international? (^_^)

      September 23, 2007

      I was about to sleep tonight. I just decided to view my blog. And I saw some "hearts" beating in some parts in the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. See for yourself too. I can't believe that there are also some other people in the world, out there, somewhere, who are also reading my blog. Haha. I hope that they find it nonsense. (^_^)

      But I'm thankful. I dunno how and why. But thank you. (^_^)

      Haha. I'm so feeling.

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