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Hello, Sue & Everybody...

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  • librame58
    I live right near Valles Mines LaVallee s
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2002
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      I live right near "Valles Mines" < which is named after the Valle
      Family, so the > LaVallee's < could quite possibly be another
      derivitive of that same last name. I had also attended DeSoto
      Highschool with a Jeff Valle, & for a long time he & his family had
      Valle Feed Store in DeSoto. Now it's known as Huskey Feed, < which is
      also a common last name in DeSoto. Now that I think of it, I think
      Jeff Valle "did" tell me that the "VALLES" were from down around New
      Madrid, but I'm not too sure of that. The last time I saw Jeff was at
      our 20th DeSoto Highschool Reunion, & I guess that was about almost 9
      or 10 years ago. Boy, how time sure flies! lol
      I'm not originally from DeSoto, I'm from St.Louis, the Normandy area,
      but I've lived in South Jefferson County since 1973. I stumbled across
      this group in searching for certain genealogy groups in Missouri. As
      we speak, my Mother is writing our family genealogical "proven"
      history, & being that this is Missouri, I'm also in the S.A.R., Sons
      of the American Revolution, Spirit of St.Louis Chapter < at the
      present, but soon to be transfered to the St. Charles, Missouri
      Chapter named the: > Fernando de Leyba Chapter of the S.A.R. Besides
      that, I do quite a bit of other research on my own, in being an
      Honorary Member in Warbirds of the Royal Air Force, in being a
      Military Aviation Researcher, a Correspondence Writer to W.W.2
      & their family members worldwide, a public speaker on the subject for
      over 20 years, a Contemporary Native American Indian
      Artist,Designer,& Painter & I've given talks about this to Elementary
      School kids, Veterans Associations, & to the S.A.R. & D.A.R. This is
      just a rundown of what I do & represent as an introduction.

      Sincerely Yours, Kevin
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