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Leaving soon for Riga! I see again that no one has posted here lately! I'm leaving soon for yet another trip to Riga - Leaving August 20th! Looking forward to this visit, as my

Jun 23, 2007

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New file uploaded to latvji Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the latvji group. File : /Latviesu SS

Mar 12, 2007

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Re: hi, will anyone help me learn Latvian language hi pratyusha h r u iam form AP i too dont know latvji & iam not checking these yahoo mails ok bye or u can call me to 09884074235 iampratyusha19

bhanu chekuri
Nov 10, 2006

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Re: Latvian Cuisine ... WOW! Can't believe no one has posted here since last April!! Where are you all??!! I REALLY enjoyed my trip to Latvia, last September... don't know

Aug 5, 2006

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Latvian Cuisine I am curious what the traditional Latvian meals are like. I would guess that there would be some influences from Germany, Russia, and the neighboring Baltic

Angela Olson
Apr 9, 2006

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Re: Going to Riga! Hi Angela - thanks! I will try and see if I can post some pictures here for you all! What 'kind' are you actually looking for? The streets and buildings

Aug 28, 2005

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Re: Going to Riga! Dear Ligita, Oh! How exciting! Please be sure to take lots of photos and share some with us. It's very nice that you can be with your family, again. Have a

Angela Olson
Aug 13, 2005

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Going to Riga! Hi everyone - new member here, first time post! I'm leaving for Riga in about 24 days... first stopping in Malmo, Sweden to visit my sister & her husband

Aug 11, 2005

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May 24, 2005

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May 23, 2005

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please ignore message My apologies to 'latvji' subscribers. I'm just posting this article because it came up in discussions elsewhere in a forum that may not support Latvian fonts.

Apr 15, 2005

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Latvia Is On The DOCOMO Registry for Art Deco Buildings Did you know that Latvia, especially Riga, is on the DoCoMoMo registry? Here's a page about the buildings that have this lovely design style.

Angela Olson
Dec 14, 2004

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Re: Digest Number 99 Sveiks, my sparring partner on philosophy! Congratulations, a good article. Keep up the good work. However, what would You get if You 'deconstructed' it ? ;-)

Guy Sturesteps
Dec 13, 2004

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An Article at Sens-Public Hi to our new members -- sorry, but this group has been rather inactive for some time. Please feel free to contribute something -- make yourselves at home!

Peteris Cedrins
Dec 13, 2004

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Hi! I'm A New Member! Hello! I would just like to say that I'm very happy to join this group! My mother was born in Riga, Latvia and I would like to learn more about her native

Angela Olson
Nov 14, 2004
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