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Re: Lathemaster 9x30 Arriving Tomorrow

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  • hitekhardware
    Geez Mark, don t feel bad about the size of your shop. I ve been making a living for 18 years in my shop and it s only 15 x24 . Some of that space is taken
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 31, 2006
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      Geez Mark, don't feel bad about the size of your shop. I've been making
      a living for 18 years in my shop and it's only 15'x24'. Some of that
      space is taken up with a wood stove to keep me warm winter nights here
      in Massachusetts. (unfortunately it doesn't help in the summer) You
      might be interested to know that I make parts for the aero-space
      business on a circa 1940 Atlas 9" Lathe. Doesn't even have a quick
      change gear box. It was made the same year I was born. Got one of
      Bob's millers too. Very nice. I havn't posted any pictures of my
      projects on this site, too many to know where to start, but you can see
      some of the stuff on my Web site, www.hitekhardware.com

      Go slow and have fun!!

      Reggie Tobias

      --- In lathemaster@yahoogroups.com, "Mark" <nichols.az@...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > I have been lurking in the shadows here until I knew I was getting a
      > lathe. This is my first lathe and I took a year to decide which
      > lathe to purchase(including convincing wife that it is a great
      > thing).
      > I decided to purchase the Lathemaster 9x30 for a variety of reasons:
      > 1. Great reputation (those who have it and have a web presence
      > have great things to say about it.
      > 2. The size is big enough for all the forseeable projects I can
      > dream up right now.
      > 3. Bob is more "local guy" than Grizzly or Enco.
      > Time will tell - Since I am a novice - the lathe exceeds my skill
      > set by a large margin.
      > I posted a few photos of my Lathe stand and shop that I built. It is
      > modest and small (12' wide and 20' long).
      > I look forward to making interesting "objects".
      > Thanks,
      > Mark Nichols

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