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Unschooling vs. Not

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  • huhmannb
    Melani, I don t know that I am committed to unschooling exclusively forever either. But for a kindergartener, it seems to make sense. Mary and I have read
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 26, 2005

      I don't know that I am committed to unschooling exclusively forever
      either. But for a kindergartener, it seems to make sense. Mary and I
      have read some of Rudolf Steiner's work and the first years are an age
      of taking in information from all the senses and a lot of learning
      happens through play and observation. But as a child gets older,
      learning becomes more about linking things together or linking new
      information to already acquired information and experiences and
      certainly a child could benefit from exposure to information that
      he/she might not have chosen. So, I think what you are doing with
      your son makes good sense. He still has plenty of time for his own

      --- In lascruceshomeschool@yahoogroups.com, "Melani Daves Moore"
      <meldamo@c...> wrote:
      > We will do some structured learning in the mornings. For some
      reason, the
      > idea of unschooling makes sense to me but also scares me. I know that's
      > what we did for his first 6 years, and it worked out great, but I
      just have
      > the need to make sure he has some traditional education. I really
      > that he will learn more, understand more, and retain more if he
      > the interest. I'm just not patient enough to completely sit back
      and let it
      > happen naturally at this point. Sad, huh.
      > Anyway, I have math and spelling curriculum for him. Other than
      that, we'll
      > read lots of books together and explore interests in other ways than
      > sit-down learning. I have month by month ideas of topics we'll read
      > on, but we will adjust depending on what he shows more/less interest in.
      > Even though there will be bits of scheduled learning each morning,
      the bulk
      > of his day will be free to explore the world around him as he sees fit.
      > He's reading really well, and he loves math and catches on really
      > so my main hope for this year is to spark an interest in writing. Right
      > now, he will do 30 pages in a math workbook for the fun of it on a
      > non-school day, and my hope is that he retains that love for learning.
      > I, too, would love to get together at least once a month. If we
      wanted just
      > an informal play group at the park, once a week would be fine. If
      we want
      > to get more organized with a shared learning opportunity, once a
      month is
      > probably better. The one issue I have, that some of you may also
      have, is
      > that my 22 month-old naps in the late mornings right now. I would guess
      > that in a few months, she'll start napping in the early afternoon. That
      > means that a time that works perfectly for us now may be during nap
      time in
      > a few months. I don't mind forcing a later or earlier nap once a
      month, but
      > I'd rather not do it on a weekly basis.
      > I look forward to hearing from others!
      > Melani
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