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Homeschoolers CAN have it all!!

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  • shealeader
    Who says homeschoolers can t have great field trips and take advantage of group rates like the public schools? We say phooey – we can do anything we put our
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2008
      Who says homeschoolers can't have great field trips and take
      advantage of group rates like the public schools? We say phooey –
      we can do anything we put our minds to. And our 2nd Annual Not Back
      to School Days at Disneyland proves it!!

      This is a critical year to show the strength and advantages of
      homeschooling so rally with us at Disneyland September 15-17,
      2008!!! Take classes taught by Disney staff (choose from Physics,
      Animation, California History, or Leadership), meet new friends,
      enjoy park-hopping fun, attend a show at a Disneyland hotel where
      the performers are homeschoolers, and teens can attend a spectacular
      homecoming dance that rivals public school dances. There's a family
      beach bonfire on Sunday night before the Disneyland trip, and lots
      of activities scheduled for preschoolers and parents too. I believe
      that we can convert more people by setting a good example than by
      scolding or using snappy comebacks - we will be able to touch a lot
      of people on this trip!

      We have reserved all of the available Y.E.S. (Youth in Education
      Series) classes that Disneyland teaches (each class is about 3 hours
      long) for September 15-16, 2008, and negotiated an extra day on the
      17th (which the public schools don't get to do) so we have a total
      of THREE fabulous park hopper days at the theme parks for just $109
      per person and it includes up to two of the YES classes –

      Wow! Now that we are on the last week of registration for the
      Disneyland trip, I can't help but think of all the homeschoolers we
      are going to meet – almost 1000 people registered – can you believe
      it??? We still have spots open, so if you want to go and meet new
      friends, get over to the registration site and sign up today – the
      registration has been extended AGAIN, but we can't keep doing that –
      we have to have time to process the tickets and get them mailed off
      to everyone. You don't have to take a YES class to come – we have
      passes for the same great group rate for you, just register through
      our group.

      There are still a few rooms left at the Grand Californian, and if I
      don't sell them, Disney says I still have to pay for them. So if
      you know ANYONE who has always wanted to stay at one of Disneyland's
      premier hotels, be sure to tell them about the excellent deal we
      have. The stay is for 4 nights, checking in September 14th and
      checking out September 18th. The rate of just $219 per night is
      nearly 45% off the rack rate of about $400 a night. You do not have
      to take YES classes to take advantage of this group rate, just
      register through our group. Each room sleeps 5 comfortably with a
      queen bed, a bunk bed, and a trundle under the bunk. If you can
      squeeze more people in, more power to ya!

      One of the most exciting things about this trip this year, is the
      Homeschool talent show and dinner – being held at the Paradise Pier
      hotel ballroom on Monday September 15th from 5-8pm – we can take up
      to 600 guests on this so please plan to support the homeschoolers
      who are going to perform – they are really great – you won't want to
      miss this!!! Just $33 for adults (ages 11 and older) and $20 for
      kids (3-9 yrs), pre-registration is required and we'll keep selling
      them until we have to place the catering order for the food. The
      kids have worked very hard!

      Another phenomenal event that my kids are really looking forward to
      is the Homeschool Homecoming Dance which will be immediately
      following the talent show. It's a formal/semi-formal/casual dance
      that has modest guidelines (parents will appreciate this!) for teens
      ages 14 and older. My kids and all their friends are going formal –
      you can come as you want as long as it follows the modest guidelines
      (found on our website). Instead of doing this at the end of the
      event, we did it at the beginning so that they can meet new friends,
      and then spend a couple of days hanging out with their new friends
      in the theme parks. The cost is $21 per person, but there are
      discounts available for multiple registrations as well as discounts
      for those teens who are taking a YES Leadership class with us. The
      cost will help to pay for the DJ and the snacks being provided by
      Disney staff. Let your teen step out in Disney style – and have a
      really great memory (better than any public school grad night!)

      Let's not forget the free activities going on – the beach bonfire at
      Bolsa Chica State Beach on Sunday evening; the parent meeting on
      Tuesday evening poolside at the Grand Californian; and the preschool
      activities which are sure to make some magic for the little ones!

      To register for this great event and join us, visit our website
      today to get the FAQ's, then reserve your spots TODAY!


      Dianne McLean
      Regional Director


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