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Awesome opportunity for teens!!

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  • shealeader
    Disneyland - September 15-18, 2008 Leadership classes, talent show, and homecoming dance - GREAT FUN AND A SUPER TEEN TRIP!! Disney has added something new to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2008
      Disneyland - September 15-18, 2008
      Leadership classes, talent show, and homecoming dance - GREAT FUN

      Disney has added something new to their YES classes (Youth in
      Education Series) "Leadership in Action - Pursuit of Excellence".
      This class is approximately 3-hours long and is held inside
      Disneyland, taught by Disney instructors. We have worked with
      Disneyland to book a special group rate for September 15th just for
      homeschooled teens because we feel this class is an outstanding
      opportunity to learn leadership in a safe and exciting environment!

      Click here to read about it and download the pdf objectives:

      Then, click here to make your reservations (you cannot book these
      directly with Disneyland, you must book through the group by June
      30th, membership is not required to join us):

      (if the links don't work, try typing them into your browser without
      any spaces - Yahoo tends to put spaces into links)

      The classes can be reserved with a 3-day park hopper pass for just
      $109 per person (price also includes your choice of one additional
      YES class for Tuesday - choose from 2 Physics classes, Animation, or
      California History) or if you are an annual passholder or don't want
      to attend the theme parks after the class, each class is $30. A 3-
      day park hopper normally runs about $185, so when you combine the
      price of $109 with TWO of the YES classes, you know it's an
      excellent and unbeatable deal.

      In addition to the classes, there will be a private dinner and
      talent show held at Disneyland's Paradise Pier hotel ballroom on
      September 15th. We invite all homeschool families to come out and
      support the talent - it's a great time to meet others and make new
      friends. This is from 5-8pm and the cost is just $33 (ages 10 and
      up) or $20 (ages 3-9). When you consider the cost of other dinner
      venues at Disneyland, averaging $30 per person, remember that the
      Homeschool Talent show includes a great dinner!

      One other thing - the Homecoming Dance - immediately following the
      talent show and dinner the ballroom will transform into a semi-
      formal Dance and Social event just for homeschooled teens. The
      ticket price for the dance starts at $21 and goes down if you order
      multiple tickets, and further discounts apply to anyone who is
      taking the leadership class. We are holding this on Monday night so
      your teens can make new friends and then spend the next few days
      hanging out with them in the theme parks!

      I will be happy to answer any questions presented,

      Dianne McLean

      Join hundreds of homeschoolers for the 2nd Annual Not Back to School
      Days at Disneyland, September 15-17, 2008:

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