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Disney Land Field Trip Invite

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  • leticia_werner
    We would like to invite all home educators and their families to join us for our 2nd Annual ¡§Not Back to School Days¡¨ field trip at Disneyland ¡V
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 6, 2008
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      We would like to invite all home educators and their families to
      join us for our 2nd Annual ¡§Not Back to School Days¡¨ field trip at
      Disneyland ¡V September 15-17, 2008.

      Our organization did this on September 24-25 of 2007 and the trip
      was awesome! Many people wrote in and commented that the trip
      helped their family to make memories that will last a lifetime ļ
      This year, we have added more features and benefits to the field
      trip, and hope that more of you will join us:

      What: Not Back to School Days at Disneyland
      When: September 15-17, 2008
      Reservations: http://www.southwest-home-education.com

      Key Features of this Field Trip:

      Ticket Price: $109 per person ¡V includes a 3-day park hopper
      ticket, plus up to 2 Y.E.S. classes. Tickets cannot be purchased at
      the gate ¡V you must book through the group to get these. Classes
      must be reserved in advance. Classes are not required to purchase a
      ticket through our group reservation.

      Hotels: This year we have blocked rooms for you at great rates!
      Disneyland¡¦s most luxurious spa hotel (and the most convenient for
      enjoying both parks) the Grand Californian ¡V has been blocked for
      less than 50% off the rack rate. In addition, we have blocked
      rooms at the nearest good neighbor hotel to the main gates for your
      convenience at pricing that is far below the rack rate.

      Special Activities: The Youth in Education Series classes are
      taught by Disneyland staff and there are 4 classes to choose from.
      Your ticket price includes up to two of these classes (although you
      are not obligated to both or any to get the group rate). Parents
      can download pre-teaching material directly from Disney¡¦s site.
      Learn about the history of California; take a class on Animation; or
      choose from one of two Physics classes. To find out more about what
      is included in the Disneyland YES classes, use this link:

      We have reserved the Festival Arena (inside Disneyland) for a
      special private-party dinner on Monday evening from 5-8 pm.
      Entertainment will be provided by homeschoolers ¡V if you are
      interested in performing, you must contact us prior to March 31,
      2008. This is an additional option, and the price is $33 for adults
      (10 and older), $20 for children (3-9 years). Children 2 and
      younger are free. Reservations are limited to 600 people for the
      arena, and tickets will be available until sold out.

      Other activities that are being planned are: A beach bonfire party
      on Sunday evening; a teen pool party; a parents reception; character
      breakfast; T-shirts and souvenirs; and many group bonding activities
      for teens, preschoolers, and in between.

      For more information, FAQ, and to make reservations, please visit
      our website:

      Please email me directly with any immediate questions, fieldtrips@sw-
      home-edu.com or if you ask a question on the yahoo group list,
      please do not change the title of the post as I may miss your
      question as I sift through digests trying to help everyone.
      Additional posts may follow for individual activities.

      Hope to see you there!

      Dianne McLean
      Director, Southwest Home Educators Association

      *please ask questions before you make assumptions ¡V we are NOT out
      to make money off of homeschoolers, and you can follow the money
      trail very easily. This trip is designed for homeschoolers to
      combine a fantastic learning experience that their children will
      remember along with a wonderful family vacation. A lot of effort is
      being put forth into making this trip wonderful. I welcome all
      questions ¡V so please ask. Any links that are not working are
      probably the result of Yahoo adding spaces in the post. Check for
      spaces, and type the link into your browser ¡V it should work fine.
    • shealeader
      I was in Indiana this past weekend visiting family, and the WiFi that we were supposed to have in our hotel did not work – so when I got home there were over
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 12, 2008
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        I was in Indiana this past weekend visiting family, and the WiFi
        that we were supposed to have in our hotel did not work – so when I
        got home there were over 450 emails to go through! These two FAQ
        were asked by enough people that I thought perhaps there were many
        others who were thinking the same questions.

        So if the moderators do not mind, I would like to address just these
        two important questions regarding the 2nd Annual Not Back to School
        Days at Disneyland Field Trip for Sept. 15-17, 2008.

        CLASS? (asked by 34 people)
        No. You are not required to attend the class. As a matter of fact,
        Disneyland prefers that there be more students than adults in the
        class. SHEA will be providing (just as we did last year) chaperones
        for each class at the ratio of 4-6 children per adult. Once we
        receive the class times from Disneyland, you will be notified of
        pickup/drop off times and locations. Children are given a wristband
        (provided by SHEA) for identification, and a name tag (provided by
        Disneyland). Disneyland is very good about keeping track of their
        groups, and SHEA chaperones had no problems at all last year. If
        you do not want to attend the class and would like to take advantage
        of the 2.5 to 3 hour time to see the things you want to see at
        Disneyland, or to entertain your younger children, please use the
        ticket option "Guest Pass Only" on the registration page. This is
        the same price and is still a 3-day park hopper pass. Should you
        have a special needs child, and feel you must be in the class,
        contact me directly and I will take care of it for you. Write to:

        (asked by 14 people)
        When you purchased your tickets, you should have received a
        confirmation from the eventbrite module (it is emailed to whatever
        email you provided on eventbrite) that explained when you will
        receive your tickets. Disneyland *will not* issue any tickets to us
        until our entire group order has closed. We will tally up the class
        totals, and Disneyland will schedule their staff accordingly and
        mail the tickets to SHEA. Once we receive them, we will put them in
        an envelope with all of your other information (hotel info, class
        info, additional activity info, etc.) and send it to you via
        CERTIFIED MAIL which you will have to sign for. This will be no
        later than 30 days prior to the event. In case anyone has lost
        their email, I have resent them to the entire attendee list.

        So these are the two most FAQ – if you have any other questions,
        please ask – I don't want you to miss out because you did not ask a

        To place your order for the Southwest Home Educators Association's
        2nd Annual Not Back to School Days at Disneyland field trip and
        family vacation, please visit our website:

        Don't forget about the Amateur Talent Show and welcome dinner on
        Monday, September 15th! One more thing: You DO NOT have to be a
        member of SHEA to attend any of this!

        Dianne McLean
        Director, Southwest Home Educators Association
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